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I’ve used a tomahawk in survival situations such as digging a trapped car out of the snow…

And smashing a window so someone could escape a vehicle…

Plus, here’s a quick story showing how special forces operators use the tomahawk in action.

A group of U.S. Special Forces soldiers were trapped in a concrete building.

They had been pinned down by heavyenemy fire for three days.

With no other way out, the Special Forces members used their tomahawks to chop a hole in the concrete wall of the building and escape.

One member of the team said he would never deploy again without his tomahawk.

It’s no surprise then that ABC News reported…
“Members of Air Force security groups, Army Rangers and special forces are some of the U.S. troops who have chosen to add tomahawks to their basic gear.”
I certainly agree with them and I personally always have a tomahawk in my car and in my bug out bag.

Having reliable tools on-hand, like a Tactical Tomahawk, is critical.

That’s why I want to give you the Ultralight Tactical Tomahawk I use at the lowest price ever offered.

As I mentioned, this specific Hawk is an ultralightTactical Tomahawk.

This means it was created for bug out bags for those who can’t or don’t want to carry a lot of weight.

This Hawk weighs just 17 ounces so that anyone – regardless of age or strength – can wield it with deadly effectiveness.

The Hawk is a quarter-inch thick and it’s made from a single piece of steel. The handle is wrapped in paracord.
This ultralight Tactical Tomahawk is an incredibly deadly weapon and has no problem smashing through a car windshield as you can see in this video…
Or going through a car hood… 
Or quickly puncturing a tire… 
The bottom line is…

This Ultralight Tomahawk is the perfect tool to survive and thrive any attack or crisis.

It’ll allow you to rapidly neutralize an attacker, even if you’re elderly or disabled.

And, it’ll allow you to escape from all types of survival situations as it did the Navy SEALs who were trapped in a building.

In fact, this tomahawk is such a useful tool, that Men's Journal recently featured it in their "Coolest Pieces of Gear We Tested This Week" segment...
That's because the smart folks at Men's Journal agree this ultralight tomahawk is so useful, everyone should add it to their gear...

And it's why I want to give you this Tactical Tomahawk for a super-low price today, so that you can quickly add it to your essential survival gear.

Here’s the best part…

To make sure you know how to properly use the Tomahawk in a crisis, I’m going to give you FREE instant online access to our training video called…
Tactical Tomahawk: How to Use the Hawk for Survival and Self Defense...
This video reveals the same simple to use, yet devastatingly lethal techniques America's deadliest warriors use when their lives are on the line.

Here’s just a sample of what’s inside…
  • How to instantly command the attention of any tire iron wielding, baseball bat carrying, or knife slashing thug! (The minute they do something stupid… this BFI trick knocks ‘em silly!)
  • ​​● How to use the simple “2-Step Slash Dance” to put yourself in prime position to combat any criminal’s cowardly element of surprise!
  • ​● The “Tennis Academy” 4-step sequence - that’s easy to master - will make Dirty Harry look like a kindergarten teacher! (If you’re in a life or death situation… This “BFPT” move will become second nature!)
  • ​● And… the “drive-by attack” trick most think can only happen with bullets. (Once you learn this insane move, you’ll be trained to cause lethal damage to multiple attackers fast… without ever having to pick up a gun.)
This Tactical Tomahawk video is chock-full of battle-tested training that will show you how to neutralize anyone, or anything, that stands in your way.

Here’s just a bit more of what you’ll discover inside your bonus video…
  • The “Stick Method” you need to know if you’re caught completely off-guard and you need to throw finesse tactics out the window!
  • ​​● The single most important area for turning the lights out on a threat!
  • ​● The rock-solid “Guys with Beards” tactic that turns extracting anyone from a vehicle - or getting out from an accident - easy as cake.
  • ​● Why this “Hook & Control” rule of CQB Hawk engagement should be pinned to your refrigerator… bathroom mirror… and even your computer screen! (Law enforcement takes this very seriously… and so should you!)
  • ​● The secret “Filipino Martial Arts Drill” to hook, trap, and redirect any limb… of anyone… at any time! (No other book or video teaches you how to use Hawks like this - and in mere seconds - you’ll quickly gain control over any situation!)
  • ​● WARNING: Why this last-ditch effort could be the very last thing you ever do.
  • ​● The million-dollar CQB Hawk “posting” secret that builds a protective barrier between you and your opponent!
  • ​● How to disarm an attacker’s weapon in 3-second’s flat. (This “smack-n-smash” technique destroys any internal excitement any thug may have!)
  • ​● A huge error made by most knife-toters when their strong arm gets disabled… and how to make sure you’ll never do the same with your Hawk!
  • ​● How to instantly command the attention of even the most deviant, deranged or maniacal “bad guys” in the world! (You’ll never need a gun… and… their memories will last a lifetime - IF they’re lucky!)
  • ​● And much, much more!
Pretty solid, wouldn’t you agree?

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The way I see it, you have two choices right now.

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P.S. A few people asked me about the sheath that comes with the tomahawk, so I shot this quick 35-second video below...
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