Hulking Football Fan Discovers the New Rules of Self-Defense in Today’s Dangerous World

Uncover the Secrets to ending a potentially life-threatening event
or fight in milliseconds and still look like a hero…

These guys should have known better…
On a sunny afternoon at a Seattle family restaurant & bar, there was a Raiders fan who had biceps that could put Hulk Hogan to shame, and a physique that was nothing short of awesome.

This particular Raider fan stood out in a bar full of average people, not only because he was ripped, but also because he was the only person cheering for the other team. The only one doing it vociferously anyway.

Seems normal enough so far…

And for most of the first two quarters it was. Seahawks fans bantered good-naturedly with him…

And then things quickly turned different…

As the home team struggled, chatter turned to insult that in turn became aggressive.

I didn’t hear what set him off, but suddenly, a Seahawks fan stood up and hurled a beer bottle at Raider, who kicked his table aside and charged his assailant.

Ducking a wild punch, he scooped Seahawk’s legs, planted his shoulder into the other guy’s gut, and drove forward.

It was a sweet takedown; Raider clearly had some type of martial arts experience.

In seconds, they crashed to the ground with Raider on top, who threw a flurry of blows into the smaller guy’s face. He seemed to be enjoying himself, right up to the point where one of Seahawk’s friends, egged on by his wife or girlfriend, started kicking him in the head.

Moments later, he was curled on the ground in a fetal position as half a dozen Seahawk fans put the boots to him.

It was a sports bar with no bouncers and no one to break things up, so the beat-down continued for several minutes before some began calling out that Raider had had enough.

When they finally let off, he lay eerily still.

Several minutes later, when the paramedics strapped him onto a backboard and wheeled him out to the waiting ambulance, he still hadn’t moved.

The cops spent most of the second half of the game taking statements and making arrests.

Now remember…. it was Raider, the guy who’s not moving now, who had the martial arts fighting experience, and the “integrity” that martial art students learn.

Did that help him? Not at all.

You may or may not be smarter or craftier than the other guy…

But it’s vital to remember that anyone who makes his living doing dirty deeds as a professional criminal should not be taken lightly... and neither should a regular tough guy who picks fights.

If nothing else, you’re unlikely to be more dangerous, ruthless, or nasty than the criminal is.

Still, it happens…

It starts with taunting, then escalation, then violence, crime, murder, police, courtrooms, jail time… and before you know it, life has drastically changed or someone gets killed…

If you find yourself in a fight…

If you find yourself escalating up to what could turn into a fight...

And certainly if you find yourself feeling threatened or already in a violent situation…

Fighting is a last resort...

It means you missed ALL the signs, signals, and warnings that could have kept you safe and out of trouble.

What keeps you safe is awareness, avoidance, and de-escalation skills.

You can carry a gun, a knife, whatever’s legal… that’s great and I recommend it. But if you find yourself having to use it, you’ve MISSED all of the signs that preceded the event.

Your situational awareness failed you…

All the danger signals and your gut instinct failed you…

The de-escalation up to the point of violence failed you…

It’s absolutely easier than you think to avoid violence altogether, and significantly lower your risk that you’ll unintentionally make yourself an easy target for crime and killing, even in today’s dangerous times.

You only have to know how, and that’s what we want to show you today.

This isn’t something you want to blow off or get around to later...

Why take the risk when you can learn how to avoid violence and be in control so you’re never the victim?

It’s so strange how people think about risk…

We tend to give our full attention to risks beyond our control like airplane crashes, earthquakes, etc., while ignoring those risks, like violence, that we can actually DO SOMETHING about, prepare for… and even control.

It could be the bar fight over football or a woman that ends up killing people and sending everyone else to jail...

Or we could be talking about mental midgets with low impulse control, ransacking rioters who suddenly turn around and start shooting or pedophiles who hurt the most innocent in public...

It’s what you do BEFORE anything happens that is your best defense and keeps you the safest.

The challenge when facing violence is that you only have to get it wrong once for tragic results.

I have seen the absolute worst that humans can and often do to each other.

The truth is... violent encounters are rarely what you'd think. Oftentimes they last mere seconds, but have consequences that last a lifetime.

That’s why you need to be PREPARED before it happens.

Get it wrong, and you’re in a whole lot of trouble. And you’re likely only going to get one shot to get it right.

Don’t brush this off, because not only does violence walk right up to you, even in the “safest” neighborhoods...

Today, you can easily and unknowingly walk right into violence

All while the police are being told to stand down and law enforcement is being cut back.

One false move could lead to tragic endings or life-altering aftermaths that affect everyone in the family, like these recent news stories:

“Aunt, grandmother came on fatal shooting scene by chance”

“Woman, 22, killed at protest as civil unrest roils community”

“College student, stepfather fatally shot in head on front lawn over fender bender”

“Man pleads not guilty to rape, murder of 13-year-old girl he met online”

It only takes one time, and unless you know the warning signs and signals, the outcome can be horrific.

Don’t think bad guys aren’t right around the corner, because they are.

These guys believe that regular workaday stiffs who follow the rules are suckers. At best you’re a nuisance, at worst a plaything to them.

To avoid being the next victim, you must know what violence-in-the-making looks like... understand and practice situational awareness, know the signs, signals, and criminal mindset and behaviors…

Because all kinds of violence happens, whether you hear about it or not.

Take, for example, the number of regular everyday people, doing regular everyday things, when violence showed up unexpectedly in their life...

What was the victim doing when the crime occured?

96% of violent crimes happen while folks are going about their normal days. They were sleeping... traveling to work or school... etc.

Were they caught totally off-guard?

Probably, since I know first-hand that most are not prepared for the reality and consequences of violence when it hits.

To understand what your best option is, you have to know which of the two different kinds of predators you’re dealing with, and then know exactly what to do in the first few seconds you realize you’re in trouble.
Any predator can enter your house right off the street if they really wanted to...
Any criminal can walk right up to you and attack.

And what happens next is mostly up to them, UNLESS you’re properly prepared.

In my decades of self-defense training, I can guarantee you that what keeps you most safe from any kind of violence is a MENTAL GAME… and that’s something everyone can learn as I’ll explain in a moment.

That’s why I’m urging you to stay on this page to learn the signs, signals, and the “smart person’s” self-defense strategies, BEFORE you hear something like this…

“If you call 911, I have 8 minutes to do
whatever I want to you.”

These are the exact words a man said to a woman who was just doing her job, on a day like any other.

At first, the attention she was getting from a certain man was flattering, but told him she wasn’t interested.

Days later, that didn’t stop him from following this woman to her car, and borderline assaulting her, not once but twice.

Was she about to be raped and killed? Who knows, so she reported the incident and got a restraining order.

He showed up again anyway, and this time she threatened to call 911.

His response was deadly simple as he smiled and told her, “If you call 911, I have 8 minutes to do whatever I want to you.”

He didn’t kill her at that point, so she went out and bought a gun.

She didn’t get trained or learn legal gun rights. She just figured owning a gun would do the trick the next time he came at her.

Luckily, this guy never followed through to actually assault her, but she could have easily been the one American who is murdered every 32 minutes, or the one who is raped every 3.8 minutes.

No doubt, she was the victim. Yet because she pulled her gun when he showed up that last time at her workplace, where guns were not allowed...

SHE ended up getting fired from her job.

SHE ended up getting sued.

SHE ended up losing in court, and paying fines.

If she only knew the simple secrets to solid self-defense… what to do and not do, how to set herself up to win in court, or avoid having to go to court altogether, this violent encounter would not have cost her so much.

I want you to know exactly what to do in the time it takes cops to show after the 911 call, so you don’t lose your freedom, your money, reputation, or your life.

And it’s not just the stalkers, rapists, and psycho killers you need to be prepared for…

Crowds, Riots, Mass Shootings, Not Getting
Crushed to Death

It’s one thing to see shootings, riots, and “peaceful protests” gone deadly on the news, it’s another thing to be at your favorite concert or farmer’s market or community festival… and violence suddenly erupts all around you.

Just like that. It happens, more than you think.

Riots are horrifically dangerous...
It’s not just overcrowded streets, nightclubs, or panicked crowds that cause harm…
Violence can stem from almost anything. From political conventions to concerts, sporting events, jury verdicts, traffic accidents, excessive force claims against law enforcement officers, government austerity programs, land disputes, etc.

Highly emotional, impulsive, and loaded in every way, they often erupt violently.

Regular people turn criminal when they become indifferent to laws, choose to disregard authority, or take advantage of the fact that there’s no ‘one face’ in the crowd.

If you look closely at this photo, you’ll see regular, everyday men and women, young and old, turning into something different altogether…
And lately, with police being told to stand down, and so many law enforcement officers quitting, getting killed, and becoming the new target, well, like I said… NO ONE IS SAFE ANYMORE, not even the police.

It’s not just political, racial, and social unrest you have to be wary of today, it’s anything that can go wrong in a crowded area you’re in.

It’s what you do upon arrival, and the moment things start to go wrong, that determines whether you live to see tomorrow...

You don’t want to do stupid things in a violent situation or escalating a fight that could cost you your job, lawsuits, your public image, reputation, and harm or kill you or your family.

Being safer isn’t just about learning to fight. It’s about learning to use…

Your Mind: The Best Self-Defense
Weapon You’ll Ever Have...

How mentally prepared and controlled you are is one of the major things that keeps you the most safe, out of jail, and alive…

As I said earlier, if it’s one thing we’ve learned in over years of self-defense training and real life experiences, it’s that surviving in a dangerous world is a mental game.

We want you to see how quickly you can wire your mind for self-defense (with the right information), so keeping yourself safe happens automatically as part of your everyday life… the self-defense lifestyle that’s always “on.”

To be in control, you need to be smarter, safer, and better prepared when reality hits, not just when you’re out on the practice rage.

With the right mindset and thinking strategies, you can prepare and set up your everyday life to keep you and your family safer.

We give you a set of instructions to preempt any kind of violence…

A scanning system pre-checks and moves that make most encounters with criminal and predatory violence completely avoidable. You’ll discover how to stay off the bad guy’s radar and take your house out of his target zone.

You’ll get the specific communication skills and a bit of humility that will put you in change when social violence needs to be deescalated.

You’ll also get skills in awareness, avoidance, and de-escalation that are the most important, but rarely given. These are all mental skills that anyone can employ Day 1.

You’ll become a “mind reader” who can:

    -   Zero in and correctly pick out the criminal in a crowd
    -   Understand what type of violence they're bent on bringing
    -   Know what to look for, what to say, how to act to ensure you're not a victim.

You can significantly lower the odds of you meeting violence someday, and lower the risk that violence will hurt you someday, by learning to use your best self-defense weapon: your mind.

By preparing mentally before you have to respond physically (i.e.: fighting, guns), you’ll avoid much of the violence people get into. And if it does happen, you’ll have more control to end it quickly with no harm done.

The proper mindset alone will give you the preparation and confidence to get you through any violent encounter, safely without consequences.

You will become self-defense wise.

You will be ready.

Without the proper mindset and self-defense thinking, it’s like you’re standing in an open field, with no cover, not knowing when, from where, or by whom you might be attacked.

Now you can have two of the most sought after, world-renowned, Hall of Fame self-defense experts giving you the strategies that work best in real, live violence... reliably time and time again, no matter the situation.

“Implementing Even A Fraction Of This Book’s Suggestions
Will Substantially Increase Your Overall Safety.”

– Gila Hayes from the Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network

In this bestselling book you can get free today, you will find a complete school on what to do and what not to do.

Certain misconceptions and outright fantasies will be shattered for some. Others will find many “Why didn’t I think of it that way” moments.

It’s a simple, yet effective re-framing of lifestyle choices, where you see violence in a more enlightened way as you look at and move through the world.

After just one reading, you’ll know how to not be an easy target, how to not provoke attacks, get shot, or go to jail.

And with each subsequent pass through these pages, you’ll be virtually hard-wired with new, highly reliable self-defense skills and strategies like:

* Making sense of senseless violence
* Riots and crowd safety
* Terrorism
* Domestic violence
* Gangs
* Home invasions
* Conquering impossible odds
* Creating witnesses
* Guns
* Overcoming “talisman thinking”
* Making sure the bad guy goes/stays in jail
* Interacting with law enforcement, so you (the victim) aren’t the one who goes to jail
* Liability-free self-defense: don’t make the mistakes that get you arrested, in court, sued, fined, fired, or ruin your reputation and future.
* And much, much more…

★★★★★ The Solid Self-Defense Basics You Need ★★★★★

“Being a victim of a violent crime is unfortunately not a rare occurrence, so it is incumbent upon you, the individual, to take responsibility for your own safety. As the saying goes, ‘when seconds count, the police are minutes away.’ I say that as the police. We will bust our ass to get there and risk our lives for you when we arrive, but you have to make it to that point. This book gives you the solid basics you need. It spends the majority of its time where it’s most needed—the mental aspects of self-defense, awareness and avoidance. This is where the bulk of self-protection lies, and where very few books spend any time. It also deals heavily with legal aspects, which is another aspect almost universally ignored in most purported self-defense books.” 

~ Montie Guthrie, 25-year law enforcement veteran and Federal Air Marshal

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– William C. Dietz, former Marine, bestselling author of Indiana Jones, HALO, and military science books

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The book makes self-defense simple, clear, and helps anyone. Because no matter your background, job, fitness-level, or experience – we prepare your MIND to make life-saving decisions in seconds.

In this free book, we’re going to help you avoid violence whenever you can, fight to survive if that’s your only option, and then manage the aftermath once the incident is over....

You’ll get everything you need to know to recognize violence, or violence that’s about to happen, so you avoid it.

If that fails, we prepare you to escape.

If that fails, we tell you how to fight back using only THE BEST OPTIONS because what you do in the first seconds can mean life or death.

Take home invasions, for instance...
  • If you try to clear the house incorrectly, you or your loved ones will be in a world of hurt. We show how to do that right.
  • Discover what makes you a target for home invaders, and what makes you a target for residential burglars.
  • Learn how to create a layered defense for your property, home, and family, with primary and secondary fallback positions, exit routes, and meeting points. A must-discuss in family meetings.
  • Learn how to avoid the “fatal funnel” when trying to escape, and get your loved ones out alive.
We give you the self-defense strategies that have proven to work, without requiring you to fight or use a weapon, and still live day to day with the highest odds of keeping you and your family safe and alive.

We have refreshers on some of the most important self-defense laws... so you don’t screw up your legal defense and end up in jail.

You’ll discover what your rights are… how to defend yourself in the courtroom, and much more… so you can be confident that you walk away a free man (or woman) while the scumbag criminal spends the rest of his life behind bars.

It’s what you do BEFORE something happens
that makes all the difference....

There’s a certain “logic” to violence that makes most acts predictable, hence avoidable. You simply need to know this to help you dodge violence and other dangerous situations.

So you can avoid the most pain and suffering by using your mind to do and not do simple everyday things…
  • We help you understand what’s “normal” where you live, work, and play…
  • Prepare and train your mind to properly scan your environment and take the right action, especially in the presence of evil, and when crime happens where you least expect it...
  • If you’re a man, you’ll get new skills in using presence, avoidance, and de-escalation to avoid violence and fighting, and be seen even more as a “hero” and protector.
  • If you’re a woman, you’ll learn how to beat overwhelming odds. You’ll get the mindset and strategies to be able to fight against someone who is twice as big, twice as strong, and twice as prepared.
  • How to avoid the worst mistake most men make, because whether you win or lose, you lose. Learn how to understand and apply force judiciously.
  • How to avoid the worst mistake most women make, which can so easily cost you your life. Women's self defense is B.S... at least the way it's taught the majority of the time. Learn what actually works.
  • How to avoid overriding your own “Spidey Sense”...the built-in danger signaling and warning that you’re not safe or are walking into trouble.
  • A ridiculously quick and easy way to think and act your way out of danger. And here’s the thing: it MUST be said OUT LOUD to work, not just in your head. It’s so easy, it’s hard to believe, but true. It’s a simple “defense” mechanism every man, woman and child should know.
  • Learn how to act and talk should you find yourself among dangerous, scary guys (even the real one-percenters with long rap-sheets) so you avoid or get out of danger fast.
  • The check-off list of things to make note of any time you enter a crowded venue, so you’re ready if something happens.
  • The warning signs of impending crowd violence or disaster, what to look for when a situation starts to build or erupt suddenly.
  • How to predict where the next mass shootings are most likely to be, so you don’t go there.
  • How to recognize the “epicenter” where violence started or is escalating, so you know which direction to make the quickest, safest exit out.
  • What to consider in the critical first few minutes, so you make the right moves with confidence, instead of panicking in fear and confusion.
  • How to avoid being trampled and caught in the crossfire.
  • And other little-known self-defense strategies and smart moves that can spare your life…

All Violence Is Not Created Equal.
How To React In The Smartest Way
So You Don’t Overreact Or Underreact.

The perfect response to one situation could easily prove disastrous in another.

Sometimes your life is on the lines, while other times it’s just your ego.

You might be able to choose whether or not to get involved, or you may have no option but to fight back.

Win or lose, however, when things get physical, there will be consequences, and those consequences can be life-altering.

Ask yourself, and be honest:

When violence comes to you, will you survive?

You could underreact, and end up dead.

You’ll discover all the ways to avoid most violent encounters, so you go home safe.

When violence comes to you, how will you react?

People don’t often consider that if you overreact, and use force or weapons incorrectly as defined by the courts, you can lose A LOT. You may lose your house, possessions, and freedom if you’re the victim who ends up in jail trying to defend yourself.

In case you do come face-to-face with a threat, you’ll understand how to respond in a way that increases your chances for surviving a multitude of situations, without liability or aftermath consequences.

  • Understand how your body and mind are likely to react to violence, and how to stay in control and level-headed, before you’re hyped up in a fight or fearing for your life…
  • Lessen your fail rate by learning to overcome knee-jerk reactions and your natural “frozen-in-fear” reflex.
  • There are 2 types of predators, each with very distinct behaviors. Learn which criminal is the deadly one, so you can avoid losing your life, and how to best deal with the other one, so you avoid losing as little as possible.
  • The life-saving plan should you ever hear, “I’m just going to tie you up so you can’t call the police.”
  • How to know when to cooperate with a criminal, and when to fight back. It’s literally a must-know life and death distinction.
  • The most common thing people do while trying to defend themselves that is the most self-defeating, gets them in the most trouble afterwards (if they survive), AND can quickly take claiming self-defense off the table.
  • The 6-word key phrase you should say anytime there’s a fight, or a crime is happening, especially when you’re in it. This one phrase works to get you (and others) out of danger before it gets worse.
  • Why yelling for help still works; however you need to know the reasons it works and how to yell in a way that’s most likely to get you out of a dangerous situation.
  • How to create witnesses, so YOU are not accidentally seen, misinterpreted, or reported as the wrong-doer, wind up in jail, fined, etc., when you’re actually the victim.
  • With all the violence and mayhem in the news lately, you might be wondering if you should buy a gun if you don’t already have one. Guns aren’t for everyone, but after reading this book, you’ll know the best answer for you.
  • If you own a gun, this book is definitely must-read material. You’ll learn how to be in better control of a gun, even when you’re not feeling 100% in control of your emotions and reflexes. Carrying a gun in public is a serious responsibility. Learn insider tips on safe and responsible concealed carry that can increase your odds of surviving an armed confrontation.
  • And so much more!

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Learning From The Best Makes YOU
The Best At Your Own Self-defense…

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World-renown judicious use-of-force specialist, martial artist, and self-defense expert since 1970, Lawrence A. Kane, COP-GOV, CSP, CSMP, CIAP, is uniquely qualified to help you be more confident and in control over any violent situation.

He also offers years of professional security work experience and knowledge from his other bestselling, award-winning books, including Surviving Armed Assaults, Martial Arts Instruction, Blinded by the Night and Dude, The World's Gonna Punch You in the Face.

He’s also the co-author of How to Win a Fight, The Little Black Book of Violence, Scaling Force, and many eye-opening articles on self-defense, martial arts, modern close-quarter mental and weapons self-defense, and countervailing force techniques.

Lawrence has been featured on Fox Morning News, Forbes, Practical Taekwondo, Traditional Karate, and Police Magazine, and other publications.

And perhaps best of all, he’s personally experienced and has successfully de-escalated or fought, AND WON, hundreds of violent altercations... using many of the techniques he’s going to lay out in this book for you.

But it gets even better because not only do you get Lawrence as a self-defense coach in this free book, you’ll also get world-class self-defense training from…

Co-author Kris Wilder, BCC is a Board-Certified Coach and internationally renowned martial arts expert who was inducted into the US Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 2018.

Kris runs the West Seattle Karate Academy, a frequent destination for practitioners from around the world which also serves the local community.

Kris has earned black belt rankings in 3 styles, karate, judo, and taekwondo, and often travels to conduct seminars across the United States, Canada, and Europe.

Kris has been interviewed on CNN, FOX, The Huffington Post, Thrillist, Nickelodeon, Howard Stern, and many other shows and publications.

He’s also the bestselling author of 21 books, including a Beverly Hills Book Award and Presidential Prize winner, a USA Best Book Awards winner, a National Indie Excellence Awards winner, and a Next Generation Indie Book Awards winner.

Together, Kris and Lawrence have written 40 books, most of them award-winning.

Think about it: These are two of the worlds best self-defense experts who are willing to help you master the skills to avoid and survive any kind of violence… FOR FREE.

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Let me quickly introduce myself in case we've never met before...

My name is Jason Hanson…
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Here's one of the awards I received while with the agency...
I’m also the New York Times bestselling author of Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life.

You see, I’ve learned how to survive mass killers, terrorists, and other lethal encounters.

Now I use what I’ve learned to help ordinary folks like you protect themselves and their families against any mass shooter, terrorist, robber, kidnapper, and other criminals.

I constantly scour every source and every insider circle my elite background gets me into. Why?

I find the very best information and training available
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I often partner with other self-defense professionals and veterans of the highest caliber, to broaden the scope and depth I’m able to bring you.

So when I ran across Lawrence A. Kane, who has published 19 books, most of which are either bestsellers, award-winners, or both, he definitely caught my attention.

So I reached out to Lawrence and what came next is critically important to my mission in life.

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We both just want to help people keep their families safe and empower every individual with the best self-defense information, tools and training on the planet.

We both believe that folks need this information. And let me assure you...

Even if you’ve been expertly trained in some self-defense art, like martial arts or shooting a gun… that training alone is not enough to assure the ability to use what you’ve learned.

This book will fill in the gaps for you, and trust me, this alone could save your life someday.

This book will help you understand what to do should you ever be kidnapped, held at gunpoint, find yourself in the middle of a robbery, mass shooting, or any other situation that threatens your life.

And since Lawrence Kane and co-author Kris Wilder explicitly address what everyone needs to know... such as dealing with law enforcement and security officers, riots, home invasions and other challenges that appear in the news every day…

We both knew this book belonged in the hands of every American.

And we both agreed that it's better to inform the masses than it is to make money from book sales.

With today’s high number of extremely violent outbreaks in every state across America, we recognized first and foremost that Patriots need this information, so we’re rushing this out to you, for free.

Lawrence Kane and Kris Wilder poured all of their experience, education, and training into this. And together, we want to rush you a FREE copy of this one-of-a-kind book:

The Big Bloody Book of Violence:
The Smart Person's Guide for Surviving Dangerous Times.

When I read this, I knew that what’s covered so comprehensively in this book is what everyone, including YOU, must know about self-defense, such as… 

  • The two biggest indicators that things are about to get ugly and you could be walking into big trouble.
  • How to look, talk, and act like a non-target, so bad guys think you’re not worth messing with, and you’re actually a risk to them, instead of the other way around (applies whether you’re male or female).
  • What to do and say to exit out of a fight, or potential fight, and still be respected as a man, and if you have one, keep your “badass” reputation.
  • THE KEY to identifying when someone around you might crack or be planning something.
  • The one thing that significantly reduces your ability to think and act rationally; what to do so you stay level-headed and more likely to survive. (HINT: It isn’t fear)
  • Easy, practical things anyone can learn to help you avoid freezing in indecision and making disastrous auto-responses in dangerous situations. Remember, you only get one time to get it right.
  • When to get involved in a dangerous situation you happen to see, and when you shouldn’t. How to stay safe while performing civic duty to help others.
  • How to defend someone smaller, slower, weaker, or disabled, while keeping yourself as safe as possible.
  • The “special force” you have that transforms you into an “Incredible Hulk,” where you can be stabbed, shot, or beat to hell and still persevere. No training or bodybuilding required. Works especially well if you find yourself in serious confrontation.
  • How our current policies are turning people into sheep, a passive creature that cannot fend for itself. It can sneak up on even the smartest Patriots, and make you a low maintenance, pliable little citizen, who does what he or she is supposed to do, but does not keep you safe. Learn how to be the wolf instead.
  • What to do on a regular basis, and I mean every day, to increase your chances of avoiding and surviving violence. It’s so easy, you just need to know.
  • The easiest way to become a harder target for victimization. And get this… this one change will also help you think more creatively and perform better at work.
  • The one move you can make that will almost always assure your safety and end the altercation, in most violent interactions.
  • What to do, at which moments, if you ever come face-to-face with a person pointing a gun at you, and you don’t have one. Disarming a gunman is nothing like what you've seen in the movies. Acting without proper context will get you killed. Learn when countervailing force is necessary and how to apply it with the best odds of success.
  • How to not be there when the other guy wants to hurt you or fight. How to know when an attempt to talk your way out of a bad situation has failed, and what to do next so you don’t mess up even more.
  • What should come out of your mouth every single time you have an interaction with police when there’s any altercation – even little ones. Get this one tip and I promise, every time, Saying the wrong thing at the wrong time can cost you just as much or more than the violent event itself.
  • How to not be accidentally seen, misinterpreted, and reported as a wrong-doer, when you’re actually the victim. Know what to say, when to say it, and when to shut up.

    The difference between danger management and fear management, and why knowing this increases the odds of keeping you and your family safe.

  • The insight to know the difference between when someone is strange, even very strange, but probably not unsafe... OR strange and deadly dangerous to the next few seconds of your life, or the life of your child…
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I know you want to feel safe and in control of your home and family’s sanctuary, and that’s why home invasions are one of the scariest forms of violence imaginable.

But the fact is, evil can show up on your doorstep at any time, day or night.
That’s why it’s critical to learn how to prevent crime in your castle from happening at all, by properly preparing to NOT be a prime target, and understanding your best options should it happen anyway.

And another warning: Anything that breaches your sense of peace and security in your home is very hard to overcome psychologically. The fear and feeling of vulnerability can linger for a lifetime, so don’t delay... learn to have as much control over your life and home as possible.

Your home is not a safe haven unless you make it that way. After reading Chapter 29 – “Handling Home Invasions” – you’ll know how to...
  • Prepare for the two types of home invaders, one will take your jewelry, the other your life. You better know how to deal differently with one versus the other.
  • A smart thing to do every time you open your garage door, and especially every time you close it.
  • How to lessen your odds of becoming a prime home invasion target, particularly if you: live alone (especially women), are older or elderly, or are a law abiding citizen with even semi-obvious wealth.
  • If you’ve got a kid or grandkid who might be dabbling in the dark side, the house they live in is a much bigger target. Find out why on page 293.
  • Most home burglaries (over 60%) happen during the day, but many happen at night. Learn the warning signs, and what to do in both cases.
  • The one person to watch out for, especially if you work for a company, because you are more likely to tell them exactly what a burglar needs to invade your home, without realizing you just did that.
  • If you ever get home deliveries, repairs, or installation, you must know this about your address (page 294).
Don’t live another day in your house if you haven’t prepared to protect and defend yourself. Learn all the ways home invaders maneuver into your personal space, or risk everything.


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Thank you Lawrence and Kris for making me more aware and better prepared! I certainly have a better chance than I did before reading this book. Now I know how to avoid doing really stupid things!”

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–David A. Davies, security consultant and author


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This book spends the majority of its time where it’s most needed—the mental aspects of self-defense, awareness and avoidance. This is where the bulk of self-protection lies, and where very few books spend any time. It also deals heavily with legal aspects, which is another aspect almost universally ignored in most purported self-defense books.”

–Montie Guthrie, 25-year law enforcement veteran and Federal Air Marshal


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–Alain Burrese, J.D., former U.S. Army sniper, safety/self-defense instructor,and author of Hard-Won Wisdom From The School of Hard Knocks


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Even where perfectly legitimate, lawful, and sensible based on the circumstances that you HAD to defend your life, hurting another human is not encouraged by modern society. In fact, it’s downright frowned upon.

Therefore, you should expect to be arrested when officers arrive on the scene of a physical altercation even if you are completely innocent.

Because of this possibility, and other after-the-fact ramifications legal and otherwise, it is important to understand how your actions in a self-defense situation might be scrutinized under the law, even when you are the victim.

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