Hot New Video Reveals…
Covert Ops Gear Secrets From
Former CIA Operatives
New video shows you the “GOATS” (Gear, Organization and Transport System.) This is the system used by clandestine operatives and is the first time this footage has ever been shared with the public.

This includes the 3 types of bags every intelligence operative relies on - Operations Bag, Return to
Base Bag, Evacuation Bag.
Today, (with your permission) I’m going to give you instant online access to a brand-new video training called…
The Clandestine Operative's
GOATS System
Nobody outside of a Clandestine Ops Team has ever been shown this system.

In fact, it was created for our internal team, not for the public.

It wasn’t filmed with Hollywood cameras or overpaid actors…


It was filmed deep in the woods… with a simple hand-held video device… by one of the most highly respected intelligence operatives alive.

More on that in a second… but first… I really need you to understand one important point…
We Never Intended To Release This – And Because Of That – I Ask You To Never Put Any Of
Its Contents On The Internet
The fact is, in this special video training, you’re going to learn secret gear tactics that only the most elite operatives have been taught.  
Here’s just a sample…
  • How to stay safe and secure from the most devastating “man-made” disasters in the world! (This “kit” allows you and your family to get through the initial critical timeframe… which is 90% of the battle.)
  • How to stop even the most deviant, deranged or maniacal “bad guys” in the world! (You’ll never need a gun… never need a knife… in fact… you’ll never even come in direct contact with them. But their memories will last a lifetime!)
  • And… how to “cheat” and “steal” your way to a cool cup of filtered water. (This technique is so simple and effective, even a novice outdoorsman can turn a few “dew rags” into a thirst-busting cup within minutes.)
Hi, my name is Jason Hanson.

For more than 14 years, I served our nation as a CIA Officer and private security consultant… where I took the oath to keep America safe from the enemy.

During this time, I served alongside many amazing patriots who risked their lives for our nation on a daily basis.

And, I’m forever indebted to these men and women who went above and beyond the typical call of duty they were sworn to uphold.

One of these individuals is a CIA legend and good friend of mine.

He served our nation for decades as an NSA, DIA, and CIA operative.

During this time, he completed over 70 combat missions and was appointed to the “Hard Targets” unit where he hunted the "baddest of the bad guys."
He’s The Elite Of The Elite, And He Knows His
Stuff When It Comes To Preparation
That’s why I asked my friend (Mike D.) to film a special video of the levels of gear taught to a clandestine operative.

It’s a complete Gear, Organization and Transport System (GOATS) that gives you all the information you need to safely defend yourself from nature… and… from human hands.

So, not only can you be on the defensive, but also on the offensive if chaos comes knocking on your door.
In a minute, I’ll tell you why I want to send you this video immediately...

But first, let me reveal a small sample of all the tips, tricks, secrets and strategies you’ll learn...
  • The crucial bags found in every GOATS system. (These bags force you to have everything you need… because they're as significant as wearing underwear. Most people talk about carrying a bugout bag at all times, yet if you don't know the importance of carrying at least one – preferably, two or more of these – your disadvantages will turn into your enemy's advantage!)
  • The perfect GOATS example – possibly the best one ever – of how to combine all bags necessary to make Rambo look like an ill-prepared fool! (This example has been proven time and again through decades of hard-core Covert Clandestine Ops missions. All operatives strive for this level of perfection, and you should to… if… you want to survive in the toughest of conditions.)
  • Why having your driver's license, credit cards and cash in your wallet are important if someone steals, robs, or mugs you. (Note: Doing these two things beforehand is the trick to rendering the wallet useless.)
  • The best kit ever invented! Use it while you're in the woods… at the mall… or pulled over on the side of the road!
  • How this technique – taken from Multiplicity Training – is the perfect "stow-and-go" way to carry your handgun in your bag. (Extracting it is a breeze… and… you'll never have to worry again if you get separated from any of your bags!)
  • What type of bullets you should have in your handgun. (Based on Mike's years of ops experience he makes this the most important decision you'll make if you ever get attacked by a group of 2 or more people and you don't have a good line of sight. Believe me… they'll run.)
  • The secret to making sure you're legally covered in case a gunfight breaks out. It's summed up in a few little words that should be sealed in a water-proof bag and kept on you at all times. (These little words can be the difference between a "get out of jail free card"… and a guilty charge!)
  • A huge error made by most gun owners when their strong arm gets disabled.
  • The "No Brainer" reason why you shouldn't rely on anything you don't have on you in the shower.
  • The two critical tools you need to start a fire in any outdoor environment. (One was patented in France in 1908 and variations of it have been used for decades with astonishing success. Mike will show you how to use it properly so you can survive a wilderness crisis.)
  • Ladies everywhere will agree that size doesn't matter when it comes to this… as long as you know how to use it. (Definitely not what you're thinking!)
  • Using this will attract unwanted attention to yourself. (Every time your neck moves, you'll broadcast a signal across a large area. Instead… choosing another item can be a lot more effective.)
  • How to "bump up" your health in any environment… even when you think you've got everything you need for sustained strength.
  • The specific type of paracord that should be in your bag at all times.
  • The industry-leading combat gloves – whether amateur or pro – you must know about!
  • One of the most dangerous items you can have on any of your bags. (These will quite literally slow you down while moving through bushes and trees… or… windows and doors.)
  • How to make sure you'll be able to get in and out of your vehicle no matter how big of a pack you have strapped on! (You most likely won't have enough room… but… by using this technique, you'll glide in easily… and hands free.)
  • Why wearing either of these two pieces of clothing could be the cause of your death. (Plus… the exact replacement to wear instead. Best part: They double as a life-saving tool.)
  • The "system-within-a-system" that ensures all of your gear stays with you. (Whether you're in a flood, heavy rain or just dragging your pack through the mud… you'll never worry about losing your gear again.)
  • The single most-important "Chameleon Tactic" intelligence operatives use to portray confidence, preparedness… and… the ability to respond to threats.
  • This easy, one-word self-defense item can secure the perimeter of your camp from all approaching perps… even while you're asleep. (If somebody comes into contact with one, they'll know to never step foot on your grounds again.)
  • Three secret items Marines use on a daily basis to make sure they're locked and cocked, ready for a good night's rest! (Sleep is important… we've got you covered.)
  • How to build a water system better than the Roman aqueducts in ancient times.
  • One simple tool you can use if you're stranded in the middle of the desert to ensure 110-degree water becomes as cool as the other side of the pillow.
  • What NOT TO DO when collecting water – you'll gather less water than the amount of energy spent.
  • How even the best anglers in the world couldn't catch as much fish as you can with these amazing gadgets. (Set and forget… take a stroll… take a nap… whatever… when you come back, you'll be shocked to see how easy it was.)
  • Two simple, yet powerful secrets that can keep you safe when close to open water sources. (Hint: You may not be the only person nearby. If that's the case, they may not be hunting fishthey could be hunting you.)
  • The rule of "gospel" when it comes to scavenging… and… why you need to keep your head on a swivel when doing it.
  • The three "Conditions of Communication" that forces every person in your camp to be on the same page! (One of these "COC's" is so top secret, we've never seen it discussed anywhere else before.)
  • The only two types of packaged foods you should have ready to go in your RTB bag. (Return to Base Bag.)
  • Why – contrary to the advice of many survival "experts" – you may not want to carry ziplock bags without this! (If you don't have it, the only way you'll be able to get in them is by cutting them open… which… defeats the purpose of why you need them in the first place.)
  • Why you ALWAYS want to use this bag over any other water storage bag on the market. (There's a 30-minute window you'll have to wait if you don't… which can be too long if you're in desperate need for water.)
  • And much, much more!
As you can see, this video contains insider information every concerned American should hear now

Not later.
But, why am I sending this video to you instantly and why am I asking almost nothing for it?

Two reasons really.

The first is a no-brainer…
I Want To Make Sure You Have Everything You Need For You And Your Family To Stay Safe
The second is rather personal.

You see, I absolutely loved serving this great country of ours…

It’s a nation built on rights and freedoms. But because of the times we live in, our rights are slowly going down the drain.

I cringe at the thought of the laws that are being passed that further confine our freedoms… especially our Right to Bear Arms.

Obviously, it’s paving the way for trouble.

Of course, Liberals aren’t the only problem.

You and I must be prepared for whatever crisis comes our way whether it’s a grid-down event, economic collapse, race war, or natural disaster.

Even if you think you have everything you need, I’d put my life on the line to say you may not know everything there is to know about tactical gear.

Like I said, I was incredibly blessed to be a CIA Officer and get lots of lifesaving knowledge.

And now, I want to give back and do the same.

This is why I encourage you to access this special video now.

There is no other video like this on the planet.

You must hurry though.

If you wait, it could be too late.

This is why I'm going to give you instant online access to this video. I don't want you to have to wait several days for shipping, plus the post office would probably lose it anyway.

What's more, all I'm asking for this video is enough to keep this website up and running and for my tech guys to maintain it and fight off those who want to shut it down.

The normal price of this video is $49, which is a bargain for this lifesaving information that was very hard-earned.

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Like I said, I've put the price so low so that anyone can afford this and you can have this critical information now.

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