A Violent Mob Approaches…

You Have 30 Seconds To Escape With Your Family, Your Belongings, And Your Life...

There Are No Cops. 
And You Don’t Know When You’re Coming Home...

Bad News For The Mob: Former CIA Officer Jason Hanson Has You Covered And…
It’s all inside his exclusive “Vehicle Ops” Report, and you can have your copy in just two minutes from now.
This is Jason Hanson, reporting from Cedar City, Utah.

And I’m here to share a special report made specifically for patriots like you that are…

Afraid of going out at night because of criminals roaming our streets.

Sickened by the reality that thugs can break into your home without reprisal.

Angry that the police can’t do anything about it, out of fear that the media will descend on them if anything goes wrong.

Furious that you’re likely to get arrested and charged if you defend yourself with a firearm.

And angry that the only way to stay safe from the mob… is to run away.
You’re not wrong. Crime is out of control.

And while it might seem like the best you can do about it is that video doorbell on your front porch…

If you give me just two minutes, I’ll give you the real tools to defend yourself and your family—without fear that the media or the District Attorney’s office will come after you.

So, even if you’ve lost all confidence in our elected leaders that swore to protect us…

And especially if you’re concerned that you have no recourse should violent criminals come to your doorstep… 

Then I want you to take matters into your own hands TODAY.

Do what I say, and you’ll have no excuses when the mob comes for you.

It’s All Inside Your Copy Of… 

The Complete Vehicle Ops Handbook:
The List of Gear You Need When the
Unthinkable Hits the Fan

It’s All Inside Your Copy Of… 

The Complete Vehicle Ops Handbook: The List of Gear You Need When the Unthinkable Hits the Fan

Read this page to the very end so you can know how to… 

Transform any car (even a small sedan) into a… 


And whether you like it or not…

The mob is coming.

In San Francisco: Walgreens is shutting down stores because they can’t get shoplifting under control.

In Chicago: The city government is installing hundreds of emergency “Bleeding Control Kits” for gunshot victims.

There simply aren’t enough emergency responders to arrest criminals or to care for victims.

Also in Chicago: They’re down 1,600 police officers.

And they’re struggling to recruit more.

But it gets worse: 

In New York City: A thug was arrested for strangling an 11-year-old girl—only to be released within 24 hours for a measly $7500 bail.

And if you thought that crime was only surging in big cities…

Think again.

Every one of these towns was looted over the summer of chaos:

-- Belfast, Maine
-- Bentonville, Arkansas
-- Ogden, Utah
-- Pendleton, Oregon
-- Bozeman, Montana

The Hill is calling Sauk Village, Illinois, a suburb 30 miles away from Chicago… “the most dangerous town in America.”

There’s no escape.

Which brings me back to why you’re on this page…

I want you ready to go when the mob comes…

When you have no time to think and
every second counts.

Now let me show you exactly what’s inside The Complete Vehicle Ops Handbook.

I’ve condensed my years of intelligence training and decades of survival knowledge into this in-depth guide to help you set up and stock any car or truck you own.  

Like I said, I’m going to tell you everything, step-by-step, item by item, including…
The single most-important “disappearing” feature every bug out vehicle should have. Outsmart anyone who might be tracking your movement using the same technology spies use to disappear without being noticed.

The most reliable, inexpensive way to supply your entire family with unlimited clean water so you can survive even in the most remote, dire situations. Israeli Defense Forces have used this secret for decades.

How to survive, and thrive, eating “cookies.” Approved by the United States Coast Guard.

The one tool that can save your life in 13 different ways. Literally do not leave home without this one. It takes up little space and weighs less than half a pound.

The modern technology that inexpensively upgrades your vehicle’s most common part and makes or breaks your ability to outrun a perpetrator.

One of the most (if not THE most) versatile military tools in the world – it’s an absolute necessity for survival and it’s used by the Marines.

The cheapest way to survive weeks of torrential rain, frigid snow, 50 MPH winds, thunder, lightning… and protect yourself against hungry bears.

The single best method to feed your whole family off-grid for as long as you need to – without having to sacrifice taste and large quantities of real foods you love.

And in case your vehicle is further threatened by attackers, I’m also going to share with you...

● How to legally skirt gun laws and carry my favorite trunk gun and the accessories on it. 

● The best way to finish the edge of your knife so you have a razor-sharp blade whenever you need it. (This has nothing to do with a traditional knife sharpener and it never leaves my vehicle.)

● The deadly item I can see as soon as I open my car door. It’s not in any bag, so I can access it in one second and it weighs less than 2 pounds.

● A large and heavy weapon that can easily crack someone’s head open. This is legal in every state. You don’t even have to lock it up. (Not even in California!)
And should you have to bug out and live for a certain amount of time without the comforts of home, your wife will thank me for showing you...
● The “bag” that ensures everyone in your family sleeps warm at night, no matter how cold it is in your car or outside.

● How to feast (not famine) using the only true no-ice refrigerator/freezer that can maintain sub-freezing temperatures even if it’s blazing hot outside, using less battery power than a single headlamp draws.

● My favorite, incredibly efficient “rocket” stove. Uses minimal fuel, produces less char, low emissions and minimal smoke. Can use wood, leaves, or whatever you find on the ground that will burn.

● The two food “power bars” with a whopping 5-year fresh shelf life. Tastes great, requires no maintenance and takes up very little space.

● The amazing hydro-shield tent that ensures you stay dry even in a brutal downpour. Holds up to the elements and long outlives tents made with inferior fabrics.

● The most obscure, but practical materials I use as fire-starting material so I don’t have to carry a bunch of firewood.

Speaking of fire, I’ll also show you…

● The fire extinguisher you’ll want when seconds matter. Stock your vehicle with the same revolutionary firefighting technology that law enforcement and fire agencies use. This is not the regular red fire extinguisher you’re used to.

● The best hand-saw for survival. Cuts trees like a hot knife through butter. Professional arborists claim that as soon as you use this blade on wood, you’ll be addicted.

● A super, simple way to keep clean if you have to survive in your vehicle. I can pretty much guarantee you’ve never used this item to improve your hygiene and ward off disease.

● The amazing light that is literally less than 1 inch in size and can quickly blind someone. (I’ve only seen a handful of spec ops guys ever mention this light before and it has nothing to do with a traditional flashlight.)
These and all of the other critical items I recommend for your vehicle ops kit are all contained in my book, so get your copy today. 


To make sure your vehicle is as prepared as possible, I’ve put together 3 special gifts that are the perfect complement to the book you’re going to get. 

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Vehicle Escape and Defense Training

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When you place your order today, you’re also going to get INSTANT online access to the exclusive Vehicle Escape and Defense Training that is part of my multi-day evasive driving experience. 

In short, I had people fly out to my 320-acre Spy Ranch and pay over $2,000 for our evasive driving course.

It’s part of Spy Ranch’s most thrilling spy training as seen on ABCs Shark Tank and NBC’s Today Show.

I’ve had people come from all over the world for this experience… from the Philippines, Australia, South Africa and more.

During the Vehicle Escape and Defense course, I brought in a video crew who filmed this part of my spy training to produce as close to a live, on-location experience as possible.

This training gives you a first-hand look at what to do if an attacker pulls a gun on you in your vehicle. You’ll see how to easily disarm him and get the gun in your hands, not his.

What if the attacker has a knife?

No problem.

If doesn’t matter if an attacker has a knife to your throat or a knife to your back.

In this free training, you’ll discover the quick moves that allow you to turn the situation in your favor and save your life if you’re ever attacked in your vehicle.

Like I said, others paid over $2,000 to attend this training.

And, in the past, I’ve sold the videos of this training for $497.

But today, it’s yours for no extra charge.

*FREE Gift #2* 

How to Make a Spy’s Walking Stick

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You’re going to love this next bonus…

It’s a special report that I’ve never shared in public before, and this page is the only place you can get it.

The truth is, it’s not a bad idea to keep a walking stick in your car.

You never know when you might want to go for a stroll for pleasure… or you might have to leave your car on foot in a life or death situation.


You don’t just any old walking stick.

You want what I call a “Spy’s Walking Stick.”

That’s why I want to make sure you have this special report in your hands.

It gives you simple, step-by-step instructions to make this walking stick yourself at home.

All it takes is a quick trip to your local hardware store to pick up a few buck’s worth of items.

Whenever I go hiking in the mountains of Utah, this walking stick is always with me.

You’ll be able to quickly download this report today. It’s yours free and I promise you’ll never look at another walking stick the same.

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How to Power Your Entire House or Bug Out
Location from Your Car Audio Training

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If all the other gifts haven’t helped sway your decision to grab your book today, this should. 

I’m going to give you a special audio course that tells you how to turn your car into an emergency power source that can run pretty much anything you need it to.

This course was put together by a good friend of mine who’s the man that spec-ops goes to in a crisis.

Best of all, this takes just one simple device from your local hardware store.

You can even run your refrigerator, freezer, television and small appliances - all from your car.

This third free gift will give you to simple steps to make this ingenious emergency power source for your vehicle.

It’s the perfect companion to the book and it’s yours as my gift to you today.

Plus, in addition to these 3 free gifts…

I’m also giving you my…

100% You Keep the Book Guarantee!


This information is so critical that I’m going to deliver it to you instantly.

In other words, you can download the complete ebook and start reading in the next two minutes!

If you don’t agree this guide will help you and your family be safer…  

Just message me and I will refund you every cent you paid.

And because I put your safety first, I’ll even let you keep everything.

You can keep it ALL.

That’s right, if you decide this isn’t for you...

For any reason whatsoever… even if you NEVER open the guide… I’ll pay you back every penny, no questions asked.
All of the risk is on me to prove myself… and that’s how it should be.

How’s that for believing in the power of this ebook?

If you understand the critical need of turning your vehicle into the ultimate, survival-ready, fighting machine, then grab your copy today.  
All you need to do is click the green button below right now.
As soon as you click the green button, you’ll be taken to a secure checkout page.

On that page, you’ll submit your details into a secure encrypted payment processor that’s directly connected with my team who’s ready to give you instant access to this lifesaving information.

The truth is, I've actually had to use my vehicle ops kit, so I know how crucial it is to have the right gear in your car, so don't miss out on this.

Stay safe,

Jason Hanson
Former CIA Officer
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