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In the thick Vietnamese jungle…

Inside the labyrinth caves of Afghanistan...

On the narrow streets and inside claustrophobic houses in Iraq...

The Short-Barreled Rifle is…
The #1 Choice of the U.S. Intelligence
Community for Close Quarter Battle...
...And It’s the PERFECT
Weapon for Home Defense
Racking a shotgun is not enough to stop an invader…

You cannot act quickly enough with a hunting rifle… 

You need a large magazine capacity to deal with multiple intruders. 

Only a weapon like the AR Pistol will do. 

You’re about to discover WHY this is your greatest advantage in a close-quarter encounter inside your home.

Hi, my name is Jason Hanson.

Today, I want you to get your hands on a new book that reveals very special AR Pistol home defense training... 

... And I want to give it to you for FREE.

This book is titled, AR Pistol Home Defense: How to Use the AR Pistol to Quickly and Easily Defeat a Home Intruder.
I firmly believe that learning how to use an AR Pistol for home defense may be one of the smartest decisions you’ll ever make.

And anyone – and I mean anyone – who picks up this book can become a lethal force to stop a deadly home invader.

In fact, you can use this knowledge to...
Defend Against ANY Home Invader…
Just Like Special Forces Skillfully Eliminate
Terrorists and Other “Bad Actors”
But before I go on, I need to warn you…

What I’m about to show you are tactics intended for intelligence operatives and our nation’s elite commando teams.

Please use it only for home and self-defense. And only when you absolutely need it.

The best part is...

The lifesaving secrets I reveal inside this free book do not require countless hours of practice to master.

Instead, they become second nature within a few “sessions”. 

When you get your hands on this free book and see what’s inside, I’m confident you’ll wholeheartedly agree. 

I’m uniquely qualified to show you this, because as a former CIA Officer…
I’m the Guy Who Swore an Oath To Protect
Your Life – And I Know Exactly What You
Need To Do…
As I mentioned, name is Jason Hanson.

I’m a former CIA Officer and author of several books, including the New York Times bestseller, Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life.

Because of my background and experience as an intelligence officer…

I’ve used, first-hand, everything I know about weapons, clandestine tactics and how to engage successfully in Close Quarter Battle.

For more than 14 years, I’ve served our country both as a CIA Officer and private security consultant.
And now I use what I know to teach Americans, just like you, how to protect themselves, their families and their homes.

In fact, I’ve been lucky enough to share these strategies with millions of people all over the world via appearances on Fox News, the NBC Today Show, Shark Tank and Good Morning America, to name a few.

And to prove that I'm not just some random guy on TV...

Here’s one of the awards I received while with the Agency.
And, here’s a picture of one of my Agency challenge coins… 
All that’s great...
But Enough About me… This Is About YOU!
This is about the growing threats to you and your family’s safety.

Savage criminals can invade your home at any moment and turn viciously violent at the blink of an eye.

When it comes to the safety of my wife and 5 kids, I don’t leave anything up to chance.

That’s exactly why I’m sharing this message with you today.

I’m the guy who cares about your family’s survival and protection just like I do my own.

I’m the guy who’s going to show you why and how the AR Pistol is perfect for defending your home.

I’m the guy who’s going to teach you the little-known Close Quarter Battle secrets used by government operatives to take out terrorists and other “bad guys.”

And, I’m the guy who’s going to do it for FREE.

Why? Because it’s absolutely critical that as many Americans as possible get their hands on this training.

It’s my life mission... 
To Help Americans Like YOU Defend Your
Home and Family from Predators and
Violent Criminals...
The bad guys aren’t playing games. This is not amateur hour.

They’re experienced, professional and ruthless.

The cold, hard facts from the Department of Justice are shocking: 
  • There are 3.7 million burglaries or home invasions every year.
  • That’s ONE EVERY 13 SECONDS.
  • An overwhelming number of them quickly turn into violent assaults, battery, serious injury, even murder or rape.
That means…

Tonight, after many Americans have checked every window and door...

Kissed their wife goodnight…

And as they’re drifting off to sleep in bed...

Many are seconds away from being one of the several homes that are broken into EVERY MINUTE in America.

Locked doors and windows don’t make a difference, either.

Criminals are going full-forced entry and are happy to demolish whatever is standing in their way. 

Once they’re in, they’re also most likely to come for your bedroom first – where they believe you have all your valuables. 

When this happens, what do you reach for first and what’s your plan? 
The AR Pistol Is Your Unfair
Advantage Over Savage
Home Intruders
I put this training together with one goal in mind:

To give you an unfair advantage when defending your home.

Teaching you about the AR Pistol and how to use it is the best way to defend and protect your family.

You see, Covert Ops and Special Forces operators love their Short-Barreled Rifles.

Short-Barreled Rifles have been their preferred weapon for decades.

They’re used to take out more jihadists, terrorists and “bad guys” than any other gun I know of.

I can’t release details on classified information.

But, what I can share is this story you’re likely familiar with… 
“I Squeezed Off Several Rounds
To Make Sure He Was Dead...”
As Navy SEAL Team Six were creeping up Bin Laden’s narrow stairwell...

They got to the third floor and saw a tall, bearded man poke his head out of a doorway.

A SEAL recognized him instantly, shot at him and missed.

The next time they saw him, pushing a woman in front of him for protection like a coward, they didn’t miss.

Two shots. One above the left eye. One in the chest.

"For God and country – Geronimo, Geronimo, Geronimo – Geronimo EKIA"

A manhunt lasting over a decade came to an end with the killing of Bin Laden.

Every one of these Navy SEALs carried a Short-Barreled Rifle.

And time and time again, you see this same kind of weapon used by Special Forces operatives and other Covert Ops teams… Short-Barreled Rifles.

From the MACV-SOG, a highly secret unit in the Vietnam war...

Through Green Berets, Navy SEALs, Delta Force and other Special Forces…

Deep inside the caves of Afghanistan…

In close-quarters situations, going house to house…

All the way through secret missions being carried out as you’re reading this...

Short-Barreled Rifles stand out as the weapon of choice.

But, it’s not just Special Forces who like using Short-Barreled Rifles.

SWAT Teams and Law Enforcement agencies use them, too.

Nate S., a US Army Veteran and Law Enforcement Officer, picks a Short-Barreled Rifle as his home defense weapon of choice:
“It gives me a proven, super-reliable platform capable of defeating any threat that I am likely to encounter in my home. There is a variety of excellent ammo choices available that will defeat soft body armor without posing an overpenetration risk to my family.”
They’re practical, usable, and powerful.

Sounds good, right?

There’s just ONE problem...

It’s a total hassle and expensive to get your hands on a traditional Short-Barreled Rifle.

Thanks to the National Firearms Act of 1934, Short-Barreled Rifle are considered Title II weapons.

This means they require a special tax stamp in order to legally own – it takes months to get one, you have to cough up a lot of money and they’re heavily regulated.

But, not so with the AR Pistol, which is why I own one myself!
Legally, the AR Pistol Is Your
Best, Easiest & Fastest Option...
Why is the AR Pistol so easy to get?

Because it’s classified as a pistol.

That means you don’t have to worry about NFA restrictions…

... Or pay through the nose and wait months for a tax stamp.

And thanks to companies like Sig Sauer for their Pistol Arm Brace, you can have a similar look and feel of a Short-Barreled Rifle.

Obviously, you should always check your local and state laws regarding AR Pistols, but…

With the AR Pistol, you get all the benefits of a Short-Barreled Rifle – without the tax stamp, hassles and waiting forever to get one.

This is why you need one.

It Massively Tips the Scales in Your Favor
to Stop Multiple Home Intruders Who Are
Probably High on Drugs
Look, I get it.

Everyone has their favorite firearm to use at home, for whatever reason.

But the thing is, the AR Pistol has a ton of advantages over other guns and rifles.

The AR Pistol is... 
  • Lightweight
  • ​Powerful 
  • ​High capacity
  • ​Easy to carry
  • ​Easy to shoulder
  • ​Extremely maneuverable, especially in tight spaces (like inside homes)
  • ​Easy to store
  • ​Enhances operator’s speed
  • ​Enhances operator’s accuracy
  • ​Perfect trunk gun if you want to take it out of the house
  • ​Accurate
  • ​Reliable
  • ​Intimidating
And, let’s be honest: It looks like one bad son-of-a-gun. 
Simply put…
The AR Pistol Stacks the Odds
In Your Favor with Overwhelming
Force and Superiority
With the skills I show you in this free book, even an average shooter can be faster and more accurate than a skilled thug with a pistol.

With 30 rounds in the magazine, there’s plenty of ammo to stop multiple threats.

There’s no other weapon I recommend more.

And that’s coming from a former CIA officer.

Not some random guy on the internet with a lot of opinions but no real-world experience.

That is why I want to teach you everything I know about it by sending you a copy of this new book to your doorstep.

And it’s FREE. 
While Supplies Last – Get Your Hands On The...
AR Pistol Home Defense Book
Value: $49

Your Price Today: FREE!
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Once you know how to use the AR Pistol for home defense…

You’re the one who’s in control.

Even if your home is invaded by some low-life scum.

Even if you’re standing face-to-face with a dangerous criminal.

So please…

Do not make the mistake of ignoring this warning and leaving this page without grabbing your free copy of this book.

When you claim your copy of AR Pistol Home Defense today…

Not only will you be securing your safety and the safety of your loved ones…

You’ll also discover…  
  • Why the AR Pistol is your best weapon for home defense – and why you must assume the “bad guys” are wearing body armor.
  • ​The simple accessories you need – and the fancy things you can avoid that will cause life-and-death problems at 3am in the morning.
  • Quickly learn the right Grip, Stance, and Trigger Pull to allow you to nail and stop a threat in seconds. 
  • Why you don’t want a sling (and what to use instead.) 
  • Never ever try to do this like you see in Hollywood movies. (Avoid these common mistakes with your AR pistol.)
  • ​Use this simple practice drill to double your accuracy and quickly improve your reflexes.  
  • Why I recommend going to your “choke point” during a home invasion – and exactly how and where to aim your weapon and exactly what to say and do.
  • ​How to clear your house like a Special Forces operative – what you do first, how to walk, where to look…
  • How to use your legs as “shock absorbers.” (This actually helps you quickly acquire your sights and hit your target.)
  • ​How to pick the right kind of ammo for your AR pistol and the exact brand I personally use. 
  • What you cannot do when “squeezing” the trigger – if you do this, you’ll end up jerking the rifle and missing the deadly threat.
  • ​Why you must walk at “low ready” when clearing your home.
  • Make sure you “zero” your rifle at this specific yardage. (It’s perfect for home defense, you don’t need to go further than this.)
  • ​What to do when an intruder ignores your warnings and charges up your stairs – and how to immediately stop him. 
  • Get pro techniques – such as the “slice the pie” approach – for clearing your home to make sure more criminals aren’t hiding inside. (These are the same advanced combat techniques I teach to CEOs and celebrities and you’re getting all of them FREE.)
  • ​How to think and act in any home invasion scenario, regardless of the layout of your home. (This simple, systematic approach makes sure you have a solid advantage over any home invader.)
  • How to “move through doors.” (What you must do and what you cannot do, under any circumstances.) 
  • ​What to do if you have to move backwards with your rifle. 
  • How to neutralize threats from any direction. (When you pivot the way I show you, you’ll be ready to turn and fire at a moment’s notice.)
And much, much more.

I’m holding nothing back.

I want to make sure you and your loved ones will never be a victim of a criminal breaking into your home.

As you can see, this book contains lifesaving home defense tactics that every concerned American needs now.

Not later, when it could be too late.

Click the green button below now to claim your FREE copy of AR Pistol Home Defense.
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I’m leaving nothing up to chance. I want to make this an even bigger “no brainer” for you than it already is.

When you grab this free book today, I’m also giving you 4 special gifts for free.

I’m doing this to make sure you have everything you need to prepare and be ready for any home invasion scenario that can happen at a moment’s notice.

So, for a limited time…

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Instant Access to AR Pistol Home Defense Video Course

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When you pick up the free book today, you’re also going to get instant access to the online video training.

This is so you can immediately start preparing for defending your home, as soon as today, and not have to wait a couple of days for the book to arrive in the mail.

You could be learning new tactics today that could save your life tonight.

Normally, this sells for $37. But not today. It’s yours completely FREE.

Your next bonus is another great addition to what you’ll discover in the book…


The “Covert PSP
Dossier 2175”

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This next bonus is special.
There’s no other dossier that covers urban warfare as well as this one.

You’ll discover both foundational and advanced skills of every Special Forces operator, including… 
  • "Obstacle tactics" that help you move around your house easier, quicker and without tripping on something.
  • ​Quickly learn how to properly use cover, concealment and camouflage to your advantage.
  • ​Discover "Movement by Bounds" so you can move in absolute silence and with complete control. (Do this and you'll be able to gain an advantage over any home intruder.)
  • ​How to move and hide properly to prevent detection and direct observation. (People make a few big, common mistakes on this without realizing it.)
  • ​How to train your ears to become your "night vision" and quickly zero in on any sounds around you.
  • ​And More.
And now you can get your hands on this manual at no extra charge.

Better yet, to complete your AR Pistol home defense training, I’ve also prepared your next gift, which is the rifle training targets I personally use.


Special Rifle Training Targets

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I’ve developed these target practice sheets specifically for the drills inside the book.
These will help you prep and be ready in case – heaven forbid – you’re standing face-to-face with a vicious home intruder.

All targets are available as PDF documents and can print from a computer.

Speaking of that, while you wait for the book to come your way, your next gift is... 


Instant eBook Access to AR Pistol Home Defense

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Immediately after you pick up the free book, you’ll get instant access to the ebook, too.

That way you can easily print out my instructions and walkthroughs so you have fast access to everything you need for defending your home.
Once you claim your free book today, you’ll quickly get these 4 free gifts.

But, you must act on this now by clicking the green button below…  
So, What’s The Catch?
The book and the bonuses are FREE.

And while this is a generous offer, I’m also not a socialist.

I don’t believe in handouts — and I know you don’t either.

So, I’ll make you a deal.

I’ve already covered all of the upfront costs of publishing this book and the bonuses for you.

So, I’ll give you the book and all the bonuses for FREE.

All I ask is you cover shipping and handling… which is a measly $9.95.

(Unfortunately, the post office doesn’t give me free postage.)

That means you’re getting advanced US Military and intelligence operative training for less than the price of an appetizer at Applebee’s.

Plus, there are no rebills. No additional shipments. No monthly charges. No hidden fees. And no obligation to make any future purchases.

So then why am I really sending this book and all these bonuses to you for free?

Two reasons really.

The first reason is a no-brainer… 
I Want To Make Sure You Have Everything
You Need To Stay Safe In Your Own Home
The number of home invasions is staggering.

And they’re only getting more and more brutal.

The second reason is personal.

You see, I absolutely loved serving this great country of ours – it’s a nation built on rights and freedoms.

But, have you paid attention to the news lately?

It’s not getting safer out there – it’s getting a lot worse.

Our country has gone soft on thugs, criminals, and scumbags.

So, they’re getting bolder and more violent.

You and I must be prepared for whatever threat comes knocking on our door.

And, I give you that edge and advantage in this free book.

Like I said, I was incredibly blessed to be a CIA Officer and get lots of lifesaving knowledge.

And now, I want to give back and share this knowledge with you.

This is why I encourage you to grab this free book now.

There is no other book like this on the planet – it’s the world’s first – and there is no fluff.

This is a practical, step-by-step book that will give you the power to be the man your family looks to should their lives ever be in danger.

But, I have to tell you… 
Only 225 Books Are Set Aside and Available
Today For My Fellow Americans
Since I’m giving these away for free, I’m eating all the costs of publishing the books.

As you can imagine, I can’t keep doing this forever. It would cost me a fortune to keep handing out these books like candy.

My accountant already told me I’m going deep in the hole by giving this to you for free.

So, I have to put a hard stop on how many I’m making available.

And right now, I only have 225 ready to go today.

So, if you don’t act fast – if you don’t act TODAY – you might miss your chance to get this lifesaving training. 

My strong recommendation as a former CIA Officer is that you claim your free book now 
– before I run out of stock.
Total Value: over $158
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And, if there’s still any doubt in your mind about how what I share with you could save your life, check out what these top operators say…
“As someone who’s worked operations with the CIA, I can tell you that Jason and his team are the real deal.”
~ Cade Courtley, former Navy SEAL

“Jason Hanson is a powerful proponent and practitioner of personal defense tools and techniques, all designed to protect you and your family.” 
~ Peter Earnest, former director of the International Spy Museum, and former CIA Clandestine Service Officer

“It’s a rare chance you get to learn from the best CIA operatives on how to stay alive in the crazy world we live in.” 
~ Alain Burrese, former Army sniper

“Jason Hanson has forgotten more tradecraft than most will ever know” 
~ Rorke Denver, former Navy SEAL

Bottom line: The CIA trained me to be prepared for any close-quarter scenario, like a home invasion.

And now I want to pass along this critical information to you.

Because this book is so important to get into the hands of every American, I’m making sure...
You’re Protected by My Full
100% Money-Back Guarantee
You may be saying, “Jason, you can’t refund something that’s FREE!”

True, but I can refund you the $9.95 shipping charge if you feel this book doesn’t deliver the goods or give you the insight I’m promising.

If you’re not completely happy, just contact me for a prompt and courteous full refund and you don’t even have to return the book or the bonuses.

You keep it no matter what because I know its contents might save your life during a home invasion.

So, click the green button below and I’ll send out the book as soon as I get your order. 

It’s that simple. There are no catches… no hidden billing… and your order is 100% secure. 
Your Payment & Personal Information are
Risk-Free, Safe & Secure
Here are three reasons why you can feel safe and secure when you claim your free book today:

Reason #1: It’s 100% RISK-FREE with my Money-Back Guarantee... 
If you’re unsatisfied for any reason at all, then just call or email me and I’ll refund every cent of the $9.95 shipping fee. No hassles, no questions asked, and no hard feelings. You can even keep the book and your bonuses on me and you don’t have to deal with the hassles of returning anything.

Reason #2: It’s 100% SAFE to do business with us... 
We’ve had tens of thousands of satisfied customers since the left the CIA and went into the private sector. Many are CEOs, celebrities and corporations.

Plus, Fox News, NBC Today Show, Good Morning America, and dozens of other TV programs continue to bring me on their shows.

The reason why? 

These techniques are the real deal at helping Americans like you keep themselves safe from home invasions and all other threats you can imagine. 

Reason #3: It’s 100% SAFE & SECURE to buy from us... 
Your order is protected by military-grade 256-bit encrypted SSL technology.

This is the same encryption technology used by big online stores like Amazon.

Click the green button below now to claim your FREE copy of AR Pistol Home Defense. 
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Stay safe,
Jason Hanson
Former CIA Officer
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