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A chilling story of survival from an Ex-CIA Officer...
This ONE Item Saved
My Life Overseas
This ONE Item Saved My Life Overseas
(Watch the video below)
We were over 5,000 feet high in the mountains... In a foreign country I can’t name.
We’d been hiking for hours with backpacks full of gear. 

Our objective that day seemed simple, but things didn’t go as planned.

It was after we entered a clearing that we realized something wasn’t right.

We immediately changed our route, taking us severely off course... And believe me, this wasn’t the place you wanted to improvise.

Our new route forced us to hike for what seemed like an eternity... 

And it soon became clear our supplies wouldn’t last.
Eventually, they ran so low we became desperate.

After searching our map, we realized that to stay alive there was only one place we could go. 
It wasn’t our objective, but somewhere else.

It wasn’t a town or village.

It wasn’t a military base or any “secret” installation.

And it wasn’t any type of camp.

But we knew if we didn’t get there quickly, we’d all be dead.

So what was this place? And what was the one item we used there that allowed us to stay alive?
Here’s the answer...
“I’ll Never Forget That Day In
The Mountains.”
“I’ll Never Forget That Day In The Mountains.”
My name is Jason Hanson.

I’m a former CIA Officer and author of the New York Times bestselling book, Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life.

I’ll never forget that day in the mountains.
My name is Jason Hanson.

I’m a former CIA officer.

I spent nearly a decade with the Agency and was even awarded the CIA’s Exceptional Performance award… twice.
You might have also seen me on Shark Tank, Fox News, and the NBC Today Show.

Here’s a quick clip from those shows…
The truth is, I’ll never forget that day in the mountains.

When we reached the location on the map, I quickly emptied my bag of gear.
Out came my survival knife... 

My medical kit...

A spare change of clothes...

And finally, the item that was the most crucial of all.

The truth is, if I didn’t have this one item, none of the others would have mattered.

But thankfully, we were prepared and able to use it to stay alive, even though thousands of people die each and every day without it.
You see, the place we headed that day was a small pond in the middle of nowhere, because we were in dire need of water.
I’ll admit, I’ve never been so glad to see a moss covered, mosquito infested, body of water in my life.

Needless to say, we couldn’t drink straight from the pond or it would have made us extremely sick...

And that’s the last thing we wanted as we were still high in the mountains with a long hike back to “camp.”

Fortunately, we were able to filter clean water...

And within minutes, I was sitting on the edge of the pond, with sweat still pouring down my face, enjoying safe drinking water.
In a moment, I’ll show you a video of what my survival filter can do, but first, it’s important to consider the following...

A clean source of water is crucial to life.

But, I’d be willing to bet that only 2% of the U.S. population has a way to filter clean water if a contamination or disruption in the water supply were to take place.
As Americans living in a first world country, we take for granted that clean water will fill our glass every day.

But in other parts of the world, this just isn’t the case.

The fact is, ISIS has denied access to water in order to kill tens of thousands of innocent people.

Here’s one such instance according to The Washington Post...
“Militants have surrounded 10,000 to 40,000 members of a religious minority sect, the Yazidi, on a barren mountain... Children and older people are succumbing in the 100-plus degree heat... There is no place to bury them on the rocky hill."

“There are children dying on the mountain, on the roads... they are completely cut off and surrounded by Islamic State. It’s a disaster, a total disaster.”
I’m not suggesting ISIS will cut you off from clean water supplies.

But losing access to drinkable water does happen, and when it does, people act irrationally, store shelves go empty and violence erupts.
Just look what happened ahead of Hurricane Matthew...
“Two women became embroiled in a brutal scrap over the last case of water in a supermarket ahead of Hurricane Matthew...  They can be seen repeatedly battering and pulling each other's hair in the middle of a Walmart store... A man and two other women can be seen trying to break up the violent row but to little avail as the pair move and just continue throwing punches.”
Or what about the craziness during Hurricane Katrina or what occurred in Flint, Michigan?

Or, the chemical spill in West Virginia that left 300,000 people without clean water?

Here’s a quote from a single mother about the West Virginia spill...
“My children had been complaining of stomach upset for a week or longer... and my pets were ill with vomiting and diarrhea during the same period of time. A huge pot of green beans I had prepared for a family get-together hadn’t tasted right, either. My mother’s elderly cat was so ill she thought he must be dying.”
This is the reason every American needs a survival filter system to get clean drinking water.

But please be aware… What I’m about to show you is not just any ordinary water filter system.

It’s one of the world’s most advanced survival filters and the one I’m willing to bet my life on, and the lives of my wife and 6 kids too.
After all, does it matter if it’s a natural or man-made disaster that contaminates the water your family drinks?

Of course not.

All you’ll care about is your children and grandchildren crying, “Daddy, I’m thirsty... Grandpa, I’m so thirsty!”

So, to ensure your family can survive a crisis situation, here’s the survival filter system I use...
Never, Ever Drink THIS Water Without
an Advanced Survival Filter
Never, Ever Drink THIS Water Without an Advanced Survival Filter
Like I mentioned, what I use for my family is one of the world’s most advanced water filters.

If you don't believe me, check out this video below...

You’ll see me use the filter to drink out of a horse trough at the livestock auction...

Drink out of a local waste pond...

And, drink out of a filthy stream, to name a few.
Now you can see why I trust my family’s lives to this filter system.

After all, safe drinking water is the key to life. There’s really nothing more important in a prolonged survival situation.
And for years, I offered the personal mini-filter you saw in the video…

Which is okay in a dire pinch for one person.

But I had constant requests from clients and customers for something more.

They wanted a filter system that could do everything shown in the video above but on a larger scale.

The fact is, the mini-filter only filtered 250 gallons of water and I had requests from people for something that could filter thousands of gallons of water.

People wanted something larger that could help their whole family survive for weeks and even months at a time, yet could get the same water purity as the filter you saw in the video.

They wanted a survival filtration system they could use in bug-out shelters, for camping, for prolonged grid-down scenarios, and even in their own homes for daily use....

The requests were so overwhelming that I’ve now decided to pull back the curtain and reveal exactly what I use for my own family to filter over 5,000 gallons of fresh, clean drinking water during a crisis that can do everything you saw in the video. 

To put that in perspective, that amount of clean water is enough to fill 40,000 plastic water bottles you’d normally buy at the store…

Or enough to fill ninety-one 55-gallon drums full of filtered, ready to drink water…

And it’s enough “on demand” water for a family of four to survive for over 3 years.

And the truth is, if it’s good enough to keep my own family alive and well on a daily basis, I can confidently offer it to my customers and clients.

That’s why I’m now revealing my complete Survival Hydration System.

So, instead of a single, mini-filter, you’re going to discover how to create a simple survival filtration system that can provide enough clean water for your entire family for years.

Other filtration systems on the market cost $400 and up to provide you with this volume of clean water…

But you’ll be able to build your own system, quick and easy, for a mere fraction of that amount, once you get your copy of my bestselling guide:

The Complete Survival Hydration System: How to Have Thousands of Gallons of Fresh, Clean Drinking Water in a Disaster or Grid-Down Scenario.
You’ll get every benefit of the best filtration systems available, just without the hefty price tag.

And you’ll see exactly what I use for my wife and 6 kids, including the filter system we use for our daily drinking water.

In fact, here’s how thorough the survival filtration system is that you’ll find inside the pages of The Complete Survival Hydration System.
  • This system has a water filtration efficiency of 0.2 microns, meaning it filters particles over 250 times smaller than a grain of salt. So, it captures 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, arsenic, fluoride, parasites and heavy metals - things your municipal water supply doesn’t even test for, which is why my family and I use this daily.
  • You can safely scoop gallons of murky, muddy, sludge-filled water into your filtration system without fear of getting sick because it exceeds purification standards for bacteria, cysts, and parasites including: MS2, Fr Coliphage, E. coli, Klebsiella, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, Giardia, Cryptosporidium, Raoultella Terrigena…
  • That’s because a key component of this survival filter system is silver, which naturally seeks out and destroys bacteria, while at the same time preventing slimy build-up on the filtration system. (The filter is impregnated with silver).
  • And you’ll be safe from deadly Trihalomethanes - chemicals in groundwater that cause muscle and nervous system disorders and even cancer, because your survival filtration system eliminates the main culprits Bromodichloromethane, Bromoform, Chloroform, and Dibromochloromethane to below detectable limits.
And here’s something that many people have heard of, but not when it comes to water…

Radon gas.

Typically, Radon is associated with breathing problems and lung cancer from the gas seeping into your basement and home from the soil.

But did you know that Radon 222 in your water can cause lung cancer?

It’s true.

Radon in the water releases into the air when you drink it, shower with it, wash dishes or clothes with it, and cook with it…

So, your water could be causing dangerous damage - even cancer - to your lungs through everyday use…

And because Radon is odorless, tasteless and colorless, you’ll never know it.

But that’s not all…

Radon left in the water that gets into your body can also cause deadly stomach cancers…

Which means water you thought was keeping you healthy, could actually be slowly killing you.

But with this survival filtration system you can ensure you’re protected because this system removes this harmful radiological component to below detectable limits.

What’s more, the purified water you get from these systems has a 95% reduction in heavy metal contaminants including Lead, Mercury, Aluminum, Cadmium, Chromium, and Copper…

Which means you won’t have to worry about heavy metal poisoning and the dizzying amount of damage heavy metals do to your brain and major organs.

And here are some more of the best features of the survival water filter system I use for my family…
  • There is an unlimited shelf life on the purification elements (so you can keep them stored until you need it), which means you could get everything you need, keep it in your emergency prep, and be confident you can take it out - even years later - and get pure, filtered water on demand in any crisis.
  • The system is designed for extreme durability, reliability, output and portability. For example, the elements are built to purify over 5,000 gallons of water before they need to be replaced.
  • Plus, the system detailed in The Complete Survival Hydration System requires just minutes to assemble in the comfort of your own home and takes up just a small amount of space wherever you choose to place it. It also requires no handyman skills.
And here’s the best part…

Not only will you have an elite level water filtration system that costs a mere fraction of what you’d pay for a store-bought version…

You could actually see an uptick in your health drinking filtered water on a daily basis, not just in an emergency.

That’s the reason why my family uses this system every day - I want to ensure we have fresh, clean water at all times.

Now you’ll get all these benefits (and more) with the survival water filtration system outlined in the pages of…
Again, this is a complete guide that walks you step-by-step on how to assemble your own system…

It’s written in clear, concise language that’s easy to read and follow.

Plus, it includes dozens of pictures for you to see.

Every step is detailed and you’ll get a checklist of every item you’ll need, so you can’t go wrong building your own system.

And each system is ridiculously simple to create…

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m the world’s worst handyman, so if I can do this you can absolutely do it. (It only requires one simple tool that 99.99% of households already have laying around.)

If for some reason you don’t have it, you can get it at just about any hardware store or big box store.

Truly, this system is so simple, quick, and easy to put together, your kids or grandkids could do it in minutes.

And there’s nothing bulky or heavy or that requires strength to do…

So, even if you have arthritis, it’ll be a snap for you to assemble the survival filtration system inside my guide.

What’s more, since this information is so critical, I’m going to deliver it to you instantly.

In other words, you don’t have to worry about the post office losing another package. In less than 2 minutes from now you can have instant online access to the The Complete Survival Hydration System.

But, I didn’t just stop with the creation of this unique guide…

I went even further for you and added two special bonus videos…

Bonus #1:

Video Tutorial On How to Build The Complete Survival Hydration System

Since so many people asked to watch me assemble my survival water filter system, I’m including an exclusive bonus video with your guide.

It’s a recording of me building multiple systems, live on camera, so you can see exactly what to do and how it literally takes less than 5 minutes to create.

You’ll see each step, what to do, and how to do it.

You can watch this before you build your own system or even follow along with me while I assemble each system.

By the end of each section of this video, you’ll have a complete survival filtration system, and you’ll see just how simple it is to have fresh, purified water on demand.

And, like the guide, I’ll give you instant online access to this video today, so you don’t have to wait to start putting together your own water survival system for your family.

I could sell this video as a standalone product for at least $49.00, but I’m including it as an exclusive bonus for you when you get The Complete Survival Hydration System: How to Have Thousands of Gallons of Fresh, Clean Drinking Water in a Disaster or Grid-Down Scenario.

Even better, because fresh, clean water in a crisis is so important, I have another special bonus video for you.

Bonus #2:

Endless Clean Water When SHTF From a Former Army Ranger

The second bonus you're going to get is a special training video from former Army Ranger EJ Snyder.

If you don’t know EJ, he’s one of the top survival experts in the world.

EJ learned survival during his 25 years of military service as an Army Airborne Ranger.

He fought in both the first and second Gulf Wars, earning two Bronze Stars and over 40 other medals for his service and heroism.

Then, after retiring from the Army, EJ taught survival skills to future Green Berets and elite military warriors at the US Army SERE School.

You may know him from his appearances on the Discovery Channel series “Naked and Afraid” and “Dual Survival.”

The fact is, I paid EJ a significant amount of money to create a survival water purification video that shows you…
  • The Gulf War secret EJ learned to quickly cool scalding water so you can drink it.
  • EJ's favorite “water droplet” system he keeps in his go-bag and car that takes up virtually no space.
  • Not sure if your purified water is safe enough to drink? Remember this phrase: “big bubbles, little troubles.”
  • What you must know about boiling water if you’re over 5,000 feet in elevation. (This simple tip could keep you from getting violently ill.)
  • Why to add a British mess kit to your bug out bag and how this inexpensive item could be crucial to your ability to stay hydrated.
  • How to tell when you should replace your water filter. (You’ll known in just 5 seconds and it’s brain-dead simple.)
  • Water filter broken? Don't panic. You can filter water using nothing but the sun. Watch EJ do it step-by-step with lake water.
  • The only 2 things you need to boil water in a plastic bottle.
  • How to build a “seep well” when your only options are drink or die.
  • An amazing type of moss powers this primitive water filter. Discover what it is and the few other materials you'll need.
  • How to build a simple rain catch system and why you want to use a green sapling if possible. (This is how EJ got water while in Tanzania.)
  • The secret to building a solar still. You need to use this type of vegetation or it won't work. (Watch EJ build his solar still from scratch.)
  • Why you should always carry a Ziploc bag in your survival kit. You'll discover an ingenious hack for how to make drinking water for yourself with this bag.
And much more.

Like I said, this training video that normally sells for $47 is yours FREE today when you get the The Complete Survival Hydration System.

So, to quickly recap, here's everything you're getting...

-The Complete Survival Hydration System guide

-Bonus video tutorial on how to build the survival hydration system ($49 value)

-Bonus video from former Army Ranger EJ Snyder on how to get endless clean water when SHTF ($47 value)

The fact is, even though making sure your family can have clean drinking water in a crisis is priceless, your investment for the The Complete Survival Hydration System and bonus videos is just a small amount today.

In other words, you won't pay anywhere close to hundreds of dollars like a store bought system that can filter 5,000 gallons or more.
What's more, The Complete Survival Hydration System comes with a 365-day, 100% Money Back Guarantee.

If you don’t think the guide is worth every penny, just let me know for a prompt, courteous, and no questions asked, full refund.

Also, no matter what, you can still keep lifetime access to the bonuses because I truly want you to have clean drinking water for your family in an emergency.

To get instant access to The Complete Survival Hydration System and your free bonus videos, simply click on the yellow "Add to Cart" button right now.

And in 2 minutes from now, you'll see The Complete Survival Hydration System that I use for my wife and 6 kids.
Remember, in an emergency situation you can only live about 72-hours without water, which is why you don’t want to miss this chance to get the The Complete Survival Hydration System right now.

After all, you can’t turn on the news these days without hearing about a natural disaster or burst water pipe in a city that has people desperately standing in line for clean water.
You obviously don’t want to be those folks, you want to be self-reliant and have the ability to provide safe drinking water for you and your family.
Stay safe,

Jason Hanson