A Personal Note From the Desk of Former CIA Officer Jason R. Hanson
I want to share with you a very important concept that I call “Spy Dangerous.”

Basically, it’s how to ensure you’re the most dangerous man in the room wherever you go.

You see, one of the backhanded compliments I often get is…

“Jason, you don’t look like anything special, you don’t look intimidating, so if you can do it, then I can do it too.”

And, I tell people that’s the whole point of the CIA.

You need to be able to blend in and not draw any attention to yourself.

Yet, in a moment’s notice, you need to be capable of unleashing extreme violence on anyone who threatens you or your loved ones.

Even though I’m no longer with the Agency, this is still how I live my life today.

And I believe in today’s increasingly violent world, it’s vital for anyone who cares about their safety and survival to do the same.

Being “spy dangerous” allows you to blend in and be underestimated.

And being underestimated is very useful, it’s gotten me out of some serious jams in life.

But thanks to the amazing training I’ve had…

I have the skills and confidence to jump into action and protect myself and family, if needed.
All Real Men Need To Be “Spy Dangerous.” It’s Your Duty To Your Family
You don’t need to be all jacked up from pumping iron at the gym, or be covered in tattoos with a tactical beard, in order to be dangerous.

You simply need the training, and with it, the confidence, that wherever you go, you are the most dangerous man in the room.

I think a lot of men don’t have that these days because of the way society is going.

And I want to change that by doing something I’ve never publicly done before.

So, unless you’ve been a private client or customer of mine, you’ve probably never heard of this…

And it's not available at the moment.

But, it was an exclusive, 2-Day “Spy Dangerous” live event that people paid $1,500 to attend.

This was high-level training (think self-defense on steroids), where I revealed what it truly takes to be the most dangerous man in the room.

Even if you’ve been to other trainings with me, I guarantee you’ve not seen or experienced anything like this.

It wasn’t a cozy seminar where attendees comfortably learned moves and lightly practiced against willing partners.

Quite the opposite.
“Spy Dangerous” Training Is Only For People Who Are Serious About Real-World Self-Defense 
It’s tough work to be there.

Just listen to what some of the participants had to say about it…
“This course was not a classroom lecture but a real, physically demanding, hands on application of gun, knife and physical assault techniques and drills. What took the military to train in 4 days, they do in two! A great experience… well worth the time and Money."
~Andrew M., San Antonio, TX
“Jason’s training is the real thing! Very good job to Jason and his instructors!”
~ Dan B., Kalkaska, MI
“This training was very intense. They work you HARD, but the payoff is worth it. You will leave this training feeling much more confident in your abilities to take care of yourself.”
 ~ Cort B., Orange, CA
Bottom line, to become “spy dangerous” you have to embrace the intense mental and physical training it takes to survive deadly attacks.

Over the two days, attendees went through intense drills and true-to-life scenarios, so they have an arsenal of ways to protect and defend their family.

Some of the training involves attackers in a red man suit for realistic scenarios.

There are force-on-force situations with training knives and airsoft guns for instant physical feedback.

And everything is at “real speed” in these scenarios, and things get messy...

But that’s what happens in real-life, so you need to be prepared.

A few of the scenarios in this training include…
  • Home invasion where someone bursts into your house.
  • Carjacking attempt where a thug walks up to you when you’re in your car and pulls a gun on you.
  • 1 man and 2 man room clearing. (How to clear your home if you think there’s an intruder.)
  • Random attack as if you and your wife have just finished a nice dinner and are walking out to your car in the parking lot.
  • Knife attack in an office setting. (Students were required to bring a plain white t-shirt as we used large, red markers to simulate the knife attack.)
I’m not going to go into any more details about Spy Dangerous, except this:

Once you are done with this training… 
You Will Truly Know What It Takes To Be “Spy Dangerous” And Walk Without Fear…
Listen to what attendees said about the realism and intensity of the scenario based training…
“Real life scenarios, most definitely will save your life or someone else’s life. Love this course – would do it again. Jason is the real deal, Great instructors to Brittany, Shawn, and Richard.”
~ David W., Arcadia, FL
“Real life scenarios are the way to go when learning self defense to save your family and your life and Jason’s training is the best. He will make you confident to fight to defend your life. Thank you”.
 ~ Jose O., Edmond, OK
“This is the real deal! Excellent real world-based training. I highly recommend this training for anybody who is serious about self defense and protecting their family. Thank you, Jason."
~ Mike T., Tucson, AZ
“I found the training to be very realistic and very thought provoking. The staff and Jason did an outstanding job of presenting all the information we needed and came up with very creative scenarios.” 
~Jim C., Scottsdale, AZ
“Very scenario-based self-defense training in realistic real-world encounters with violence. Knife and gun defense in different iterations. Very pleased with the professional training.” 
~ Dave W., Shirland, IL
“Awesome training! Real life scenarios and totally enjoyed the two days! What’s next?” 
~Jeff V., Reno, NV 
Even attendees who’d taken other supposed scenario-based training were blown away by what they encountered at “Spy Dangerous.” 
“This is the most amazing experience! I have taken a couple of other self defense classes but nothing as real or as in depth as this. The trainers are fantastic, the training was very thorough and intense.”
~ Rex S., Manning, IA
“I have taken a few scenario based trainings, and Spy Dangerous has been the most realistic. Not only does it teach you the skills needed for real world application, it is also very fun. Jason, Shawn, Brittany, and Richard are amazing instructors.
~ Jason S., Las Vegas, NV
Going through the “Spy Dangerous” training is an experience that’s second to none.

But again, don’t take my word for it…

Here’s what some other attendees said after going through the training:
“The Spy Dangerous course was epic. Jason has organized the perfect course to prepare anyone for real world scenarios. The skills learned are priceless.”
~ Thomas W., Fredericksburg, VA
“Spy Dangerous was an awesome learning experience. Hand to hand combat, firearms training, and real-life practical applications and scenarios make this an experience that everyone should have.” 
~ Jacob W., Fredericksburg, VA 
“Spy Dangerous is an incredible experience rooted in REALITY. The coaching is awesome and cannot be matched in any other setting.” 
~ Scott S., Denver CO 
And that’s just a small sample of the feedback from the event.

However, while it’s true that everyone who got to attend had an incredible time…

The $1,500 price tag for the 2-Day event prohibited some folks who wanted to attend from making the trip.

I get it.

This isn’t cheap training.

There are a lot of costs to even put on the event (you’ll understand why in a moment).

However, many people wanted to know if I could help make them “spy dangerous” even though they couldn’t afford to attend.

And my mission is to get life-saving information and training into the hands of as many patriots as possible…

I’ll never exclude anyone who truly wants access to the highest levels of training.

So, here’s what I did…

I hired a professional film crew and paid them a small fortune to film the entire Spy Dangerous training.
“Look Over My Shoulder” And Learn The Same Self-Defense Secrets As Live Attendees Did
Every strategy, tactic, and technique of what it truly takes to protect your family in today's violent world.

You also get to see the exact real-world scenarios, and how we physically prepared for each of them.

Then, you’ll see the live “force on force” training the attendees went through to make everything instinctual.

As you’ll hear in a moment, this is not your typical “force on force” training.

Both the instructors and participants came away from the scenarios with a bruise or two.

But they also walked away with something more important…

They had the supreme confidence they had the skills to protect themselves and their loved ones from real-world scenarios and attacks…

You can hear attendees brimming over with newfound confidence for yourself…
“It was real-life training that I hope and pray I will never have to use, but if I do have the need, I’ll be prepared.”
~ Dan B., Oak Grove, MO
“Great course, never done anything like it. Great training with air soft guns. I feel this will give me confidence to take care of myself and family.” 
~ James J., Arlington, TX 
“We were put into realistic scenarios and learned the foundational skills to deal with the situation at hand – including de-escalation. I feel confident now that I can protect myself and property and handle carjackings, ATM robberies etc.”
 ~ Cindy H., Tucson, AZ
“Jason, Shawn, Brittany and Richard are amazing trainers and coaches dedicated to the art of surviving. They tend to their students in ways that will instill confidence in anyone who wants to feel protected by their own means. Thank you to the Spy Dangerous team!!” 
 ~ Angelo S., Las Vegas, NV 
“I loved the training event! It was totally worth the 10,000-mile travel from Germany. It feels good to have the confidence to be able to fight off an attacker should I ever have to.”
 ~ Max B., Germany
And their confidence is well founded, because this is the most realistic training you’re ever likely to go through.

The idea is to replicate the speed, shock, and surprise of a lifelike attack “on the streets.”

There’s no fluff or theory, you get the skills and confidence to combat real world violence.

Everything is immediately applicable to today’s violent world..

Just read for yourself…
Great idea of what can happen and how fast. Real world scenarios and what you can do to save your life. The knife scenario was great to show what happens in a knife fight.”
~Ashley B., Anaheim, CA
“This was an awesome class! You learn so much that is practical and applicable for today’s world. I feel more confident with implementing the skills that were taught to us and being able to keep myself safe. Thank you, Jason! 
~ Melinda B., Angels Camp, CA
“Fantastic real life scenario training… We learned to clear rooms, recognize threats and had hands on training with each other. This was not sitting in a classroom watching videos, this was real physical training. The world is no longer a safe place and we need to accept that and take steps to protect ourselves.” 
 ~Jill D., Prescott, AZ
“The scenarios, action, tools were as authentic in portraying real life-threatening events. This course may very well save my life or someone I need to protect.” 
~ Travis B., Lutz, FL
“Jason is the real deal. In today’s society, one cannot afford to forgo this training…” 
~ Jim K., Wexford, PA
And you get to see it all, and use it to make yourself “spy dangerous” at a fraction of what it cost the attendees to be there live.

The truth is, these videos contain a treasure trove of vital self-defense information.

In fact, the live trainees were blown away by everything they learned in just two days…
“The Spy Dangerous training was even more than I hoped for. The tactics, techniques, and scenarios definitely prepare you for all-too-common real-world situations.” 
~ Thomas T., Earlham, IA
“Very well spent 2 days. Informative, fun, and very effective. I highly recommend Jason’s self-defense courses to anyone wishing a truly effective experience.” 
~ Terry J., Wellington, CO
“The course was extremely informative and helpful for every day scenarios. We thoroughly enjoyed it. Loved the enthusiasm and positive feedback from all your staff.” 
~ Christine D., The Woodlands, TX
“Great class! The amount of survival/self defense tactics in 2 days is amazing. Knowledgeable instructors, realistic tactics and scenarios. Highly recommended.” 
~ James D., Henderson, NV
If you truly want to be “spy dangerous,” and confident that you can defend yourself and your family, these videos are a must have.

Even better, because I believe these videos are so important, you’ll get instant access to them…
You Can Access This Critical Self-Defense Information In The Next 2 Minutes...
Plus, you'll get lifetime access to these videos so that nobody can ever take this knowledge and training away from you.

And even though I know these videos are priceless and could save your life one day…

And even though others paid $1,500 to attend this training…

I'm going to give you these videos at a fraction of the cost.

And if you’re still on the fence about whether this is “right for you,” rest assured that anyone can benefit from this training…

That’s because you’ll get the self-defense secrets that are tested and proven in actual combat.

And they’re not dependent on whether you’re young or old, male or female, or your size or strength.
“The course gives you real life scenarios with practical real-life solutions. It’s geared for male and female of all ages. Great 2-day Course!” 
~ Bob D., The Woodlands, TX
“I learned an arsenal of knowledge and tactics to defend myself and my family. This is great training no matter who you are or how old you are.” 
~Jacob K., Taylorsville, UT
“As a man getting up in age this is exactly the type of training I need. I am losing strength as I age and these strategies and techniques make me a match for a younger and stronger assailant. Thank you for what you do.” 
~ Tim D., Metairie, LA
Now, as I’ve already mentioned, others have paid $1,500 to attend this training…

But to ensure that I can get these life saving secrets into the hands of as many patriots as possible…

You’re getting these videos at a fraction of the cost.

So, instead of $1,500…

Your investment in the “Spy Dangerous” training videos is just a tiny investment today.

Plus, along with your videos, as part of a special sale going on right now, I'm going to rush you an incredible FREE bonus...
Free Bonus #1: The Berserker Blade Knife
Since you’re going to learn the secrets to defending yourself with a knife in the videos, I wanted to give you one of my favorite EDC blades.

That way, you have everything you need to protect yourself.

It’s called the Berserker Blade…

And it’s a self-defense knife that’s designed to be lightning fast to deploy, and easy to use.

It's perfect to carry in your pocket, your bug out bags, your car, and in your vehicle survival kits.

Here are just a few of the great features of this knife…
  • At three inches long, the blade is big enough to deal a devastating or life-ending blow, but small enough to carry anywhere with stealth.
  • The Beserker Knife’s blade is fixed so you can instantly deploy it in a self defense scenario. 
  • The matte black color doesn’t just look good, it minimizes the light reflected off of it which attracts less attention in public.
  • The textured G10 handle is designed to grip to your hand no matter what, even if your palms are drenched in sweat.
  • Your Berserker Blade also comes with a low-profile, tactical sheath that lets you equip the knife in dozens of different positions.
  • When you slide the knife in, you’ll hear a loud, satisfying “click” that lets you know your knife is locked firmly in place.
  • If you need to pull your knife out, you can easily do it one-handed – there are no straps to detach.
This knife sells every day on our website for $69.00, but you’re getting it FREE when you invest in the Spy Dangerous video training thanks to the special sale going on right now.

And that’s not all…

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Free Bonus #2: “Double Your Money” Live Event Discount
Once you get your training videos and go through them, you’re going to be armed with the secrets to being Spy Dangerous…

But I realize you may want to attend a future Spy Dangerous 2-day Live event to put your skills to the test…

So, here’s what I’m doing when you take advantage of this special sale...

I’m going to double your investment in the Spy Dangerous video training, and discount that from your live event tuition.

That means, instead of $1,500 like everyone else would pay, you’ll get an instant 40% discount on the live event.

So, if you ever want to come and train with me live out in Utah, you’re getting a huge discount off the Spy Dangerous 2-day Live Event…

And I’m happy to do it, because when you take me up on this offer today, I know you’re an action taker and serious about real-world self defense…

And you’re exactly who I designed this training for.

The best part is, you don’t risk a thing when you invest in the Spy Dangerous videos today…

You’re Completely Protected By My 365-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee
Get the Spy Dangerous videos today and take a full year to check them out and watch them.

If for some reason you don't feel they're worth every penny…

Just let me know anytime within the next 365 days and I'll give you a prompt refund of every penny you invested today.

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I think you’ll agree that it doesn’t get any more fair than that.

Now, let me quickly recap everything you’re getting today…

First, you get the Spy Dangerous video training, the exact same training others paid $1,500 to get…

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All for just a $297 investment today.

There’s just one catch…

This is a special sale that I have the right to shut down at any moment.

After this sales expires, no free bonuses will be given and the website will be closed.

So, don't risk missing out on this life-saving training…

Discover the secrets for becoming Spy Dangerous in today’s violent world.

Click on the green button below now to get instant access to the Spy Dangerous video training and free bonus gifts…
Stay safe,

Jason Hanson
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