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It was freezing outside…

I was training at a Top Secret facility that the CIA will not officially admit exists… and there was about 6 inches of snow on the ground.

My fingers were so numb I could barely feel the rounds in my hand as I loaded my gun for the next shooting drill.

Yet, if I failed the next shooting test, I could flunk out of training…

I could feel my pulse beating in my ears and my heartbeat raced…

In real life, failure means you die…

Or worse, you blow the operation and get your teammates or other innocent people killed.

I slowed my breath, focused my thoughts, and in less than 30 seconds — even with frozen fingers — I successfully took out all the “threats” on the next shooting drill.

As a reward, the instructors allowed me to retreat into the training building to warm up for a few minutes before we continued.
Welcome to life at this Top Secret facility
… the secret CIA facility where new recruits are sent to be trained in the underground world of covert intelligence operations.

Over the next several years, I would spend countless hours training, and be fortunate enough to learn from the world’s foremost experts in much more than just how to shoot guns.

And right here on this very page, I’m opening the door for you into this secret world…

I’m officially inviting you to experience a one-of-a-kind virtual spy school.

Hi, my name is Jason Hanson.

I’m a former CIA officer, and after spending nearly a decade with the agency, I launched my own private security training firm to help train regular, average Americans in lifesaving spy tradecraft and combat secrets…

I’ve been working in the security field for over 15 years and I can tell you one thing with absolute certainty…

If you think our country is becoming more and more dangerous for true American Patriots…

You’re absolutely right.

It’s not fake news, and you’re not just nostalgic for the golden years.

Due to years of weak, liberal leadership in our nation, the decay of morals in our society and borders that are obscenely porous...

It’s never been more dangerous to be a true American.

Illegal aliens with violent criminal records flood our streets… bloodthirsty street punks with no respect for human life will kill you just to get the contents of your wallet.

And, mobs and looters have no respect for people who've worked their entire life to build a small business to provide for their family.

And, although my sources are classified, the number of ISIS and Muslim terrorists already inside America is much, much higher than you’ll ever hear reported in the news.

Please understand, I don’t say any of this to scare or shock you…

Because you already know it’s the truth…

It’s no longer safe to leave your house… you have to worry when your spouse goes to the store alone.

Trips to the mall or even grocery make you nervous… and every time you kiss your kids or grandkids and send them to school, you pray even more diligently for their safety.

And it keeps getting worse by the day, because the moral fabric that used to hold our society together has been decaying right in front of us our entire lives.

That’s why I’ve sent you this urgent message today…
Because I want to share with you these forbidden spy secrets you desperately need to stay safe in an unsafe world…
More than that, I want to give you the knowledge, training and confidence that can give you back a fear-free life.

The elite “operative level” knowledge you’re about to discover will “arm” you and the people you love with the skills, know-how and situational awareness of top spies…

So you can completely AVOID 90% of the tragic crime that ruins innocent people’s lives — like assault, robbery and rape — because you’ll be able to see danger coming before anyone else.

So you can walk with confidence — even at night — knowing you’re safe and protected.

So you can deliver swift, violent and decisive action to keep your wife, children or grandchildren safe from any deadly threat.

On this very page, you’ll gain access to devastatingly effective fighting moves you can master practically overnight…

Vicious techniques that give you the ability to instantly take out even a violent street-hardened criminal half your age and double your size (even if he’s got a knife or gun) in just seconds.

Before I continue, I have to warn you…

What you’re about to discover are essentially the trade secrets of covert intelligence operatives…

And that means if this information falls into the wrong hands, it could be extremely dangerous for our country and our way of life.
In fact, look at this letter the CIA sent me when I first tried to share this information…
Now, I’ve cleared things up with the Agency and nothing you’re about to see is illegal or would put our intelligence community at risk, but I need you to agree to 2 things before we can continue…
  1. Promise me that you’ll only use the information on this page for good.

    As one of the few people on the “hot list” invited to see this page, I have reason to believe you can be trusted with this intel. Don’t let me down and be careful who you share this with (even close family members or friends)…

  2. If you’re at all interested in discovering the lifesaving information the government would prefer you not know, then you need to drop everything and devour this message now, because I can’t guarantee how long this page will be online.
In fact, if you delay even a day, it may be too late…


OK, let’s get started…
I want to teach you
how to survive like a spy — for FREE
The fact is, I’ve prepared this message for you today because I’m sick and tired.

I’m sick and tired of watching real, patriotic Americans have to walk around in fear.

I’m sick and tired of seeing our police forces weakened and our cities being run by criminals.

And I’m sick and tired of this entitled generation that riots and rampages when they don’t get their “free stuff”.

The millions of so-called “troubled youths” that have no problem using violence to get what they want (or attack people who merely disagree with their politics)…

You see, ever since I left the CIA I’ve been showing ordinary people from all walks of life how to use the spy defense secrets and combat skills I learned at the Agency to protect themselves.

I started a 320-acre training compound in Utah called Spy Ranch and have trained thousands of Americans in spy survival skills, techniques and tactics to keep themselves safe.

But, I know there are thousands of Americans all over the country who aren’t able to travel to Utah to attend my live training.

That’s why I’ve created this presentation today…

Because of the clueless liberal politicians that have devastated our economy… divided our nation and encouraged wars against police, starting riots and mayhem.


The increase in everyday, violent “street crime”… and the increase of deadly terrorist attacks right in our home towns.

My mission now is to help regular Americans prepare for an increasingly dangerous world, because I’ve had enough.

And I know you have too…

That’s why I’m writing you today.

I’ve put the finishing touches on a book called: SURVIVE LIKE A SPY: Real CIA Operatives Reveal How They Stay Safe in a Dangerous World and How You Can Too.
And I’m giving out 250 FREE copies to TRUE Americans who claim them today
Because you’re reading this message, I believe that describes you.

You’re one of the good, honest people who works hard… pays the bills… and does whatever you have to, in order to take care of your family.

Like me, you’re sickened by what our country has become…

And you’re ready for change.

You’re ready to take back your country.

This is the first step.

I have a FREE copy of my new book set aside in your name right now.

Inside SURVIVE LIKE A SPY, you’ll get access to the exact same secrets, tradecraft and combat techniques that keep intelligence operatives safe no matter where they go in the world.

In fact, many of the things you’ll see inside have never been revealed before — which is why the CIA wanted to ban certain material.

Also, you should know I wrote and organized this information using a special “quick learn” mechanism so that you can truly get this lifesaving material fast (practically overnight, really)…

Even if you have ZERO self-defense or survival skills and training now.

In fact…

You do NOT need any previous training or survival skills at all.

Just like the CIA trained us at their Top Secret facility — I start at day one, assuming you have zero knowledge, and will build your skills step by step.

You do NOT need to be young, strong or “in shape”.

In fact, the average American that attends my training is between 55 and 78 years old. And almost nobody is athletic or particularly gifted.

The fact is, all you really need to get the most out of this book is the burning desire to want to GET these spy secrets for yourself.

To want to stop walking in fear

To want to be the hero your loved ones can count on…

To want to know the simple skills and strategies necessary to survive practically any situation you could possibly encounter in the increasingly dangerous and chaotic world we live in.

In short, just reading through this book once will, literally, transform you.

That’s because once you’ve read through these secrets, and see them in action, you’ll be changed at a fundamental level.

A completely different person.

You’ll never enter a room and look at it or the people inside in the same way…

Instead, you’ll start to see the world through the eyes of an operative…

And when that “switch” gets flipped, deep down inside, you’ll transform into the type of person that people know — just by looking at the sense of calm and confidence in your eyes — is different.

You’ll be able to walk around, anywhere in the world — even at night — with complete confidence…

… because you’ll know you have the training and skills to handle anyone or anything that could threaten you or your family.

There’s actually a name for this mental shift — and as soon as you get your copy of SURVIVE LIKE A SPY, open it immediately and turn to page 18, because that’s where I’ll show you…
your shortcut to developing
lifesaving “Spy Sense”
… and how our training makes us so much more capable, dangerous and resourceful than everyone else.

When it comes to espionage, your ability to survive a knife fight or escape from a foreign captor is only one small part of the package.

Intelligence officers all possess something I call “spy sense.”

Spy sense is a complex mix of traits that allow a spy to do everything from developing a potential asset and recruiting individuals to share their countries’ secrets…

To knowing how to survive in the most extreme and dangerous situations imaginable.

While all intelligence officers have their own special touches they bring to their craft, ultimately they share “spy sense” as a core foundation.

There are 6 must-learn traits that are the core foundation of “spy sense.” (Each of these can keep you and your family safer in the most dangerous situations.)

The good news is that you’ll pick up most of these skills the first time you read about them.

The rest you’ll develop easily over time, as you practice the tradecraft I show you in the book.

Speaking of tradecraft, nothing is more important than the…
10 “Moscow Rules” that can save your life…
These so-called Moscow Rules were developed over many years to instruct intelligence officers in the Soviet Union how to engage with the KGB.

Because they were so secret, these rules were never even written down…

They evolved over time, and every operative understood that following the rules to the letter was essential if you wanted to survive deep behind enemy lines on the streets of Moscow — the most dangerous place to operate during the Cold War.

The original list contained 40 rules, but the 10 rules I reveal on page 26 are the ones that will keep you safe in America today.

Like a true spy, you’ll want to commit them to memory immediately — and then you’ll be ready to start your journey into the dangerous and exciting world of real-life James Bonds and Jason Bournes…
For Your Eyes Only:
Declassified field reports of
real spies in action
When you open SURVIVE LIKE A SPY, you’re taking a journey into a clandestine world that few have ever seen…

Because you’ll meet multiple former CIA officers, and I’ll share with you their real-life stories of espionage — more fascinating than any Hollywood fiction.

These true stories will take you all over the world, where anything can happen…

So that you can quickly learn through their true stories of success (and even failure) how to use tradecraft to get the job done right.

A spy never knows what skills an operation might require and he has to be ready to use everything in his arsenal.

There’s no room for error.

These highly trained individuals have put everything on the line to ensure America’s safety.

They’ve recruited spies, extracted secrets from our enemies and evaded capture from foreign police.

And now you’re going to learn the same tactics that have been used in the field by real intelligence officers to help keep you and your family safe.

For example, the first field report you’ll gain access to is...

“From Southeast Asia With Love: When One Mission Becomes Two”, and on this wild ride you’ll see how “Cover Stops”, “Hunker Down Sites” and secret caches are used to spy on a terrorist cell.

In this true-life lesson in covert tradecraft, you’ll see why spies don’t trust GPS, yet still memorize practically every detail about their area of operations — so they never get lost.

You can use this same secret so you know exactly where to go to stay safe, hunker down or bug out in the event of a natural disaster, terrorist attack or any other danger.

You’ll also step inside “The Real World of Q”, where the CIA keeps a collection of geniuses and fabrication experts that can build practically any gadget spies need to complete their operation in just days.

Most importantly, you’ll get a huge in-depth lesson in tradecraft as you discover…
How to run an SDR (Surveillance Detection Route) to know for sure if you’re
being followed
You don’t have to be on a covert operation for this to save your life or keep your family safe.

In fact, just recently, my wife used this same method at Home Depot because she thought a man was following her around the store.

Most women (and even men) will ignore their gut feeling and put their families in danger, potentially leading to tragic consequences.

Please remember, if you ever feel your life is truly in danger, call the police immediately.

However, if you’re in a situation where you aren’t sure you’re being followed, simply run an SDR like my wife did and then use a series of “Cover Stops” and “Hunker Down Sites” if necessary.

You’ll see exactly how to do this the right way, starting on page 45.

You’ll also see what a real safe house is actually like and how you can develop your own (as usual, Hollywood gets this wrong — it’s nothing like the movies).

And, on page 48 you’ll see the…
#1 place I keep my own secret cache of cash, food, water, survival gear, guns and ammo
… and why I recommend you use this option too instead of burying your cache.

However, if you do decide to bury it, I’ll show you the 6 steps to correctly bury a secret cache or whatever else you NEVER want found.

Speaking of crucial survival gear, you’ll see why spies keep a RON bag (Remain Overnight bag) — and exactly what they put inside.

The RON bag is a bag all spies pack so when the phone rings at 2 a.m. and the caller gives you the secret challenge phrase — you can grab your gear and go…

You probably won’t get activated to go on any covert ops anytime soon, but similar to a bug-out bag, you should pack a RON bag for your own 2 a.m. emergency calls.

Perhaps a family member is stuck in the middle of nowhere… or there’s someone you know who needs emergency help.

To make it easy, I give you my personal and exact gear list — that I’ve never shared before — so you’re prepared for practically anything.

As you’re beginning to see, because these are true stories from real spies — instead of a boring, dry field manual — you get actual examples of how to implement these covert skills in real life.

For example, in the story “Dr. X and The Puffer Fish”, you’ll see…
How secret signals, covert communication and a 5-hour Surveillance Detection Route saved America from a deadly biological weapon
When spies do their job, nobody ever knows how close America comes to danger.

You’ll be one of the few who knows when you read this never-revealed story about how the Soviets were developing a biological weapon more deadly than anything we had ever seen…

They had managed to extract large amounts of TTX (or tetrodotoxin) from the pufferfish, and were planning to drop the toxin on major metropolitan areas using microencapsulation or aerosol.

The death and suffering this would cause was unthinkable…

This pufferfish toxin, TTX, is 200 times more deadly than cyanide (and just inhaling cyanide will result in a coma with seizures followed by cardiac arrest).

Minimal exposure to TTX leads to a fast but violent death…

It starts with a tingling at the mouth, then quickly shifts to paralysis, and soon after, you simply die.

Even worse, the victim is completely conscious of what’s happening the entire time.

If the U.S. was going to stop the Soviets from unleashing this horror on innocent civilians, we had to figure out how they were doing it.

You’ll see, step by step, how a spy known by the alias “ALEX” was able to save America from this nightmare.

Now, you may never have to go overseas to stop a nation-state from unleashing a biological weapon against the United States, but what you’ll learn inside these pages is just as important.

For example, you’ll get a crash course on…
Secrets of covert communication:
How to signal someone like a spy…
While you may not think there’s much use for covert communication in a world of texting and social media, the fact is, developing spy signals, code words and phrases is excellent tradecraft that can keep your family safe.

For example, you should come up with your own “spy phrase” to use with your children to keep them safe. (This kept a child from getting kidnapped when a stranger attempted to lure them into a car.)

You'll also want to have a phrase to use with your wife so she knows it's time to "get out of dodge."

That’s just one of the MANY ways you can use the spy tradecraft of covert communication to lead and protect your family.

There’s more, too…

>> Like the 5 must-know “hacks” to make your surveillance detection even more effective...

>> Or how buying coffee can almost instantly tell you if someone is following you…

And much more…

Next, you’ll take a trip to El Salvador during the middle of a brutal civil war — to see how covert intelligence skills can keep you safe in a failed state after the you-know-what hits the fan.

For example, you’ll see…
3 things every good spy does when they enter a restaurant, coffee shop or movie theater that could save your life
First, is one you know, to sit where you can see the main exit — to see everyone coming in.

The other steps are critical to keep you and your family safe, but most civilians overlook them. Flip to page 80 to make sure you don’t make the same mistake.

Then you’ll see why spies avoid big crowds like sporting events, concerts or parades.

As we’ve seen in mass-killing tragedies — these events are dangerous because they’re the perfect “soft target” opportunity…

Yet, you don’t have to hide in your house to be safe in America today. On page 82, I’ll give you the #1 rule you must follow if you want to continue enjoying these big crowds without fear.

Next, I’ll show you how to defuse practically any dangerous confrontation so you can keep your family safe without violence. (This works even if a pissed off Central American soldier is shoving a gun in your face… the real-life proof is on page 84.)

There’s more, too…

For example, remember these 3 numbers — Zero, Five and Twenty-Five — because these 3 numbers could save your life and keep your family safe if you ever find yourself in a bomb attack.

This is crucial information for today, because Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) are a favorite tool of terrorists around the world.

I have to warn you, some of what you’ll discover seems counter-intuitive to the average person… but, it’s been proven to keep operatives safe in the most dangerous situations you can imagine.

For example, on page 97, you’ll see the surprising reason why kids can sometimes spot a dangerous criminal, when everyone else can’t.

If your child notices this, you need to listen and get your family out of the area fast.

Next, you’ll see how the CIA was called in when intelligence suggested that the Soviet Union had developed the most accurate missile guidance system to date…

It could predict where a missile was going to land within 50 meters, giving them a major advantage over the United States.

If we wanted to keep America safe, we needed to figure out how they were doing it, and time was of the essence.

The U.S. had only one other bit of intelligence: We suspected that the accuracy had something to do with the hologram embedded inside.

That led to a covert operation where we had to steal a Top Secret hologram from the Russians.

As you travel to Russia in this story, you’ll meet an undercover operative who shares with you all the covert tradecraft he used on the job, like…
How to beat a polygraph “lie detector” test like ONLY a trained covert operative can…
The truth is, there are only 2 types of people that can beat polygraphs…

Psychopathic, pathological liars who are experienced criminals…

And a spy with this knowledge.

It’s difficult, but on page 103 you’ll see the “trick” that allows an undercover operative to beat polygraph tests.

You’ll also see how to get anyone to do what you want. These are the jealously guarded secrets we use to get foreign VIPs to spy for the U.S. government.

You can use these same tactics every day to get ahead at work, at home and with your friends without coming off as manipulative or pushy.

In fact, the people you influence will love you for it because you’ll see how to make them think it’s their idea.

This is just one of the examples of how these spy skills can overlap and benefit every area in your life.

But, there’s more, too…

Like the…
6 spy “Weapons of Mass Influence”
you can use to persuade & convince
practically anyone of anything
I don’t know if you consider yourself persuasive, but the fact is, you often need to persuade people in order to be a successful leader in your family, at work or in your community…

More than that…

The fascinating thing you’ll begin to see as you learn these techniques is that you’ll start to recognize these persuasion patterns being used to manipulate you too.

For example, you’ll discover the REAL reason Trump won the election when he had no political experience and many people thought he was a joke.

I, however, had a strong feeling he would win because I recognized the persuasion patterns he was using early on during his campaign.

The truth is, whether you like him or not, Trump is a MASTER persuader — and you’ll see the exact tools he used throughout his winning campaign starting on page 119.

You absolutely must know these proven methods, if for nothing else, to keep yourself from getting manipulated by sales people, criminals and con men.

Speaking of protecting yourself, I’ll also show you…
How to tell if someone is
“working” you for information
These are the tactics covert operatives use to solicit Top Secret info from unwitting pawns in the spy game.

Knowing these tricks will guard you against criminals or anyone else trying to trick you into revealing information that should remain private.

And on page 129, you’ll get 4 different ways — along with the exact words to use — to deflect and shut down someone trying to get you to reveal your secrets.

Even better, each of these 4 methods utilizes “verbal judo,” which allows you to still be polite, yet stay 100% private if you’re not quite sure whether you’re dealing with elicitation or just casual conversation.

In short, you’ll be in control of the conversation and can deflect or steer it where you wish.

I’m sad to say that in today’s world, getting manipulated is the least of your worries…

That’s why it’s crucial you read the next story, “Snatching and Grabbing a Narcoterrorist”, where you’ll see…
How to survive a kidnapping
Extraordinary rendition is the name our government uses when there’s a criminal living in another country who is so dangerous — our top operatives go in and kidnap the bad guy…

While you may never have to deal with extraordinary rendition, it's a fact that kidnapping is a real concern even for regular people.

For example, many high net worth individuals take my training classes all the time because they know there’s a chance they could be kidnapped — and if it ever happens, they want to survive.

But you don’t have to be rich to be at risk…

Just being American is enough to run the risk of being kidnapped overseas in places like Mexico, Haiti, Brazil, the Philippines, India, Columbia and Venezuela and more.

Worse, kidnapping happens every day, here at home in America too…

For example, Phoenix, Arizona, used to average more than a kidnapping a day.

The fact is, you’re truly rolling the dice if you don’t know how to properly protect yourself in today’s world.

So what do you do if the unthinkable happens?

Maybe you’re on vacation when you get pulled over by what you thought were the police, but now there’s a gun in your face and you’re being screamed at in another language and forced into a van.

Or maybe you’re using the ATM late at night when you’re grabbed from behind. The guy who grabbed you has a weapon out and he’s trying to get you into a van or truck. You realize you’re being kidnapped and you’re terrified.

While I pray you or your family members will never have to use this knowledge, you should know there are multiple tactics you can use to protect yourself and your family…

For example, on page 146 you’ll discover the 2 most dangerous phases during the kidnapping process.

One of these phases is your absolute BEST chance of escape… but you’ll only have a split-second to decide if it’s the right time to do so (otherwise there’s a high chance you might be killed).

I’ll show you how to make the right choice.

If you are taken, then what you do in the next 30 seconds can determine whether you ever escape…

On page 148, you’ll see what they teach in training so that we don’t panic and how to remember details about your kidnappers, transport vehicle and holding spot.

After you learn these methods, you’ll have more knowledge about kidnapping survival tactics than 99% of Americans.

Immediately after reading this chapter, you should discuss these tactics with your loved ones.

In case any of you are ever kidnapped, the authorities will know you’re not just helpless victims — you’re highly trained and will be leaving clues to help yourself get rescued.

And, that’s not all…

As you flip through these pages, you’ll find they’re jam-packed with even more knowledge that can save your life, like…
The amazing “Donald Trump” secret that spies use to access restricted and sensitive areas
This practically hypnotizes others into never questioning you and helping you gain access to wherever you’re not supposed to go.
How to make the RIGHT split-second decision when everyone is counting on you.
Spies are constantly faced with life-or-death situations where they have to make a split-second decision. Being wrong can get you or someone you love killed.

Here’s the actual science behind how spies successfully do it and you can too.
The one time you should AVOID
American embassies overseas.
Common advice for Americans traveling to dangerous countries is to flee to the American embassy if something bad happens. That’s usually good advice.

But if you find yourself in this particular situation — it could get you killed. You’ll get the details you need on page 175.

Speaking of travel…

There are 7 “TSA-friendly” pieces of spy gear you should take with you when you fly, because they could save your life. Get the complete list on page 176.

And while you’re traveling, you should know the 2 absolute best places in any hotel room to hide valuable items.

Whatever you do, don’t put them under the mattress or in the toilet tank, because those are the first places criminals look.

And most times, I don’t trust the hotel safe either. Try the spots I outline beginning on page 178 instead.

The fact is, there are hundreds of books out now that can teach you how to shoot or defend yourself in other ways, but there’s no other guide like this book that teaches you…
How to perform clandestine spy “tradecraft”
Discover how to do brush passes, dead drops & concealment devices, the car toss, and more.

Plus, the rookie mistakes you don’t want to make that can blow your cover.

No officer leaves the farm until he’s mastered these tradecraft skills.

But you’ll also see…
The weird “hack” that trains your brain
to recognize faces, names and details about people you meet and recall them later in practically any environment.
When you’re a spy, forgetting faces, names or details can get you killed or ruin the operation…

But this works just as well for spying as it does for avoiding those awkward moments you run into people you think you know, but you can’t remember their name.

Discover these spy memory secrets and you’ll never be embarrassed again.

And, I’ll also show you…
How CIA officers avoid being hacked,
spied on or scammed
In today’s always-on, always-connected world, this information is more important than ever…

On page 226, I’ll tell you why I NEVER bring my computer into the bedroom — and you shouldn’t either.

Then I’ll share with you the top 10 tips every CIA officer knows about how to set up and keep strong passwords.

Everything from your most personal secrets to your bank account can be hacked without strong passwords. Follow these 10 tips to protect yourself.

Then, I’ll give you 4 foolproof ways to protect yourself from getting hacked while using public Wi-Fi like in a coffee shop, airport or even on airplanes.

Public Wi-Fi is convenient, but it’s incredibly risky to use — don’t login again until you implement these 4 tips.

In total, there are 8 things you should NEVER do with your computer or the internet if you want to keep your personal information secure and private. Get them all on page 237 and protect yourself now.

Finally, I’ll reveal how to embed cameras and microphones when it’s YOU who needs to spy on someone.

You may never have to bug an embassy, but learning how to set up audio or video surveillance can keep your loved ones and property safe when you’re not there.

Think about all the babysitters that have been caught abusing children or stealing with proper surveillance, and you’ll understand immediately why learning how to spy on your own property is so important…

But that’s still not all.

The final section of SURVIVE LIKE A SPY is called…
What you can do right now to lead a secure life and survive anything from blackouts to economic collapses and home invasions
And on these pages you’ll find my personal, hard-hitting, rapid-fire advice like…
  • The BEST water filter that money can buy. Uses the most advanced nanotechnology available and can be dropped in any river, lake, stream or other water source to turn filthy, bug-infested water into clean, refreshing, clear, lifesaving water in just seconds.
  • The ultimate concealed carry “weapon” — as deadly as a gun or knife, yet you can take it anywhere — on a plane, into schools, even into the White House (no permits or registration required).
  • How your socks can save your life! Spies know how to create a deadly weapon out of anything sitting within arm’s reach. Proof: In just one simple step you can turn your sock into a deadly weapon (yes… a sock!), plus 4 other items you would never think could easily kill someone.
  • The shockingly lethal and virtually indestructible knife that I and my team of ex-CIA officers trust our lives to. Razor-sharp and ultra-lightweight. (It’s made of the same material used in the aerospace industry and Formula One cars.) This is the ultimate tool for self-reliant Americans.
  • How to create a fortified safe room that costs almost nothing. (Gives you almost the same panic-room protection as billionaires for virtually free.)
  • The 7-second home safety plan. Discover and master this home defense plan that takes your family from “Bump in the Night” to hunkered down in the safe room with police en route in just seconds.
Why smart spies who care about their family safety NEVER have packages or anything else delivered to their home (No, not even pizza)
Follow this 1 simple rule to keep your family safe from dangerous home invasions and much worse.

The fact is, I meet a lot of survivalists and others who think they’re well prepared.

But, this is one crucial spycraft mistake that I see tons of Americans making, and it’s so dangerous, yet so simple to fix. See page 252 to keep yourself from making this mistake.

It’s just one of the many everyday, normal things that most people do that can put their family at risk.

Another thing you’ll discover is…

How when most people take out their trash and recycling, it flashes a giant advertisement for thieves and other criminal scum.

Use this 5-minute tradecraft fix to stop making your home a target.

The fact is…
These forbidden spy secrets just might save your life —or the life of someone you love
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