Hi. This is former CIA Officer Jason Hanson.

Right now, I want to show you two very short video clips.

Before I show them to you, it’s critical you understand these two points:

First, these two 18-second clips were too controversial to share during my media appearances on ABC’s hit TV show Shark Tank… or the Rachael Ray Show.

That means you’re about to see something I haven't shared before.

And second, a warning: This is real footage of ordinary people in life-or-death situations.

This is not for the faint-hearted.

Okay, the warning is out of the way.

Click on the video below to watch...
Let’s freeze that clip here for a moment.

Now watch the second video…
There are many similarities between these two videos…

Both men you just saw were both about the same age.

Both found themselves unexpectedly in a life-or-death situation.

Both were minding their own business.

And both were attacked by an assailant they had never met.

But there’s one CRITICAL difference you couldn’t see in these videos…

The first man, Walter M. age 50, died a few hours later.

The second man, Carl T. age 54, escaped with his life.

What led to such different outcomes?
It had everything to do with the choices
these men made in just the first
2 seconds of the encounter.
I’m not just showing you these tragic cases to scare you.
You see, when you are attacked, research shows you have just two seconds to make the correct decision

These are literally the most critical 2 seconds of your life.
What you decide to do could mean the difference between life and death.

Unfortunately, most people make the exact wrong decision… and end up like the man that lost his life.

Today, I’ll show you proven intelligence operative tactics that help you avoid the critical mistake most people make…

These tactics could save your life.

But, before I show them to you, I need to ask you a few very important questions.

Would you know what to do if someone stuck a gun in your back?

What would you do if someone put a knife to your throat?

Or would you know how to escape if an attacker was waiting in the back seat of your car?

Would you freeze?

Or Flee?

Or try to fight?

There’s only one right answer.

And here’s why it’s critical you know what to do…
Every 25 Seconds, An Attack Like This
Ravages an American Family…
Maybe you’ve read about the Stevenson family of Washington D.C., who were kidnapped, held for ransom and murdered in their own home by a disgruntled former employee a few years back.

Or the young parents from Bradenton, Florida who were shot dead in their own home while their five children were present.

Or a Hilltop, Ohio couple and their daughter who were recently shot dead in their own home-- by their own neighbor.

It’s not pleasant to imagine this kind of tragedy happening to your family.

But, reality is that stories like these are all too common...
FACT: A violent crime in America occurs every 25.3 seconds.
Here’s another fact…
FACT: Ask any victim moments before an attack if they thought they’d be targeted… and the answer would have likely been “no.”
So, if you’re thinking this doesn’t apply to you… that you’re safe… that you live, work, and shop only in nice neighborhoods… and violent crimes only happen to other people…

I urge you to think again.

Walter and Carl in the videos above were typical middle class people. And the neighborhoods they were in when attacked are considered “good” neighborhoods.

Although attacks like these can happen to you or a loved one at any time…
You don’t have to be a victim.
You CAN protect your family from thieves, murderers, rapists, child molesters and other criminals.

When it comes to a life-or-death situation, sometimes just a little knowledge can make all the difference…

Knowing how to get out of duct tape, rope and cuffs can be useful…

But knowing how to disarm a knife wielding thug… or get out of a choke hold… can be even more critical.

That’s what I’m going to show you today.

To survive the first critical 2 seconds there are only a handful of self-defense tactics you need to know.

That’s why I’ve compiled every 2-second CIA-like defense technique you need in a first of its kind video protocol series.

I call it the “Three Stage Defense Protocol.”

As far as I know, it’s the only downloadable… watch from the comfort of your own home… spy defense course on the market.

It teaches you everything you need to know to have a realistic shot at surviving the world’s worst-case scenarios.

Think of it this way…

Each month you pay for car and home insurance.

You hope you never need to cash in this insurance.

But, if the worst happens, you’re protected in the case of an accident.

Or a fire in your home.

Well, my “Three Stage Defense Protocol” is even more important than any of those things…

It’s insurance for your life.

It shows you ways to protect yourself in the case of an attack.

More importantly…

It shows you how to protect your loved ones in an attack, too.

These are the same tactics taught to elite government operatives.

Like you, these operatives can’t spend 30 years learning a martial art.

Instead, what they learn are the few critical tactics that can instantly allow you to stop a threat and escape from a deadly situation.

Fair warning: These techniques are only for those dedicated to protecting themselves, their family and home from the worst threats out there.

I hope you never have to employ these useful, but dangerous techniques in real life.

And don’t worry -- this is going to be as easy as learning to ride a bike…

But, could become far more valuable if someday you are in a public space when a dangerous person walks in… and you are the only person around who knows what to do.
My Two-Second Survival Techniques
That brings us full circle, back to the videos I showed you at the start.

See, most people respond to a crisis in one of three ways:



Or fight.

Freezing is the worst possible response… freezing makes you an easy target.

Freezing will get you killed.

That means you should flee if possible.

But often, that’s not an option.

Sometimes your only option is to fight to save your life.

And that’s the difference between life and death.

Should an attacker find you… or worse yet, target your children or grandchildren… you’ll know you’ll have the tools to handle the situation.

I don’t want you to ever have to hear the words “I wish you could have protected me” from your spouse, child or grandchild.

After today you’ll know how to properly defend yourself against an attack...

Even if you are a senior citizen.

Even if you’re a small woman fighting against a large man.

Even if you’ve never played a sport, or lifted a single weight in your life.

For instance, you’ll see…
  • What you must do if you ever get in your car and find a criminal hiding in the backseat. (There's a simple "elbow" trick that takes less than a second and allows you to exit the vehicle and flee to safety.)
  • How to escape when someone is choking you. (This "finger" tactic causes a criminal to immediately let go of you and recoil in pain and is so effective you should NEVER practice it with a training partner.)
  • The crucial move you must make when someone has a gun to your back that will keep you from getting kidnapped… Assaulted… Or killed. (The attacker will end up with a broken arm and you'll walk away with your life.)
  • How to escape multiple attackers. (This is one of the most powerful secrets that will allow you to survive if two or more criminals are rushing you.)
  • How to stop an attacker and bring him to his knees if he ever puts a knife to your throat. (Not only will the attacker end up on the ground but you'll end up with his knife.)
  • How to defend yourself against an attacker who is throwing brutal punches at you. (Obviously, nobody wants to be punched in the face, but most people aren't aware of the "forearm slash" that incapacitates an attacker and never allows them to land a punch on you.)
  • How to use your cars steering wheel to defeat a carjacker who pulls a knife on you at a stoplight. (This move causes the knife to drop to the ground giving you a chance to escape to safety.)
  • How to use a tactical pen to stop a vicious punch from an attacker. It doesn't matter if they're throwing it right or left handed, you'll immediately disable the attacker and give yourself a chance to escape unharmed.
  • How to neutralize a threat that has a gun pointed to your stomach. Maybe you're at an ATM machine or loading groceries into a car when this happens, but you'll know the instant "arm freeze" tactic that will keep you alive.
  • The single most important move you can make if an attacker grabs your hair, your shirt or your throat.
  • How to defend yourself against a knife or gun attack while seated. Maybe you're sitting at your office desk or sitting in a restaurant when a criminal goes berserk. Now you'll know exactly how to handle this situation so you can immediately defeat the criminal without getting stabbed or shot.
  • How to use your elbow to keep from getting pummeled to death. (This isn't what you think, but is a simple tactic that can be mastered in about 5 minutes.)
  • How to instantly escape if a criminal grabs your wrist and tries to drag you away. (Not only should every adult know this, but children too.)
  • How to stop a crazed attacker who repeatedly tries to stab you with a knife. This "double hand" secret allows you to avoid getting slashed… To break the criminals arm… And gives you complete control over the knife.
If these techniques can save lives in Iraq, Afghanistan and some of the most unpredictable and hostile environments in the world…

They can save you, too.

Once you have some of these basic hand-to-hand self-defense techniques down… we’ll move on to armed combat…
Two-Second Knife Defense Techniques
A few years ago, an 18-year-old college student in California stabbed four people at random for no reason anyone can determine.

One witness said “he had a smile on his face… he was having fun.”

While you may think that sort of attack won’t happen to you… it’s far better to be prepared, especially when preparation is so easy.

The skills you’ll learn here will ready you for a variety of attacks involving knives… whether you are armed with one or being attacked with one.

These include...
  • The 3 critical questions you must ask yourself before choosing which knife to carry.
  • What kind of knife to get, based on comfort, type of carry, clothing, ease of use, and how best to carry it for quick access.
  • The single best knife grip for defending yourself against an attacker. (Plus, the "knuckle technique" that ensures the knife will never fall out of your hand during a fight.)
  • How correct footwork can make all the difference in a threatening situation… most people never consider this.
  • The top 10 most lethal thrusts you can employ to stop an attacker in seconds… number 7 will even damage the brain and drop your assailant like a sack of potatoes.
  • The 8-second drill that will help you defend from a direct knife attack.
  • How to covertly deploy your knife and gain the element of surprise when someone is trying to harm you or your family.
  • How to disarm and debilitate a knife-wielding attacker without using lethal force.
  • The split-second maneuver to get a knife away from your throat and break the attacker’s elbow.
  • How to execute the deadly Finishing Blow (warning: for life or death situations only).
  • And the dangerous “return to sender” move that can quickly turn the tables in less than 2 seconds… even if you are completely unarmed.
  • And much more.
Whether you are armed or unarmed, young or old—these knife techniques could help you survive a life threatening situation.

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with these self-defense techniques, you’re ready for the more advanced training…
Escape & Evasion Driving
Anne S., a 74-year-old lady from Queens, found herself in a tense situation while driving alone to a Thanksgiving Dinner.

Two men tried to run her off the road in a car chase through a Long Island suburb… one even got out of the car and reached through her window when she tried to yell for help.

Anne's experience is just one of more than 38,000 carjackings that happen every year.

That’s a carjacking roughly every 15 minutes.

This means if you drive alone and usually unarmed… you’re an easy target behind the wheel.

Which is why having some evasive driving knowledge can prevent you from being a victim.

So, this training covers one of the most important topics of all – Escape & Evasion Driving.

After all, most Americans spend a significant amount of time in their vehicles and it's critical to have these survival driving skills.

Here's just a small sample of the skills you’re about to learn …
  • How to stop a criminal's attempt to kidnap you and escape unharmed. (You'll discover vehicle self-defense secrets taught to government operatives.)
  • You'll learn reversing strategies and the Y-turn that can help you flee a deadly situation. (I'll also share with you the #1 mistake people make when reversing and how you can avoid it and save your life.)
  • What if the person you're driving with has a heart attack or passes out behind the wheel? You'll learn the "down driver" drill and learn how to survive by driving the vehicle from the passenger seat.
  • I'll reveal little-known carjacking countermeasures, including the single most important thing you can do to prevent a carjacking in the first place.
  • How to ram through a roadblock, including the critical speed you must be going to properly ram another vehicle. You'll get insider secrets on how to survive an ambush and learn the “ambush drill” which could save your life in an extreme situation.
I’ve shown these techniques to thousands of people… and they’ve already helped save lives.

Here’s what some of my trainees have said:

As a prior military member and Martial Arts instructor, I've seen a number of programs... I highly recommend Mr. Hanson's program; it's the real deal.

~Ben Faust, Indianapolis, IN

These are tools and skills we need right now to use in a time of America in crisis. Everyone needs this training and they need it today. Go for it.

~Derrick Holly, Phoenix, AZ

Ask yourself... 'If this is good enough for the CIA, is it worth my time and energy and resources to learn to protect myself and my loved ones?' Thank you Mr. Hanson for providing the knowledge and skills.

~Terry Hinkle, Duluth, GA

Here’s how you can get started with the Three Stage Defense Protocol right now...
“The #1 Survival Package Available”
Most of my trainees fly to my private Spy Ranch in Utah and get the hands-on training. When they leave they are dangerous to anyone who attacks them.

One woman told me “not only am I [now] confident that I can take care of myself, but I am sorry for anyone in the future who tries to attack me.”

These people are happy to pay $1,500 for a live two-day training.

But I realize that can be a lot of money. And not everyone is able to take time off work and fly to Utah.

However, this information is so valuable I believe everyone should have access to it.

That’s why I hired a film crew to put together this “Three Stage Defense Protocol.”

A complete protocol… a full video series… on the little-known self-defense, psychological, weapons and driving techniques used by U.S. government agencies.

And now you can gain access to these techniques without leaving you own home.

Each video inside the “Three Stage Defense Protocol” takes about one hour to watch.

While you are watching, get out a notebook and be sure to absorb all the actionable life-saving advice you can. Share them with your loved ones.

There’s a lot to absorb in these videos and you won’t want to miss a thing.

Make sure you don’t buy another knife until you at least watch the 2 Second Knife Defense training course.

And given the global situation right now, I’d advise anyone not to travel abroad before they watch 2 Second Survival.

The life-saving information I’m going to show you could help you survive any unexpected situations.

Now I know watching a video from your computer chair is different from taking a real-life training.

But, I’ve made sure to produce the videos in such a way that ANYONE can learn the fundamentals in only one short viewing.

Here’s what some of my customers have already said:
Chuck O. of Las Vegas wrote to me and said:
I’ve been in martial arts for about 15 years as an instructor and in the security business for about 10 years… I’ve never gathered such important information that is going to help me out in the field and possibly someday save my life.
And here’s what journalist Mark B. said…
I have worked in over 50 countries many times under not the best of circumstances including kidnappings, civil unrest, terrorism and street crime. I wish that I had had the skill set that you teach long before now.
And then there’s the survivalist Timothy C. from San Diego, CA…
[Jason Hanson provides] information, techniques, and practices that are not widely available in either the military or law enforcement community.
It’s not just pros… I’ve helped ordinary Americans with no combat training build self-knowledge and self-confidence in ways they never imagined…
Jason, what you’re doing is awesome! Everything you teach should be required courses by law in America. Your 2-second survival training is by far, hands down, the best close-quarter training I’ve had in years.
— George A., Grapevine, TX
Jason’s material is so easy and unforgettable. These are tools and skills we need right now to use in a time of America in crisis. Everyone needs this training and they need it today.
— Darren H., Cave Creek, AZ
Not only is this training incredibly important, it is also quite simple to learn. Simple enough that a young child could even perform in an emergency. I have even taken to teaching my own mother a few of these techniques. Though I hope to never need these techniques if my life is in immediate danger… I will be forever grateful that I know how to react.
— Richard G., Alpine, UT
The only question that remains is this…
Is this training right for you?
Well, only you can answer that question.

But, I can tell you with complete certainty that I believe the Three Stage Defense Protocol is the best way to protect yourself and your family on a daily basis.

After all, the tactics I share with you can be used at home, at work, in your car… Any place you may find yourself.

Plus, they can be learned in just minutes and you don’t have to spend years learning a martial art that might not save you in a real life street attack.

So, how much does this “Three Stage Defense Protocol” training cost?

As I mentioned, trainees who come to my ranch and experience this onsite usually pay $1,500 for two days.

Quite frankly, I think that’s a bargain as both your life and mine are worth a lot more than $1,500.

And don’t forget, this is the same training given to Navy SEALs and other elite government personnel that can allow you to defend yourself during those first critical two seconds of an attack.

But, because I want to make sure you have these lifesaving tactics I’ve made it even more affordable.

So in summary, this is what you’ll receive today:
  1. STAGE #1: 2 Second Survival: The best hand to hand combat skills to protect yourself from an attacker, taught to many of our most elite government agents and spies…
  2. STAGE #2: 2 Second Knife Defense: Essential information, tactics and techniques to protect yourself from a knife-wielding attacker and stop him in his tracks.
  3. STAGE #3: Escape and Evasion Driving: The most important skills you will need behind the wheel to prevent becoming a carjacking victim.
I think this training is so vital in the dangerous world we live in… I want to make sure anyone can afford it.

Normally, this costs $199 and that's what thousands of others have paid...

But, because the world is getting so unpredictable...

For a limited time, this package, the “Three Stage Defense Protocol,” is the unbelievably low price of just $47.

That’s the lowest price I’ve ever offered, by far.

I’m sure we can both agree that your life and the life of your loved ones is worth much more than this small investment of $47.

But, in case you still have any doubts, just read this note I got from Justin L. of Lakeland, Florida…
“Jason, Thank you, thank you, thank you. You saved my life about 45 minutes ago. I pulled into my regular fuel station just down the street from my house tonight, and went in to pay for my fuel. When I came out a car had pulled in behind my vehicle and was blaring their music loud.

“As I pumped fuel I noticed that the person behind the wheel of the vehicle behind mine was obviously high. He was sitting in his car laughing, then crying, then laughing. Suddenly he became irate, got out of his vehicle, and started trying to pick a fight with someone. I called the police but before they could get there he had gotten back in his car and hit the back of my vehicle. He then got back out and came at me…

“Thank you for the tip on the tactical pen. I pulled the tactical pen from my pocket as he came forward, warned him not to get any closer, then. . . I had to use it. He reeled like he was struck by a snake... Thank you. I owe my health, and possibly my life, to you tonight.”
The bottom line is, you owe it to your family to have the safety and survival knowledge you'll get from my video courses.

And because I want to help you protect yourself against all possible threat scenarios… I’ll throw in one more bonus.
Ghost Concealed Carry
If you accept my offer today, I’ll throw in one more video… the “Ghost Concealed Carry” training course… absolutely FREE.

According to the Crime Prevention Research Center, the number of concealed carry permits has skyrocketed from 4.6 million to 12.8 million.

I hear stories all the time about how a concealed carry saved someone’s life.

The truth is, I carry concealed every single day.

You never know when an extreme situation will arise and carrying is an easy way to be prepared for whatever ill intent someone may have.

And during this course, I'll share with you the secrets of concealed carry that you've probably never heard of or even considered before.

For instance, we'll cover the perfect draw technique from concealment… The best place to carry your gun so it's virtually undetectable… And the single best ammunition for your concealed carry gun.

More importantly, this course covers what it really takes to survive a gunfight and shows you how to manage pressure and handle intense situations.

You'll spend a significant amount of time witnessing a series of lifelike scenarios and seeing exactly how dangerous you can be to an attacker with the right knowledge, equipment and experience.

Usually, I only teach Ghost Concealed Carry to executive protection specialists.

But now you’re about to learn:
  • What’s the best holster for you: what’s great, what you shouldn’t waste your money on, and the biggest mistake most people make when making this crucial decision.
  • How a simple penny can be used to improve your trigger control and make you a deadly-accurate shot.
  • Learn how to react quickly and effectively in any situation and gain that vital, split-second advantage over someone who wants to kill you.
  • The secret to winning an “OK Corral” style duel. Take this lessons to the gun range today and become a crack shot.
  • How to evacuate your loved one from a dangerous situation quickly and protect them from an assailant with your concealed carry.
  • A little-known technique you can use every day to improve your accuracy in the event of a home invasion—without ever firing a shot.
  • Training your brain to shoot in complete darkness with marksman-like accuracy (Learn this and prevent a home invader from ambushing you in your own home).
  • What to do if an attacker is running up a staircase to kill you and your family… you wouldn’t believe how many American families face exactly this situation.
Even if you don’t currently have a concealed-carry permit, this one comes at no cost, so you can hold onto it and decide if carrying a concealed weapon is the right move for you.

Of course, everything today is backed by my…
Two-Tiered Money Back Guarantee

I want you to be 100% Satisfied with your Three Stage Defense Protocol video.

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First, take the next 12 months - an entire year - to try this training risk-free.

Buy today.

Watch the videos.

Practice my techniques at home.

If the videos don’t make you feel safer… if they don’t give you the confidence to make the right decisions in a crisis…

Then write to me in the next 12 months and I’ll refund every cent you’ve paid me today.

Because I want you to have full confidence that this knowledge will help you survive a bad situation… I’ll even take it a step further.

So, the second tier of this guarantee is a protection guarantee…

If you ever find yourself in a dangerous situation (and I hope that’s not the case)… and if the techniques that you learn from me DON’T help you…

Then I neither deserve nor want your money.

So, if my techniques can’t help you, then you deserve a FULL refund. Even if that’s 2…3… 5 years from now.

So there’s no risk to you at all. You’re either 100% satisfied. Or you’ll get your money back. No questions asked.
Just keep in mind, this special offer won't be around long.

As soon as you sign up for this training, you'll get instant online access to both the Three Stage Defense Protocol and Ghost Concealed Carry. 

What it all boils down to is this: You can either miss out on this training that could save your life…

Or you can take advantage of this risk-free offer and get the “Three Stage Defense Protocol” and Ghost Concealed Carry delivered to you immediately.

Go ahead and click on the green button below right now.
Stay Safe,
Jason Hanson
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