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300 Layers of Heat-Treated Steel Are Used to Make This Legendary Knife... and Today You Can Get it For
More Than HALF-OFF!
Please, don’t share this with anyone else…

It involves a deadly knife made of steel that legend says sliced armored knights in half with minimal effort.

National Geographic said that in Medieval times, blades made of this steel were of “mythical reputation”…

And “were reputedly so sharp, that they could cleave a silk scarf floating to the ground, just as readily as a knight’s body.”

The New York Times reports, “this metal could split a feather in midair, yet retain their edge through many a battle.”

Today, I want to rush you a special knife made of this steel for HALF-OFF. (I’ll explain why in a second).

I call this knife “The Deadly Crusader.”

Here’s a few pictures of it… 
Everything from the stunning blade and handle material, to its ideal size and shape…

... to the perfect weight and balance of the knife itself, guarantees that this beast is so rock solid…

You could easily depend on
it with your life!

I made sure of it.

As someone who values their safety and survival, you know it’s crucial to have useful and reliable tools. This knife is a powerful addition to your arsenal.

It’s a fixed blade knife, so it’s full tang.
There are no folding levers that could bend and break, no springs that could rust or get stuck, no buttons to fumble for in the dark, no safety switches to disengage...

In other words, you become lethal the moment your fingers touch the handle.

At 8.5 inches, it’s the perfect size.

This baby’s small enough so you can skin game and gut fish with surgical precision, but big enough to end any surprise attack with quick and deadly force.

The 4-inch drop blade is perfectly angled so you can slice through fur, skin, muscle, fabric, and wood, like child’s play.
See those tiger stripes and ripples throughout the blade’s metal?

That’s from the blade material itself, Damascus Steel.

If that doesn’t mean anything to you, let me explain…

Damascus steel isn’t just for looks (although when you see it up close, you won’t be able to take your eyes off of it)…

Damascus Steel gives structural integrity to the blade, guaranteeing it stays strong for the rest of your life.

There’s no other steel like it.

It’s made by blacksmiths whose culture extends back centuries to when this type of steel was first made.

With modern manufacturing, the quality is even better.

Blacksmiths heat high grade steel up 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit, fold the steel onto itself, and compress the two “halves” together to release any weak spots the metal has.

And if that wasn’t enough…

They then repeat the process of heating and folding, adding more and more layers...

After shaping, the blade is briefly washed with an acid to reveal the layers.

No two blades are alike, so when you get your knife, you’ll know it’s the only one on earth like it.

The process takes longer than other blades, but it’s worth it.

Use this knife to sharpen stakes, chop firewood, cut through dense shrubs, build entire emergency shelters or hack through bone.

It won’t matter... it’s built like a tank.

Plus, the edge stays sharp longer than ordinary blades…

So, you’ll spend less time sharpening and more time hacking, stabbing, piercing, and defeating anything that tries to stop you…

There’s no doubt once you hold this knife in your hand, you’ll see it’s...

Some of the nicest steel
in your arsenal!

But I didn’t stop there when it comes to this Deadly Crusader knife.

The handle itself is made from a beautiful olivewood with ornamental brass spacers and brass pins.

I think you’ll agree it matches the blade perfectly.
Olivewood is one of the most strong and water-repellent woods on earth.

This gives the handle a natural “gripiness,” perfect for when you need a solid hold, even if sweat, mud, blood or grime covers your hands.

Heck, you can ram it through the torso of a charging animal with full power…

Knowing if you hit nothing but bone that your hand won’t slip, and you can keep dealing out more damage.

But fighting off predators isn’t the only thing its good for...

See, there’s nothing worse than using your knife for hard tasks all day, only to get sore or injured hands soon after.

Luckily, you should never experience this with this knife because…

The handle allows maximum grip
strength and comfort.

Too many knives have grooves for every single finger, thinking it helps your grip, but nothing could be farther from the truth.

Your strongest grip is when your fingers are together and hold their “squeezing” pressure across the handle evenly.

I made sure this handle lets you to squeeze with full force. 
But that’s not all...

Your Knife Comes With a Premium
Leather Sheath for FREE!

It’s made from premium brown leather and fits your knife perfectly.

It has detailed stitching with a sturdy belt loop so that you can comfortably wear this knife on your hip.
Whether you’re bugging out or just going for a stroll on the farm, this sheath will stay glued to your hip.

Plus, you can wear it on whichever side is more comfortable for you…

So, if you’re right or left-handed, or if you want a traditional or cross draw, you’ll definitely find a position that’s right for you.

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Since your one of my premium readers, you’re getting an exclusive deal on this knife that the general public will never see.

The truth is, I am never putting this knife in our online store since we just don’t have enough for everyone.

But, as I mentioned earlier, you can get this beautiful Deadly Crusader knife for HALF-OFF right now.

Normally, because of the labor that goes into producing Damascus Steel knives…

And with the rare olive wood handle and leather sheath…

The Deadly Crusader Knife would sell for at least $150

But on this page, you can have your very own Damascus knife and the leather sheath for only $59!

I know… that’s crazy.

Why am I practically giving this knife away?

The reason is pretty simple actually…

When I had this knife produced, I made sure it was made so well you can pass it down to your kids and grandkids... and their kids and grandkids…

So, I wanted to get it into the hands of every self-reliant patriot, hunter, and sportsman as possible.

Because I know that every red-blooded American man could really use a tough as nails and ultra-reliable knife like this.

So, I’m practically giving this knife away as a thank you for being a reader.

Plus, you’re going to get an amazing bonus… 

Massive FREE Bonus!

The fact is, Deadly Crusader Knife owners often ask me, “Since I own the Knife, can you train me on how to use it? ”

This is an excellent question because having a knife and not knowing what to do with it can be more dangerous than not having a knife at all.

That’s why I’m giving you an incredible free bonus today that others paid over $1,500 for.

You’re going to get the videos from our live 2-day knife event that takes place in Cedar City, UT.

I brought in a professional film crew to create these videos for you, where you’re going to learn…
  • How to survive a close quarters knife fight. (It doesn’t matter if you find yourself with your back up against the wall, this technique will keep you alive and allow you to deliver a finishing blow to your attacker.) 
  • The two critical knife stances. (If both you and the attacker have a knife there is one stance you NEVER want to be in.)
  • The single best knife grip for defending yourself against an attacker. (Plus, the “knuckle trick” that ensures the knife will never fall out of your hand during a fight.)
  • ​Why you must understand “knife orientation” in order to deploy your knife as quickly as possible when faced with a deadly situation.
  • ​​A step-by-step guide to exactly where you want to strike an attacker with a knife. (This roadmap will show you the quickest ways to end a fight when your life is on the line.)
  • ​How to ensure you don’t accidentally cut yourself when using the reverse-grip fighting style. (This little-known secret could mean the difference between stopping an attacker and ending up with a huge gash on your own hand.)
  • ​​Dynamic flow drills to make yourself a better knife fighter. (You can do these by yourself or with a partner and they take less than two minutes to practice.)
  • ​​How to covertly deploy your knife and gain the element of surprise when someone is trying to harm you or your family. 
And that’s just the beginning of what you’ll learn…

This training effectively gives you a PhD in knife fighting and knife defense.

And, it’s not just me saying this.

Here’s what a few folks say about our knife training...

“As a combat veteran, I am always looking for ways to improve my skills. I was very impressed with just how easy it is to practice the drills and to really improve your skill level at a very fast pace. Definitely a course that I would highly recommend for all people who want to learn a truly lifesaving set of skills for real world application.”

~Jack S., Wichita, KS
“Ask yourself... 'If this is good enough for the CIA, is it worth my time and energy and resources to learn to protect myself and my loved ones?' Thank you, Mr. Hanson, for providing the knowledge and skills." 

~Terry H., Duluth, GA
“With all the news reports of knife stabbings worldwide it is very important that we, the average Joe's, know how to protect ourselves from a potential knife attack. I especially like the "return to sender" move. I am not into martial arts but I have learned and am learning more and more ways to defend myself and family.”

~David S., Springfield, VA
Here are a few more I’m really proud of…
“As a prior military member and Martial Arts instructor, I’ve seen a number of programs... I highly recommend Mr. Hanson’s program; it’s the real deal.”

~Ben F. Indianapolis, IN. 
“So many carry knives without a clue on how to use it. You train with your gun, you train with your hands, you should train with your knife. Also, as a result of this class, my respect and healthy fear of knife fights has increased. Thanks for such a worthwhile class, I look forward to additional training from you.”

~Oliver M., Provo, UT  
“... A few months ago I was in a very vulnerable stage in my life and I needed to equip myself in order to protect myself in an ever-increasing violent society and country. I feel confident after working through the course and even repelled a would-be intruder. He must have seen the confidence I exuded when I had my knife in my hand. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the valuable instruction... Great stuff Jason!”

~Angela M., Tampa, FL
The best part is, you’ll get instant online access to these knife videos as soon as you order your Deadly Crusader Knife!

What’s more, when you snatch up this knife today...

There’s Zero Risk for You With My 2-Year,
100% Iron-Clad Moneyback Guarantee

When this knife arrives at your door…

Pick it up, hold it and feel how the olive wood handle grips and molds perfectly to your palm...

Feel how the knife stays balanced in your clasp, whether you’re sharpening stakes, cutting boxes, butchering meat or skinning game…

Feel how effortlessly it carves and pierces...

See how beautiful this steel looks when it catches the light and how wide your friends’ eyes will open when they first see it.

The fact is, I am so confident that you’ll absolutely love this knife that you can try it out for an entire 2 years risk-free.

Yes, that’s not a typo... you can try it out for an entire 24-months.

If for any reason (or no reason at all) you’re not blown away by this knife, just return it anytime within the next 2 years and I will give you a complete and full refund – no questions asked and no hard feelings.

I’m so confident you’ll love this knife, that I’m gladly making this offer risk-free for you…

I don’t want anything holding you back from adding this gem of a knife to your collection.

So now, all you have to do is click on the green button below to take advantage of this exclusive offer.
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Use it to split wood for a campfire or to clean a fresh caught fish…

Use it around the house or take it with you on your next trip into the wilderness…

Or simply carry it on your belt everyday - whether you’re out hunting or just driving your car.

So, please claim your knife now, before this offer and the knife are gone forever.
Please note, to protect the blade, the knife comes with a light coating of oil. When you take the knife out of the plastic, simply wipe the blade off with a paper towel and you're all set to go.

But don't wait a moment longer to add this knife to your collection...

Remember, instead of paying $150… you can get it for well over HALF-OFF on this page only and pay just $59 today. 
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