Former CIA Officer reveals... 
"They won't see this coming—until they're on the ground, in pain, and no longer a threat"
This Undetectable "Pen" Is PERFECT For Fast Self-Defense in ANY Situation—No Need To Carry a Knife, Gun or
 Years of Expensive Martial Arts Classes
From: Jason Hanson
Spy Ranch, Utah
Monday, 3:32pm 
What if there was a personal protection tool you could legally carry virtually anywhere and everywhere you go?

One you could carry on an airplane... college campus... courthouse... or any number of highly secure buildings?

What if it was so simple to master that anyone from age 15 to 85 could use it to help protect themselves.

Well... there is such a tool, and I personally carry it on me every single day... as do my family members... closest friends... and training students...
The tool I'm talking about... is...
My Tactical Pen.
If you've not seen one before it's a specially engineered pen, made of a solid block of metal with an extremely sharp, pointed end that makes a remarkable self-defense tool.

Not only can you use it as an extension of your arm and hand that can help stop an attacker, it can also be used as a glass-breaking device in the event of an emergency.

And what helps make it virtually undetectable is the fact it's a fully-functioning pen.

Take a look at the pictures below of the tactical pen I personally carry with me at all times to get a better idea of what mine looks like:
This one's a picture of the pen with the cap removed...
My name, by the way, is Jason Hanson.

I'm a former CIA Officer and New York Times Bestselling author of Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life.
Here’s a short video where I demonstrate the tactical pen on some major media appearances like Fox News and the Rachael Ray Show...
When Combat Handguns magazine asked me to write an article for their publication... can you imagine what I wrote about?

You guessed it... it was about my tactical pen (there's an excerpt of it below)!
Now, while a pen like mine is actually an inexpensive self-protection tool compared to a knife or gun... surprisingly... there's still few too many people who've actually heard about them.

Which is unfortunate because my pen is virtually undetectable.

(I've never had mine confiscated -- not on an airplane, in a courthouse or in any other highly-secure building!)

And that brings me to the point of this letter...

The tactical pen that my family members and I carry is actually quite difficult to find.

But through a long and tedious process that I won't bore you with I've finally been able to secure a consistent (although somewhat limited) supply of these pens.

I've sold 1000's of these pens to my training students. Here's what a few of them had to say...
~Laura Hollingsworth, Suffolk, VA

"Jason, I recently purchased a tactical pen while in the Ultimate Concealed Carry Course. I love it, have traveled quite a bit, including overseas, without any TSA troubles. This pen is awesome, it's lightweight, durable, and easy to carry around. I always have it with me."
~Chris Fogelberg, Arlington, VA

"I also purchased a tactical pen during the course, having already been convinced of its utility virtually anywhere (as opposed to pepper spray and the Swiss Army Knife that most of the time I have to leave at home)... as I work aa Congressional staff and must walk through a metal detector/bag x-ray to get to my office every day."
~Katie Mullins, Arlington, VA

"For those of us who work in one of the many highly secured federal buildings in DC, the tactical pen is the perfect solution. I can get through daily security checks with it and not worry about it getting taken away. The tactical pen definitely gives me peace of mind to know that I am not completely helpless...."
One of my students even takes his tactical pen aboard the President's plane, Air Force One. (He's in the military and works on Air Force One.)

And another student has taken it into the White House, just look what he told me...
~Martin Walker, Fredericksburg, MD

"The tactical pens are great when you have no other options such a travel on airplanes. I've taken mine through multiple domestic and international airports (Asia, Europe, and Middle East) with no problem. I've even taken mine into the White House and the rigorous Secret Service screening which includes sniffer dogs and scanning - no issue on multiple trips and I've used in to take notes in my meetings there."
The good news is, I have a few extra tactical pens that I've decided to offer to the general public.

Here's the thing: I've seen people sell this type of pen for prices ranging from $85 to $300!

But I'm making these pens available to you at a much lower price.


Because when you see comments I get every day from customers like the one below, I know it's crucial that we raise everyone's awareness of these awesome self-protection tools...
~Justin Lalone, Lakeland, FL

Jason, thank you, thank you, thank you. You saved my life about 45 minutes ago. I pulled into my regular fuel station just down the street from my house tonight, and went in to pay for my fuel. When I came out a car had pulled in behind my vehicle and was blaring their music loud. As I pumped fuel I noticed that the person behind the wheel of the vehicle behind mine was obviously high. He was sitting in his car laughing, then crying, then laughing, etc.

Suddenly he became irate, got out of his vehicle, and started trying to pick a fight with someone. I called the police but before they could get there he had gotten back in his car and hit the back of my vehicle. He then got back out and came at me. Thank you for the tip on the tactical pen. I pulled the tactical pen from my pocket as he came forward, warned him not to get any closer, then, I had to use it. He reeled like he was struck by a snake and I was able to get off of the X. Thank you. I owe my health, and possibly my life, to you tonight. "
And there are countless others who write in as well...

...Many commenting on the quality and durability of these pens.
~Jerry Michaels, Remo, NV

"These are great. Study and a nice heavy clip. I have carried it since I received it a couple of weeks ago."
~Peter Childress, Sacramento, CA

"The pens are a quality product and well worth the price."
In fact, here's a short video I made where
I demonstrate the "ice block test"
just to prove just how durable these pens really are...
And don't forget, this pen writes like a standard ink pen and ink refills are easily found online or at your local office supply store.

And of course, it comes with my unconditional guarantee...

Your Tactical Pen comes with a No-Questions-Asked, 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

There is nothing more important than your safety and the protection of your loved ones.

This pen could save your life. Which is why we are taking 100% of the risk off your shoulders and guaranteeing your total satisfaction for a FULL YEAR.
If any time in the next year you don't feel getting the tactical pens was the right decision for you, simply call us at 435-572-4432 and you'll receive a prompt and courteous refund of your purchase price.
With violence today on a seemingly never-ending upward spiral, these tactical pens are about the only legal (and undetectable) way to help protect yourself when you can't carry a knife or gun.

And now you can own the same tactical pen I carry every day.

Not only that, when you order your pen TODAY... I've just added...
A Huge Bonus...
Bonus:  45-minute Close Quarters Tactical Pen Training Video
($79 value)
Order 2 or more Spy Pens and you'll gain instant access to my 45 Minute "Close Quarters Tactical Pen Training Video... absolutely FREE!

In this video filmed at one of my live training classes I'll cover things like:
  • Where (and how) to carry your Tactical Pen... so you can always rapidly deploy it against an attacker,
  • Insider tactics I learned from my CIA training... that enable you to quickly spot a threat,
  • The most effective ways to train with your Tactical Pen,
  • How to instantly escape from duct tape... plus other bonus strategies from my CIA spy training,
  • And much more...
    You will not want to miss this chance to get a Tactical Pen and this special training video.
    Choose One Of The
    Tactical Pen Options Below...

    As I noted above, these pens are hard to get and I don't have that many left.

    Because of my limited supply and my desire to allow as many folks as possible to secure this pen I've set a limit of 3 tactical pens per person at this time.

    So you know:  most people choose the 3-pack option... for a couple of very good reasons.

    For sure it's your best value because it includes the free Bonus item you saw PLUS our Free Shipping option as well.

    But even more importantly...

    It allows you to provide additional safety to your family and loved ones by arming them with a Tactical Pen as well as yourself. My 3-pack option lets you... give the gift of life.

    So, go ahead now and simply click the orange Add To Cart button below the Pen package you want.

    This will take you to a secure order form where you can quickly complete your order.
    Because of my limited supply of tactical pens don't delay. Please take advantage of this special offer today.

    Stay safe,
    Jason Hanson

    Some people have asked me if I really carry my tactical pen everywhere, and the answer is "YES"…

    In fact, let me tell you a funny story of what happened to me in the Las Vegas airport.

    When I fly, I always carry my pen in my laptop bag, pictured below:
    I was flying home from Las Vegas a few months back and I put my laptop bag through security as usual. As the bag went through, the TSA person lifted up the bag and asked whose it was.

    I told him it was mine and he said, "There's a knife in the bag and we need to search it."

    I was surprised to hear this and had no idea what he was talking about and I sure didn't remember any knife in my bag.

    Well, I proceeded to watch the TSA worker dig through my entire bag and go through everything including my tactical pen.

    Finally, I watched the worker dig in one of the pockets and pull out a keychain with a tiny knife on the end of it.

    He asked if I wanted to check it and I said no because it obviously wasn't worth my time to go all the way back through security for a tiny keychain knife.

    I've gone through the airport with that bag for the past 5 years and this was the first time anyone found that small keychain knife, which I'd obviously forgotten about.

    But my point is... he skipped right past my tactical pen without any concern.
    P.P.S. Look at this note that Justin Doolin of Oak Forest, IL, sent me…
    "I travel quite a bit (within the states and internationally) and the idea of having at least some form of weapon available at all times is comforting. I just went through the safest airport in the world (Ben Gurion in Israel) and I carried my pen with me at all times. Never once an issue, no questions when it was x-rayed, and some peace of mind for me. Traveling alone to new (and strange) countries can be a little scary. But at least I don't feel unarmed now."

    "Thanks for all the great information you provide to keep us safe! Recently, I bought my fifth tactical pen from you (after family members see them for the first time and say how "cool" they are, I find myself "hanging over another one" and, once again, in need of one for myself!)"

    ~Justin Doolin, Oak Forest, IL
    Choose One Of The
    Tactical Pen Options Below...

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    Just don't delay, this is first come, first served while supplies last... 
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