Warning: Law abiding citizens are being robbed, beaten, and targeted for home invasions all over the country! Thankfully, a former CIA Officer has just revealed... 
How to Disarm, Defeat, And (if it comes to it) Destroy Would-be Attackers With Nothing But A Pen!
This is the same device that covert-agents use to take down threats with a single strike.
It seems like every time you turn on the news, it’s the same old story being played over, and over again…

More robberies, car-jackings, kidnappings, and attacks on innocent people who had no idea they’d be victims of a senseless, violent crime.

And to make matters worse, lawmakers have gotten so soft that police (who are supposed to protect us) aren’t even respected anymore.

Why is this?

Because every single thug in America KNOWS they’ll get a slap on the wrist, and the cops who try to arrest them will get punished for doing their job.

Which means criminals are getting bolder and more confident by the day.

But that’s just the beginning…

The same city leaders and officials that let gang-members, thieves, and lawbreakers run wild, are the same people who want to take away your Constitutional right to bear arms.

In other words, it’s only a matter of time before someone grabs you on the shoulder at the ATM, and demands your money, or your life…

Or worse…
A masked-man with nothing to lose, stalks your wife and kids with switchblade in one hand, and a chloroform-soaked rag in the other.

The question is, will you (and your family) be ready when it happens?

I know it’s scary to think about, but with cops being demonized in the media, protests every time the cuffs come out, and a nationwide police shortage, criminals are on the prowl - and they’re ready to take full advantage of our broken system.

The good news is, I’ve decided to help true Patriots (like you) protect themselves and their families by releasing a covert-style weapon that 99% of offenders have no idea it exists.

…And since they don’t know what it is, they can’t prepare for it, which means you have the upper-hand in a life-or-death situation.

So, what’s this discreet, yet powerful device that can stop criminals in their tracks?
This Military-Grade Pen Can Stop an Attacker in Their Tracks!
Here’s why…

-Built for protection. Designed with a sharp, pointed end for striking, and a flat cap for your thumb, you can apply as much force as possible against an attacker without hurting yourself in the process.

-Easy to master. You don’t need years of expensive martial arts training to wield this “invisible” weapon. Just pull it from your pocket and immediately use it to save your life.

-Lightweight. The Tactical Pen weighs less than two ounces, which is about the same as two pieces of white bread! This means it’s easy to carry, and easy to use in an emergency.

-Hard to detect. Knives, guns, and tasers can be seen from a mile away, but the Tactical Pen is so covert, it won’t set off alarms or suspicions from would-be attackers.

-Virtually indestructible. Crafted from of a solid block of metal, this specially made pen is incredibly strong, built to last, and can handle almost anything you throw at it. In other words, it’s built like a tank.
-Smooth writing. Besides being an effective, life-saving weapon, the Tactical Pen writes smoothly, feels comfortable in your hand, and uses standard ink refills that are easily found online.
As you can see, this isn’t some “basic” pen you can get from Office Depot.
It’s a covert, self-defense tool that’s actively being used by law enforcement and other groups I’m not allowed to name.

Which means it has to work, no matter what the circumstances are.
Want PROOF The Tactical Pen Actually Works?
Check out this demonstration video below!
Now that you’ve seen *a solid block of ice* get destroyed by the same weapon thousands of people keep in their pocket for protection…
Here’s The Pen Being Featured On MULTIPLE NEWS Outlets… 
And this is just the beginning…

When people saw the Tactical Pen being used by a REAL American Operative, they rushed to order, and wiped our first batch clean off the shelves.

But don’t take my word for it…
Here’s What People Are Saying About The Most Dangerous “Writing” Tool Ever Made:
Unfortunately, The Tactical Pen Isn’t For Everyone.
It Works BEST For Proud Americans Who Want to…
-Feel safe whether you’re going to school, work, the grocery store, or just hanging out with friends and family.

-Be protected while moving throughout the United States, on vacation, or traveling overseas to a foreign country.

-Have complete confidence that you can handle yourself during an attack.

-Stop criminals in their tracks when they feel a sharp piece of metal penetrate their skin.

-Make thugs turn the other way when they realize you’re the wrong person to target.

-Make sure you’re safe in places where guns, knives or tasers aren’t allowed.
…If That Sounds Like You, Then The Tactical Pen is Everything You’ve Been Searching For!
Now before I let you get your hands on this device, I’ve got to be honest.

Just because you have access to something, doesn’t mean you know how to use it.

That means you need to be trained on how to use it the right way.

And, how to handle yourself under extreme pressure (robberies, car-jackings, and assaults) without being hurt…

AKA, how to survive a life-or-death scenario.

That being said, *when you order 2 or more Tactical Pens* you'll get instant access to this…
Limited Time Bonus:
45-minute “Close Quarters, Tactical Pen Training” Video! 
($97 value) 100% FREE!
This video was filmed at one of my live training classes where I revealed:
-Where (and how) to carry your Tactical Pen so you can rapidly use it against an attacker.

-How to properly grip the Tactical Pen to stop a much larger and aggressive attacker.

-Insider tactics I learned from my CIA training that help you to spot a threat before it’s too late.

-The 4 *critical* steps you must follow to disarm a gun-toting attacker (mess this up and you won’t live to tell about it).

-And much more!
…This training is the key to knowing what to do (and more importantly) what not to do when you run across some thug who wants to take you out.

So, while the country gets softer on crime by the day, and dangerous gangs get bolder and more committed to harming innocent people, you’ve got to be ready for what’s to come.

And this special training will make sure you can handle yourself when the unthinkable happens.
 The Tactical Pen And Training Video Combo Will Give You Tremendous Confidence. Here’s How…
  • You'll know exactly how to protect yourself and your family against a crazed attacker whose sole purpose is to ruin your life.
  • You’ll know the exact steps to take to avoid conflict, but if need be, engage the target at take them down FAST. 
  • You’ll feel much safer, and be much more capable to defend yourself than you did before.
  • ​Your friends and family will notice how prepared you are, and start showing you more respect (side-note: lawbreakers will too).
  • ​You'll actually stop violent attacks BEFORE they happen, because criminals will pick-up on your “don’t mess with me” energy.
  • You’ll feel a lot better about your wife, kids and grandkids going to the grocery store, the movies, school, a ball game, or anywhere else knowing they each have a covert weapon that could save their lives.​
...And that’s just the beginning.

But enough about all the benefits you’ll get from owning this self-defense pen.

If you’ve made it this far, then you’re probably wondering how much it costs?!
You Can’t Put a Price On Safety (Or Can You?).
Now it’s time for the bad news…

Unfortunately, our Tactical Pens along with the specialized training (that contains the ice demonstration video) are in extremely short supply.

…Besides our first few batches being sold completely out, we’re still trying to recover from supply chain shortages and delayed shipping times.

To make matters worse, the materials used to build these pens is making it harder (and more expensive) to acquire them.

Luckily, I still have some of these *weapons-grade pens* hidden in one of our unmarked storage units.

But instead of keeping them locked away, I’ve decided to do the right thing and release them to the public.


Because when you see the comments I get from customers every day, you’ll realize just how crucial it is to protect Americans, and preserve our way of life with this awesome self-defense tool…

That being said, we could have sold it for $150 or MORE (like some pens we’ve seen on the market).

But today, I decided to make them available to you at a much lower price starting at $39!

Why charge so little for such an effective weapon?

Two reasons…

#1- The current stock is just sitting there, when they could be in the hands of law-abiding citizens who need them the most.

#2- We wanted to make sure you could actually afford to keep yourself and your family safe during these uncertain times.

And the best part is…
Choose Your Tactical Pen Option Below:
Now remember, these high-grade, special-ops style pens like these are incredibly hard to get your hands on.

And the training to go with them is unheard of.

But with criminals running wild, and the country being pushed to the brink of collapse, I knew I had to get the word out fast.

And the best way to do that is by rewarding action takers with an amazing deal.

That being said, when you *select the 3-pack option* you’ll also get FREE shipping.

(Most people choose the 3-pack to share with family, friends, co-workers and to give as gifts).

So, take advantage of this opportunity now by choosing from one of the options below!
    Need More Proof The Tactical Pen Works?
    Look, these days it’s perfectly normal to question what you see…

    Especially with all the misinformation on social media, and fake news being spread all over TV.

    But rather than trying to convince you myself, here’s even more proof that the Tactical Pen is the best made, and most reliable self-defense tool on the market:

    Below is an article I wrote about the brutal effectiveness of tactical pens in Combat Handguns magazine.
    “It’s the only protection tool that never leaves my side.”
    Here’s What Even More People Have to Say About It… 
    OPTION 1:
    Do nothing, and become the next victim of a violent crime and hope you survive the attack. 
    OPTION 2:
    Take expensive martial arts classes that take years to master, only to find out that most of them (Karate, Taekwondo, Tai Chi) don’t actually work on the streets. In fact, they could even get you killed.
    OPTION 3:
    Get The Tactical Pen and Training Video Combo with two extra pens, and arm yourself (And your family) with a highly effective, self-defense weapon that can stop thugs in their tracks.
    With that being said, click the orange “Add To Cart” button below to grab the Tactical Pen before we sell out… again!
    (Once you click “Add to Cart”, you’ll be taken to a secure order form where you can quickly complete your order.)
    Who is Jason Hanson?
    Jason is the New York Times bestselling author of Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life. And, he’s been blessed to appear on dozens of TV shows such as Fox News, Rachael Ray, Good Morning America, Harry Connick Jr., NBC Today, and Shark Tank, to name a few. But, what Jason and the rest of his team truly love, are promoting freedom, self-reliance, and helping good, honest Americans be better prepared for whatever crisis comes your way.
    Frequently Asked Questions:
     How powerful is the Tactical Pen really?
    The Tactical Pen is made from a single block of metal, and really is incredibly tough.

    In fact, you might end up hurting yourself if you try testing your luck. My suggestion is to carry it around as an extra layer of protection against anyone who wants to take advantage of you . And when that happens, we’ll let them (and the E.R. Doctors) see whether or not muscle, bone, and soft tissue is stronger than this pen.
     Can this device actually write like a REAL pen?
    Sure it can! Although the Tactical Pen is the perfect tool to keep you safe in virtually any location, the reason it can be deployed in so many places are because it takes the form of an everyday office item.

    And since it needed to blend into everyday life, we made sure it could write smoothly, and be used in plain sight. That way, a potential threat would never know how to prepare a counterattack against you . So, in short, YES, it actually writes.
     Will I be detained or set off alarms if I travel with the Tactical Pen?
    I designed The Tactical Pen to be SO DISCREET that 95% of people would never even notice it, especially criminals or would be attackers. That being said, most people have no problem going to work, school, or any other building where weapons aren’t allowed.

    Also, many of our customers travel both domestically (throughout the U.S.) and overseas with their pen all the time without any issues. That being said, there’s a few things you still need to know to make sure you’re Ok… and that’s where the special training video comes in. But it’s only available if you purchase two or more pens .
     What happens if I’m not satisfied with The Tactical Pen?
    I’ve already sold thousands of these pens to raving reviews. And I’m so confident in them that my own family carries them at all times. That being said I want to make sure you’re 100% comfortable in your own decision to invest in these pens.

    That’s why we’re covering your investment with a OneYear, No Questions Asked, Money-Back Guarantee . And if you aren’t completely satisfied, just send us an email and we’ll immediately refund your entire purchase with no questions asked!
     How do I qualify for FREE SHIPPING and the in-depth training video?
    The only way to get free shipping is to order the three-pen combo. That includes two extra pens, the specialized training video that teaches you how to conceal, carry, and use the Tactical Pen to keep yourself safe… And if need be, take down a violent attacker with speed and accuracy.
     Can I order more than one pen?
    Of course, you can. Just click “Add to Cart” on the second option to purchase two Tactical Pens instead of one. When you select two pens, you also get access to the special training video that shows how to travel undetected, how to properly use it during an attack, and more importantly, how not to injure yourself while deploying it against an assailant…

    But, when you select the option to order 3 Tactical Pens, not only do you get the specialized training video, but you also get FREE SHIPPING as well!
    Here's a short video demonstration
    of this life-saving product
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