But, This Technique Will Allow You to End Any Fight in Less Than 10 Seconds!
When the US government needed to kill Osama Bin Laden…

They called SEAL Team 6.

When SEAL Team 6 needed to learn how to fight…

They called Paul Vunak.

If you know anything about underground street fighting, you know Paul Vunak

By age 17, he was getting paid to teach people how to fight…

When the SEALs came calling, he’d already been marked “the world’s most dangerous man” by Black Belt magazine.

He’s famous (and a little notorious) for exploits like dismantling an entire dive bar full of bikers… all by himself.

I’m not kidding. I’ll actually share that unreal story in a minute.

But why would SEAL Team 6, the most elite fighting force on the planet…

Feared by America’s enemies anywhere they go…

Ask a little-known, civilian street fighter for help?

Because Vunak had something the military’s deadliest didn’t…

Something they needed in the Middle East, Africa, and Central America...

A simple “killing move” that ends virtually any street fight… against any opponent… instantly.

I’m talking about “the R.A.T.” – Vunak’s infamous move that is virtually impossible to defend, even for a world-class fighter.

In a real fight, the R.A.T. is “game over.”

The SEALs wanted it – but only Vunak had it.

Until today.

In this short letter, I’m going to show you the R.A.T.…

The same “killing move” SEAL Team 6 uses in hand-to-hand engagements.

Hi. My name is Jason Hanson.

I’m a former CIA Officer.

I now train the highest-level security professionals working for politicians, heads of state and celebrities.

Here’s one of the awards the CIA gave me…
And you might have seen me on Shark Tank, Fox News or the NBC Today Show, to name a few. 
Here’s a quick clip of these appearances… 
But most important of all…

I’m blessed to know some of the best in the business when it comes to personal protection and self-defense, including Paul Vunak who’s at the tip of the spear.

For a guy who’s cracked skulls all over the world…

And has a Letter of Appreciation from the Navy SEALs hanging on his wall…

(Here’s a copy of that letter from a Navy SEAL commander)

Paul is not what you’d expect.

He’s soft-spoken and calm.

And while he’s wiry, he’s not physically intimidating.

I imagine there were a lot of punks who thought “I’m gonna destroy that guy” before finding out what a painful mistake they’d made.

Have you ever wanted to be that guy who fears no one?

The kind we see in movies –confident in every situation.

The James Bond, John Wayne, Tony Stark type…

An alpha who can walk straight into danger, calm and relaxed because he knows exactly how to handle himself?

That’s Paul Vunak.

(In a minute, I’m going to tell you the story of Paul single-handedly dismantling an entire bar.)

Paul fears no man.

Because he knows the R.A.T.

After all, he created it.

Now, if it’s not clear at this point, what you’re about to see is dangerous and even controversial in some circles.

This isn’t going to be pretty.

The R.A.T. doesn’t look like the kind of fighting you see in movies where the brawl lasts 5 minutes with the opponents dancing around, trading blows back and forth.


The R.A.T. is a nasty, devastating assault.

For this reason, it’s NOT to be used for “craps and giggles.”

Yes, when you know the R.A.T. you’re going to be more confident…

You’ll walk down the street without fear because it will feel like you’re carrying a deadly weapon at all times.

But I always counsel avoiding a fight. And so does Paul.

If you can, just walk away.

But if you can’t…

The R.A.T. should be used only as a last-resort,
when a fight can’t be avoided.

It’s that effective.

It’s that dangerous.

So, let me show you everything you need to know…

For a devastating “killing move” coveted by the Navy SEALs, the R.A.T. is surprisingly simple.

It’s a trifecta of moves that anyone can do – I’ll show you each of them in a moment.

Paul calls the sequence 1. Enter 2. Pressure 3. Terminate.

It doesn’t sound all that deadly, does it?

Just wait until you see it in action.

When you unleash the R.A.T., your first move will inflict instant pain that stops your opponent in his tracks.

Then you’ll send him off balance with a “straight blast” that is impossible to defend against (even if he’s a trained fighter or wrestler)…

Then you’ll “terminate” the fight, completely destroying your attacker using the most formidable weapons on the human body. (I’ll show you them too.)

It usually takes about 10 seconds, give or take. Often less.

The R.A.T. is a massive assault that overwhelms your opponent, physically and emotionally.

In fact, it was developed specifically to work in any situation at all.

Even if you’re smaller, weaker, or slower than your opponent.

Even if your assailant is a skilled martial artist… or boxer… or wrestler…

Or just a hardened street thug with nothing to lose.

And you don’t have to be a life-long martial artist or have any street-fighting experience at all.
Just learn this quick kill trifecta and you’ll be a devastating force in your own town.

There is simply no fighting technique that can stand up to the R.A.T. Not one.

In fact, it’s so effective it’s designed so you don’t take any punishment at all.

If you do the moves exactly, your opponent will be unable to seriously hurt you…
…unable to take you down…

Heck, it’s likely he won’t be able to strike or punch you at all.

Can you see why SEAL Team 6 – and street fighters from all over the globe – want to know the R.A.T.?

Now, I’ve had people ask me “What fighting discipline does the R.A.T. come from?”

“Is it Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu? Or Krav Maga? Or Thai boxing?”

The answer is always… no.

The basic principles of the R.A.T. do come from Jeet Kune Do – the fighting style developed by Bruce Lee.

Maybe you’ve heard of Jeet Kune Do.

If you have, you’ll know Bruce Lee said of Jeet Kune Do “the way is no way”.

What he meant by that is, Jeet Kune Do isn’t any one discipline or fighting style.

It’s not like Kung Fu, or Jiu Jitsu, or Thai boxing, or grappling…

Jeet Kune Do takes the best of all disciplines – along with some special moves Bruce Lee

 developed himself…

And combines them into the most dangerous fighting style on earth.

You see, Jeet Kune Do wasn’t developed for show…

It wasn’t for winning points in competitions…

It wasn’t for MMA or ultimate fighting matches…

It wasn’t even what Bruce Lee would do in his own movies.

No, Jeet Kune Do was developed for one purpose, and one purpose only.

To win street fights.
REAL fights.

Lee knew that even “no holds barred” underground tournaments are not like street fights.

In street fighting, no one is coming to save you if you go down.

There are no “rules.”

And your opponent likely means you real harm.

So, you have to do one thing: Show absolutely zero mercy.

And end the fight. Quickly.

Because the longer a fight lasts – especially against a stronger opponent – the more chance you could get hurt or have the fight turn against you.

That’s what Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do was developed to do.

End real fights with devastating effect, against any fighting discipline.

And, after Lee’s tragic death in 1973, a few disciples continued to hone this art of “overwhelming devastation.”

One of these was Lee’s partner and friend, the famous fighter Dan Inosanto.

Paul Vunak was actually a protégé of Dan Inosanto’s.

Here’s an old photo of them training together…
From the start, Paul was a prodigy.

He quickly became a Jeet Kune Do master, and trained dozens of other masters in Bruce Lee’s fighting style.

Through all this, he managed to get himself into hundreds of street fights…

Putting his skills to the test in a “real life” laboratory: The dive bars and back alleys of the roughest neighborhoods on earth.

His reputation grew… until he was called the world’s most dangerous man.

That’s when SEAL Team 6 came knocking… literally.

One bright morning, Paul answered the door to find a Navy SEAL commander standing on his front porch.

Over coffee, the commander shared that SEALs often find themselves embedded in hostile territory.

And while they’re most famous for their daring raids – like assassinating Osama Bin Laden…

Many of their missions involve gathering information from locals on the street, in dingy backrooms and even inside private homes.

Of course, they never know who they can trust – or who’s setting them up.

And things have a nasty habit of going bad.

But then the SEALs learned about Paul Vunak.

And they approached him about adding a brand-new skill to their arsenal: The R.A.T.

Now, the SEALs already knew some fighting skills. They’re trained in several disciplines.

But when you’re in a street fight,
it’s not like a sparring match.

Your opponent might be twice your size.

He might be crazed or on drugs.

And he might be better trained in your discipline than you are…

The SEALs needed something that would end any fight, against anyone. Game over.

And they wanted Paul Vunak to teach them.

But there was a problem.

Navy SEALs undergo some of the toughest training imaginable…

It’s extreme physical and emotional hardship, not to mention all the skills they have to master…

That’s why the SEALS are so elite – and so tough to join…

But it also means their training is both intense and jam-packed.

They don’t have years to focus on any one thing.

And becoming a Jeet Kune Do master does take years.

Paul didn’t have years to train the SEALs.

So that was his dilemma – how could he make sure the SEALs could dominate any situation, against any opponent… anywhere on earth?

Luckily, he’d been privately working on something for a significant amount of time.
He’d taken the best of Jeet Kune Do…

And modified it based on his own fighting experience.

He’d pared it all down to its most essential, deadly form – the trifecta of moves, when done in sequence, are a devastating attack…

That would overwhelm any size opponent no matter his fighting discipline (or none at all) - in literally seconds - without suffering any damage to yourself.

And he called it the R.A.T.

R.A.T. actually stands for Rapid Assault Tactics – which is how Paul describes his street fighting system.

In a moment, I’m going to show you the moves in-depth.

But, before I do, I want Paul Vunak himself to tell you about the R.A.T.

Paul is over 60 now.

And these are his own words, transcribed from a conversation we just had…
“You are walking through life, and you bump into somebody.

He yells at you ‘Hey, you stupid idiot! Get out of the way!’

With the R.A.T., you are now going to look at him and grin. Personally, when that happens to me, I find it funny.

When I am driving down the street and somebody cusses at me and flips me off, I just have to laugh.

I think, if he only knew. Of all of the people this person could have messed with, he chose me.

“I have spent 30 years of my life trying to figure out the best way to suck the eyeball out of somebody’s head – and he chose me.

So, if you have your violence down to the point where you can defend yourself in any condition, you have no need to interact with somebody.

You have no need to engage in their violent behavior.

They are not going to intimidate you, you are not going to feel afraid, and you are certainly not going to feel angry.”

It doesn’t matter if you are 28 or 58 or 78. Fingers can fly, words can fly, and you are going to smile and walk away. It is so amazing.”
That’s what knowing the R.A.T. is like.

The best part of the R.A.T. might be the fact you won’t need to fight, simply because you know you’ve already won.

And no one understands that better than Paul.

As I said, Paul is over 60 years old.

Now, make no mistake, he hasn’t lost anything to age.

He’s still quick as a cobra strike and twice as lethal.

And anyone that mistakes this “senior citizen” for easy prey will learn their error, quickly and painfully.

But Paul knows he won’t be around forever. And the R.A.T. is his life’s legacy.

He sees how dangerous America is.

How our good citizens can’t safely leave their own homes.

How innocent people are harassed, mugged, and even assaulted by street thugs.

And how our weak-on-crime judges and politicians sure aren’t going to solve the problem.

That’s why he wants to make the R.A.T. available to any American who wants his deadly street fighting technique.

The R.A.T. is Paul’s greatest legacy.

And since he wants to reach as many Americans as possible...

He doesn’t want good citizens like you to pay for the R.A.T.

That’s not a typo.

He’s going to give it all away for free.

Let me explain…

Paul has taken everything you need to know about street fighting including step-by-step instruction on the R.A.T.…

And he’s published them in a special “black book” of his fighting secrets called…

R.A.T. Fight: Combat Secrets of the World’s Deadliest Fighters

R.A.T. Fight teaches you how to handle any situation you could find yourself in and completely dominate any thug… any street harasser…any punk who decides to try and ruin your day.

Dropping the panic, erasing the fear…and replacing them with cold, focused violence.

So, when Paul told me about his mission to share the R.A.T. with good Americans, I offered to help.

Just write the book I said, and I’ll help you get it to every person in America who needs it.

That’s what I’m doing today.

I’m helping Paul accomplish his goal for all Americans – to drop the fear and take back our streets.

At my own expense, I’ve printed 2,500 copies of Paul’s book…

R.A.T. Fight: Combat Secrets of the World’s Deadliest Fighters

And when you request your own copy, I’ll send it to you… free.

That’s right, we’re not asking a penny for Paul’s book.

All I ask is that you pay a few bucks to cover shipping and handling since the Post Office doesn’t give free postage.

And make no mistake, this isn’t an e-book or anything like that.

It’s a printed and bound book I’ll mail right to your home.

R.A.T. Fight is a complete training manual for the R.A.T.… Paul’s devastating technique to end any street fight in seconds.

In chapter 3, you’ll learn the moves that make up the R.A.T. sequence – Enter, Pressure, Termination.

You’ll get Paul’s own step-by-step instruction, with images and illustrations so that you feel confident walking into any situation, against anyone that tests you.

While I still have some copies left, don’t miss this opportunity.

If you’re ready, click the button below now and tell me where to mail your book.
But, before you go, let me tell you a little more about what you’re getting today.

Paul poured all his best street fighting secrets into these pages.

I’m talking about more than 40 years of fighting, training, and perfecting – boiled down to only his most dangerous techniques.
Here’s just a little of what you’ll find in R.A.T. Fight…
In chapter 1, you’ll see how a street fight is different than even a “no holds barred” fighting tournament – and what that means when you’re in a real fight.

You’ll see how fights mutate and change… from one-on-one to when your opponent’s friends decide to join in.

And what happens when weapons make an appearance.

Paul shows you why most martial artists will fail in a real street fight – and why you won’t.
In chapter 2 of R.A.T. Fight, you’ll learn how to train your mind and your body for an “anything can happen” street fight.

Paul gives you over 10 different ways to prepare for any confrontation, so you’ll be ready to go when the need arises.

These fighting scenarios are an incredible value – Paul would normally only provide this information to someone he’s personally training.

One of the best parts in this chapter is when Paul shows you exactly why a street fight is so different than any “formal” fight.

He shares an insane story about when he, another fighter and 3 Navy SEALs ended up in hospital after a bar brawl went extremely wrong.

I’ll let him tell you, but let’s just say this:

If you’re facing 20 drunk, homicidal bikers and are vastly outnumbered, make sure everyone on your side has the same plan.
Then, in chapter 4, you’ll see how to “turn off” panic and fear… and replace them with a calm killer instinct.

To quote Paul in this chapter: “We have to go from a cold, unfeeling machine to a raging grizzly bear and back again in a second if the situation calls for it.”

But how do you do that?

That’s what you’ll find in chapter 4.

Ok, chapter 5 is one of my favorites.

You see, there’s one part of the body Paul calls the “off switch.”

Meaning, you hit the person there once and it’s “light’s out.”

I’m not talking about the groin (although that can certainly be effective.)
In chapter 5, he tells you how to hit the “off switch” with the fastest strike the human body is capable of producing.

It’s explosive and incredibly effective.

You’re going to love this chapter.

You’ll feel downright invincible after you read it.

In chapter 6, Paul includes a personal interview about his background, fighting experience, and training SEAL Team 6.

In the exclusive interview, he shares the name of the only fighter (other than Bruce Lee himself) he’d put on the same “otherworldly” skill level as Michael Jordan or Wayne Gretsky.

Want to know who it is? That’s in chapter 6.
Chapter 7 is really remarkable…

Here, Paul has included a rare interview – transcribed from a tape – with Bruce Lee before his death.

This interview helps explain the roots of Paul’s fighting philosophy.

In this interview, Lee tells how he witnessed a martial arts tournament in Hong Kong and how unprepared for actual combat the martial artists were.

They were posturing and jumping around.

Lee called them cowards.

You see, despite his Hollywood fame and fortune…

Lee’s focus was always on advancing the techniques necessary to dominate in a street fight… an unpredictable and violent encounter.

And that’s the philosophy that led Paul to develop the R.A.T.
Then, chapter 8 gives you five ways to survive a street assault, based on Paul’s personal experience.

You’ll get his special brand of “life lessons” such as “always strike first.”

He doesn’t care what you were told in 3rd grade – strike first. Without hesitation.
If you don’t, you could lose.

And that’s just the start of the fight wisdom you’ll get in chapter 8.
Chapter 9 is a special chapter Paul’s written specifically for women – how to survive and escape an assault attempt.

Assaults on women are very different than your typical street fight.

For one thing, 85% of female assaults involve immediate physical contact.

Paul shows women exactly how to escape to safety, even if the attacker is twice their size.

Please share chapter 9 with your female family members – it could save a life.

And that’s still not all he included.

You see, Paul has now agreed to include 3 bonus - Quick Kill - chapters that weren’t in his original draft of the book.

And they’re available in today’s edition of R.A.T. Fight.

He originally left out these Quick Kill bonus chapters because they are so extreme.
I’m talking about the controversial chapter10: Navy SEALs Quick Kills.

This is where Paul outlines the 2 ways a SEAL could kill someone by hand, quickly.

This information is, of course, not intended for a casual fight.

In fact, it’s not intended for any situation at all – unless your life or the life of a loved one, is in clear and immediate danger.

If you’re squeamish, I recommend skipping that section. He doesn’t hold back.

And the controversial content doesn’t end there.

You see, Paul has included another bonus chapter that comes with a big warning.

He asks you to agree to use the information in this chapter only if you’re in the military and engaged with an enemy…

Or if you’re protecting your family from a life-threatening assault or kidnapping.
It’s chapter11 – The Filipino Art of Kina Mutay.

The history of warfare in the Philippines was often about David against Goliath.

Filipinos were constantly attacked by larger, better trained forces.

Imagine trying to fight Japanese Samurais when all you have is farm tools…

You get the picture.

So, what did the Filipinos do?
They mastered the art of cheating – Kina Mutay.

That means they dumped the “gentlemanly rules” of hand-to-hand combat and instead learned how to level the playing field by “cheating.”

While other fighting disciplines try to block a weapon strike…

Filipinos smash the opponent’s weapon hand.

They call it “defanging the snake.”

Same thing in hand-to-hand combat.

Kina Mutay uses “nerve destruction” to counter blows.

Whatever is necessary to survive a fight, without mercy… that’s Kina Mutay.

In fact, the words themselves mean “the art of pinching and biting.”

And by “pinching,” they mean pinching or gouging an eyeball.

But it’s their biting technique that is the most controversial… and devastating.

They’ve learned a special way to secure an opponent and then bite in small, circular ripping motions.

You don’t use your front teeth – you use a simple, stronger technique.

And they also identified dozens of sensitive places on the human body to bite.

If “biting” seems like the way a small child would fight, I can assure you of one thing…

This Kina Mutay biting technique causes absolutely massive trauma.

Just look at this man’s ear in the picture below…
It’s unbearable pain… and lots and lots of blood.

I’m talking about major, major damage to the body.

And not only physical damage, but emotional too.

No opponent is going to continue after experiencing even a few seconds of Kina Mutay. Fight over.

Speaking of the Kina Mutay fighting technique, it’s also responsible for your last bonus chapter: Edged Weapon Defense.

Because, unfortunately, your opponent could have a knife or other weapon.

So, in chapter 12, Paul shows you the footwork, distancing, timing – his full technique for “defanging the snake.”
Ok, that’s all 3 of the bonus chapters Paul has agreed to include in your personal copy of R.A.T. Fight.

Of course, the most important information in your book is right there in chapter 3…

Where you’ll find Paul’s famous street fighting weapon – the R.A.T.

Remember, R.A.T. stands for Rapid Assault Tactics and that’s exactly what it is:

A devastating way to end any street fight, instantly.

I’m going to show you more about the R.A.T. now…

I want to share a mind-blowing story told by Thomas Cruse, a long-time fighting partner and close friend of Paul’s.

In this story, he remembers how Paul fought basically an entire bar and won.

In the words of Thomas…
On one particular weekend, I was in town for my Intensive Personal Training Program with Paul. I was really excited because I was starting to feel like I knew what I was doing.

Boy, was I in for a surprise!

After training we decided to go out for a couple cold ones.

Long Beach, in those days, was a tough blue-collar shipyard town with more than its share of rough bars, and bad neighborhoods.

As we walked into the bar one could cut the tension in the air with a butter knife.

Apparently, Paul had been in an altercation a while back with one of the patrons of this ‘fine’ establishment.

After a short time, a few of this guy’s friends, wearing leathers, walked in and joined him.

It seemed to me that this fight did not simply start; rather it just unfolded in slow motion.
First, Paul being Paul, went over to this guy.

There was an exchange of words followed by an exchange of blows.

The first guy probably lost most of his teeth when Paul smashed his face with a pool ball.

It then just became a big mess. All hell broke loose. Bottles breaking, yelling and screaming.
Paul was a blur. There was shoving, punching, a lot of elbows and head-butts.

Paul was literally running at and hitting one guy, then turning to grab and head-butt another man.
He turned again and was about to blast what turned out to be the cocktail waitress.

So, in the middle of this crazy mess he was somehow able to stop himself midstream, gently move this little lady aside, and then went on to finish the last guy.

After that he looked over at me and yelled “Come on, let’s get the 'f' out of here!”

Needless to say, I made a beeline for the door, jumped into the car, and we bolted.

This event forever changed the way that I looked at Martial Art training. To this day I still am striving to master the kind of control of emotions I saw that night.

The next day, I asked Paul about what had taken place. His answer was not what I expected.

He said, “The better you become at keeping a cool head and controlling (not stuffing) your emotions, the better you will be at walking away from trouble. And, if the need arises, to engage in violence.”

Whew. What a story!

Can you imagine being in that bar in Long Beach that night?

Witnessing something out of an action movie – one man taking down an entire bar of men trying to attack him.

Except that it was real.

It actually happened.

Thanks to the R.A.T.

In chapter 3 of R.A.T. Fight, Paul shows you the R.A.T.

You’ll learn the first step: Enter

The idea here is to get close enough to your opponent to inflict immediate pain on your opponent.

That changes his emotional state, from one of aggression to instead focusing on the pain.

And that change opens him up for step 2: Pressure

This is where things get really bad for your opponent.

And it comes straight from Bruce Lee.

Bruce Lee was not a large man.

He was 5’ 7” and weighed less than 130 pounds.

And he realized something important.

In a street fight, you’re probably going to get taken down at some point.

After all, in almost all street brawls, the opponents eventually clinch and end up on the ground.
And if your opponent is bigger or stronger, you could well... lose.

That’s why you don’t want to go down.

So, Lee perfected a technique known
as the “straight blast.”

This is a series of blows rolling down the centerline of the body.

The straight blast makes it impossible for your opponent to get his hands on you.

In fact, he’s going to be so overwhelmed he’ll be doing nothing but backing up.

Lee called this putting his opponent in the “Wounded Crane.”

That was when his opponent was flopping his arms like an injured bird… almost falling over backwards to escape the straight blast.

During the straight blast, your opponent cannot hurt you.

They have no base. No balance.

And when someone has no base or balance, it doesn’t matter what style they fight with.

Even if they’re a trained fighter or boxer, they’re done.

And if they’re just some punk in an alley, it’s going to be the worst day of their life.

The straight blast was Bruce Lee’s absolute favorite move.
Lee’s friend (and Paul’s mentor) Dan Inosanto would say…

“I would watch him revert to it, time and time again whenever he was serious in a fight.”

There are very few things more direct and emotionally devastating than the straight blast.

One of the things that differentiate a blast from all other techniques is the fact that your opponent will be reduced from a fighter to a pedestrian.

No matter who he is.

No matter how tough he is.

Or how big. Or how angry. Or how skilled.


Because unlike punches, kicks, elbows, knees, etc., the straight blast causes everyone to instantly backpedal, literally falling backwards.

Plus, when someone is doing the 50-yard dash with their fists down your centerline…

There is a visceral emotional response every recipient has.

Paul describes it as being “frozen.”

Imagine leaning back in your chair, daydreaming…

And your friend sneaks up behind you and quickly tips the chair back.

There is that brief nanosecond where you are frozen, terrified.

You are that proverbial deer in the headlights.

This is what he means by “frozen.”

So, imagine being instantly hit with a technique that freezes you physically, devastates you emotionally, turning the hardest punk from a fighter to a pedestrian.

It’s no wonder the straight blast was the absolute favorite move of Bruce Lee and Paul Vunak, too.

And Paul shows you everything you need to know in chapter 3 of your copy of R.A.T. Fight.

Again, if this sounds complicated, it isn’t.

Paul developed this to train SEAL Team 6 quickly. So, it had to be easy to learn.

Anyone can use the R.A.T.

No matter your age, athletic ability, or strength.

We’re almost done here.
But the R.A.T. includes one final step, following the straight blast...

Bruce Lee didn’t need it – his skills were so otherworldly that his fights ended with the blast.

But the rest of us might not be so lucky.

That’s why Paul developed the R.A.T. that includes one final step: Termination.

Termination results in complete and utter destruction of your opponent.

He’s reeling backwards from the straight blast – and now you’ll finish him.

The trick here is to use the most formidable weapons on the human body…

Headbutts, elbows, and knees in a special, devastating way.

Now, I’ve already explained a lot today.

But I’m not going to go into more specifics on the R.A.T.

I wouldn’t do nearly as good a job as Paul has done in chapter 3 of R.A.T. Fight.

So, go ahead and request your free copy of this book now.

Like I said, I’ve printed up 2,500 copies at my own expense.

And while I still have some left, I want to send you your free copy today…

So that you’ll know Paul Vunak’s R.A.T. method to quickly end any fight – and walk your town’s streets with complete confidence.

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You cover the $9.95 shipping and handling and I’ll give you the book for free.
Does that sound fair?

Oh, and I don’t want you to worry about a thing.

You take no risk at all.

If you’re not totally happy with R.A.T. Fight.…

If you don’t feel it gives you everything that I promised you today… and more…

If you don’t feel more confident and more self-assured around town…

If you, frankly, aren’t overwhelmed with the value of what Paul has shared with you…
I’ll refund your $9.95 in S&H and you keep the book.
Let me repeat that.

If, for any reason at all, you’re not happy with Paul Vunak’s life-changing book, R.A.T. Fight: Combat Secrets of the World’s Deadliest Fighters…

I’ll refund the $9.95 shipping and handling you paid – and you still keep your book.

No fine print.

No tricks.

No extra charges down the road.

Nothing like that.

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Chapter 4: How to drop the fear in a violent situation and replace it with emotionless violence...

Chapter 5: How to hit a person’s “off switch” with the fastest strike the human body is capable of producing…

Chapter 8: Five ways to survive a street assault...

Chapter 9: A special chapter for women on how to escape an attack…

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Chapter 10: BONUS!

Navy SEAL Quick Kills – the hand-to-hand killing techniques of a SEAL

Chapter 11: BONUS!

The Filipino Art of Kina Mutay – how a special biting move causes immense damage that will stop any attacker in his tracks

Chapter 12: BONUS!

Edged Weapon Defense – how to win against an armed opponent by “defanging the snake”

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