Whether you live within 50 or 500 miles of these 103 targets, immediate precautions are required to keep you and your family alive   

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In fact, it’s highly unique because it’s made out of three solid pieces of Grade 5 Titanium.  

That’s the same Titanium used to make armor plates that stop even the highest caliber rounds.

It resists corrosion from salt water and acid…

It’s as strong as steel, yet 45% lighter…

And, it’s nearly impossible to melt (unless you use a crazy type of oxygen torch that heats to over 1700 degrees Celsius).

Even the U.S. Government is using Titanium in more and more of its applications throughout the world.

For example, the Department of Defense contracted Colt Defense to produce a minimum of 900 M240L medium machine guns.


Because they’re made out of Titanium and they’re 5.4 pounds lighter than their predecessor, the M240B.

Now, 5.4 pounds may not sound like a lot… 

But it makes a huge difference when you’re lugging a machine gun all-day everyday.

But there’s another reason the military chose Titanium to make these machine guns out of…

So, that they’re virtually indestructible.

Just like our Titanium Tactical Pen. 

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