As Seen on the Discovery Channel Shows…
Famous Army Ranger Wants to Send You New Video Just to Prove He Can Teach You to Survive Any Crisis With Only a Knife!
I want to send you a new video called, With Nothing But A Knife: Extreme Survival Secrets Of An Army Ranger

With the little-known information on this video you could be blindfolded and dropped off in the harshest wilderness with only your knife…

And you’ll have the skills to not just survive, but thrive for as long as you wanted.

That’s because your instructor on this training is a famous Army Ranger named EJ Snyder.

If you don’t know EJ, he’s one of the top survival experts in the world.

EJ learned survival during his 25 years of military service as an Army Airborne Ranger.

He fought in both the first and second Gulf Wars, earning two Bronze Stars and over 40 other medals for his service and heroism.

Then, after retiring from the Army, EJ taught survival skills to future Green Berets and elite military warriors at the US Army SERE School.

You may know him from his appearances on the Discovery Channel series “Naked and Afraid” and “Dual Survival.”

Or maybe you saw him on the cover of Offgrid magazine.
The fact is, EJ has dedicated his life to 2 things… 

   1.   Serving our country (freedom)

   2.   Teaching survival and how you can be more 
         prepared (self-reliance)

And, with all the craziness going on in the world right now…

EJ agreed to do something he’s never done before…
And he put together a new video to give you the lifesaving skills that he’s used to survive in the harshest environments on earth - with just a knife. 

You’ll be able to create multiple styles of shelters… hunt game… gather and purify water… build fires for cooking and signaling... defend yourself… and much more.

And you’ll be able to do it all with only a knife.
By watching this training even once, you’ll gain more confidence in your survival ability…
You’ll be instantly more self-reliant, and you’ll know that you can survive in the most rugged environments and situations, with the bare minimum of tools…

You’ll join EJ as he goes deep into the woods for several days with only the knife on his hip as he shares…
● The #1 knife that he relies on when he’s in dire circumstances and the different tasks this knife must be able to do. (This ain’t no pocket knife or $20 knife from Walmart.)

The ingenious hack you can do with your knife that involves a log that will allow you to have fresh drinking water.

● The correct way to make a signal fire and the exact number you need. (One signal is absolutely not a good idea.)

Why you must build an arrow with your knife in a survival situation. (This has nothing to do with hunting for food or anything like that.)

● A common mistake people make when a crisis first starts and the exact action you must take to significantly increase your odds of making it out alive.

The strange item EJ found under a tree that allowed him to turn swamp water into fresh drinking water. (There’s a good chance you have this item at home.)  

● The right way to set up signal markers with your knife to help you get rescued if you’re lost in the woods.

How a regular plastic water bottle and a knife can give you one of the most critical survival items ever, that can help you with shelter or even catching food.

● Endless fire? Thanks to your knife and a simple can, EJ shows you a clever hack so you don’t have to worry about building fires all the time.

How to build a simple trap with your knife that’ll allow you to catch small game so you don’t starve to death in a crisis.

● The shadow stick method that will help you from getting lost in a crisis. This primitive method could mean the difference between dying alone or finding your way to safety.

3 critical marks to make with your knife that allows rescuers to locate you quicker.  

● The hasty shelter you can quickly make with your knife when you’re dead tired to ensure you still have protection at night. (You see EJ do this after walking for hours in the woods without food or water.)

The perfect bedding material when you’ve got to spend the night on the ground (that’ll give you comfort) and so you won’t freeze to death.

● How EJ used a disgusting can of dog food and his knife to take care of the single most important survival need to make it out of the woods alive. (He definitely did not eat the dog food.)

How a knife and a lightning strike helped EJ survive a potentially deadly situation. (This will definitely open your eyes to putting everything to use during a life and death encounter.)  

● The amazing fire-starting method that I can pretty much guarantee you’ve never seen before that EJ uses to start a fire. (It has nothing to do with matches or any other fire-starting gadget.)  

Do you know how to make a “snake stick” to hunt animals (or humans)? Watch EJ use his knife to quickly put together this deadly weapon.

● The #1 option for firewood and how to craft this with your knife.

Why all elite soldiers know a simple item you must keep close to your body. (This will help you quickly start a fire and does not involve any kind of fire starter.)

● How to have an instant survival meal thanks to a certain plant you’ve probably never, ever considered eating. (You’ll see EJ chow down on this meal and how he uses his knife to easily prepare it.)
And, this is just the beginning of what’ll you’ll see in this incredible video...
Remember, EJ spent several days in the woods...

And he hiked over 20 miles, moving from location to location in order to vary the terrain and campsite to show you how to get food, water, fire and shelter in varied conditions, and with only a knife.  

I can personally tell you that this video is amazing because I’ve already seen it and I’m the one who encouraged EJ to share it with you.

So, let me quickly introduce myself in case we've never met before...

My name is Jason Hanson. I’m a former CIA Officer.

You might have seen me on Shark Tank, Fox News, NBC Today or Good Morning America, to name a few.
I’m the New York Times bestselling author of Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life

For more than 16 years, I’ve served our country both as a CIA Officer and private security consultant.

Here's one of the awards I received while with the Agency...
The truth is, I’m blessed to have an incredible network of some of the top people in the world when it comes to safety and survival.

I’m talking about fellow CIA Officers, Navy SEALs, Army Rangers and more.

EJ Snyder happens to be among this elite group.

And so, I asked EJ to share this video with you as a favor to me.

I know it will tremendously benefit anyone who watches it, which is why I’ve already sent this video to my closest friends and family.

And now I want you to have it too, because in addition to everything I’ve already told you, this must-have video also covers…
● Can’t find a good water source? You’ll never believe how EJ's knife saves the day and why you must know this “fresh water” hack.

2 simple knife hunting techniques (one active and one passive) so you have multiple ways to feed your family when the grocery store shelves run bare.

● No map, no compass, no problem. As long as you have your knife, EJ shows you how to build a simple device that will lead you to safety.

The strange reason to stab your knife in a tree and how this helps you make an item you desperately need to stay alive.

● How long should you remain in your location before heading out to look for help? (There is a fine line you don’t want to mess up if you plan to make it out alive.)

The 2 critical factors you need to look for if you want to get noticed by a chopper or plane when stranded (and the significant role your knife plays in this rescue that is the difference between getting discovered or being completely overlooked.)

● Why every good survivalist must know how to make a “fire pile” and how to easily light them courtesy of your knife.

How to build a bait stick (using a certain part of your knife) to put food on the table during a crisis.  

● A precaution about hardwood vs. softwood and which is the single best for quickly starting a fire with your knife.

Found fruit or a nut on the ground? There are two things you should immediately do before you eat it. (One involves your knife, the other might keep you from getting poisoned.)

● How a rotting log can be the difference between staying hydrated and dying of thirst. (You’ll see EJ build this special “contraption” to ensure you always have clean drinking water.)  

An “almost magic” way to start a fire when all you have is a knife. (This is a primitive fire secret that not 1 in 1,000 people have ever seen before.)
And much, much more…

I could go on and on about the lifesaving information in this video, but here’s the deal…

With Nothing But A Knife: Extreme Survival Secrets Of An Army Ranger, is the shortcut to making sure your family is prepared for a crisis.

EJ Snyder has already done all the hard work for you…

He’s taken the guesswork out of what you need to know to survive in this crazy world.

And he’s boiled down his three decades of “in the trenches” combat and extreme environment survival secrets into the essential skills you absolutely must know.…

Then EJ walks you step-by-step through each one, so you know what to do, why you’re doing it, and exactly how to do it in a life or death scenario.

It’s all in the video, With Nothing But A Knife: Extreme Survival Secrets Of An Army Ranger.

Best of all, this training is so critical that I'm going to send you a digital copy, so that you can start watching in the next two minutes.

But, that’s not all…

To help you become even more prepared and more self-reliant… 

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You and I both know that when disaster strikes, the people who are most prepared are the ones who survive.

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This is why I’m giving you instant online access to a special 98-page military manual called, Camouflage, Concealment and Decoys.

Inside this manual, you’ll learn hacks such as…
● The 6 priorities of determining the perfect CCD (camouflage, concealment decoys) plan to protect your family during any emergency. 

What High-Value Targets can teach you about the steps you must take to make your home a fortress and prevent a home invasion.

● The 4 critical questions you must ask yourself to make sure mobs, looters or other enemies can’t find you. (Question #1 is by far the most important and could determine if you make it out unharmed.)

Why you must know the difference between a “cast shadow” and “contained shadow” if you want to go undetected by an enemy.  

● How to maintain CCD discipline and not make yourself an easy target. (These are simple measures anyone can implement.)

5 examples of how to hide your family’s “operations” so that the criminal element will pass right by you and not give you a second glance.

● The single most effective CCD and how this tricks the enemy into having no idea about what they’re going up against. (The good news is, this will protect your family and criminals will go looking for an easier victim.)

One of the most obvious ways the military gives away their fighting position and what you can learn from this one thing you should absolutely never do if you want to remain “invisible.”

● The 4 critical factors you must know if you want to bug out safely and not be overrun by a violent mob. (Ignore these and it might be the last thing you ever do.)
Like I said, now you can get your hands on this manual at no extra charge.

Better yet, I’ve also prepared your next gift, which I know you’ll love and covers every day carry gear…

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EJ is trained to survive with only a knife, but he loves gear just as much as the next red-blooded American man. 

So, I grilled him on his favorite gear that he’s using these days – tactical bags, flashlights, fire starters, guns and more.

And, it’s all inside this special report where he reveals his battle-tested blueprint for effective everyday carry gear.

For example, here’s what you’ll discover inside this info-packed report…
● Two criteria you must be crystal-clear on before you ever start assembling an Everyday Carry Kit.

The secret for never drawing attention to yourself. This works whether you’re just down the street or miles from home in an unfamiliar town.

● How to develop a “sixth sense” so you see things before they happen. This allows you to act quickly and dictate the situation, instead of being caught off guard and forced on the defensive.

The devastating “triple threat” that will kill any survival plan not flexible enough to deal with them. Thankfully, you’ll know just how to handle each one.

● Learn the subtle mistakes you might be making with your everyday carry choices that tip off bad actors to your skills and abilities. Find out how to stop giving away information that can be used against you in an attack.

The dual-use “war club” you should always carry. This less-lethal option allows you to simply knock an attacker out cold if you decide not to kill him.

● How to easily carry 12-15 feet of paracord on your person at all times. So simple and unobtrusive you won’t even notice it’s there - until you need it.

Instantly boost the effect of any kick. Even a glancing groin kick could end the fight using this simple tactic.

● Body armor you can carry anywhere. Takes mere seconds to put on, yet can stop an AK-47 round.

A utility belt so versatile it’ll make Batman weep in envy. Here’s where to get it and suggestions for what to carry in it.

● One of the most neglected aspects of an everyday carry kit. You’ll be ahead of 99% of people with this simple addition to your gear.

And much more…
Bottom line, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’ll have the right gear with you when you need it most. 

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When you get your digital copy of With Nothing But a Knife, you won't have to spend a fortune on this training.

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And, if there’s still any doubt in your mind about how this video could be one of the best (and smallest) investments you ever make, just look what these people say about EJ…

“I can honestly say that I would follow this man into combat, or into a life or death survival situation before I would EVER follow another man or woman under the same circumstances! Hooah!” ~ K.T.

“EJ is a very experienced survivalist with many years of teaching and performing in many different environments all over the world. I would say he should be in the top 5 survivalists in the world. He has the knowledge and has been there performing in the most difficult environments.” ~ R.S.

“EJ is the man I would like by my side in the worst of the worst of situations. Unquestionably.” ~ B.R.

“EJ is solidly trained but flexible enough to continue to learn and succeed. Innovative and tough as nails. A true survivor and survivalist expert. If I had to be marooned on a desert island, I want EJ with me.” ~ J.S.

But, I have to warn you…
This Offer and Free Gifts Can Be Removed at Any Time
Since I'm giving you instant access for a mere fraction of what EJ normally charges, we have the right to pull this down at any time. 

So, if you don’t act fast – if you don’t act today – you might miss your chance to get this lifesaving training.

(You can review and confirm your details on the next page)

Also, to prove just how much I know this video will help you become better prepared and more self-reliant…
You’re Protected by My Full
100% Money-Back Guarantee

You’re Protected by My Full 100% Money-Back Guarantee

If you’re unsatisfied for any reason at all, then just call or email me anytime within the next 12 months and I’ll refund every cent and you can still keep lifetime access to this training.

You can call my customer service team at 435-572-4432. Or if it’s easier for you, you can send an email to for a prompt and courteous refund.

But, like I said, this is a limited offer so please click below while you can... 

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Frequently Asked Questions
Before this letter was sent out to thousands of American patriots like yourself, I told a few friends and family members about the video from EJ Snyder.

Some of them asked important questions. I’ve answered them below in case you might be wondering the same.

Q: How long will this offer be available?

This is a limited time offer. In other words, we reserve the right to shut this down at any time.

Q: How do I get this?

This is a digital video you will be delivered instantly so you can start watching it in the next 2 minutes.

Q: What if I don’t love it?

Not a problem. You have my 100% moneyback guarantee. Just let me know and I will quickly refund every cent you paid.

Q: Is this special offer available if I reside outside of the USA.

No, this special offer is only available to American citizens residing inside the United States.

Q: How can I order my copy of With Nothing But A Knife: Extreme Survival Secrets Of An Army Ranger.

Simple. Just click on the button below, fill out your information and we’ll give you instant access.

Here’s everything you’re getting today in the...

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Stay safe,
Jason Hanson
Former CIA Officer
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