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“Hey Buddy, Please. No, Please Drop The Gun! Drop The Gun! Do NOT Hurt Her…”
Boom! Boom! Boom!
Inside this new DVD, former CIA Officer Jason Hanson gives you the best Close-Quarter Battle (CQB) techniques to help preserve your life when attackers are in your face and ready to take the breath from your lungs.
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WARNING: This sensitive message is for responsible American citizens ONLY. What you’re about to read is the last option you’ll ever want to take.

Picture this…

You just finished a nice stroll at the park with your wife.

Dusk has fallen on this hot summer day… and now, it’s time for ice cream.

As you’re about to get into your car to head out for dessert…

A man quickly approaches, grabs your wife from behind and puts a gun to her head.
“I’ll shoot her, I swear… I’ll do it. Give me your keys, your wallet, and all the cash in your pocket!”
The man’s voice is calm and cruel, his eyes mean business… and he looks dead serious.
You feel yourself freeze and your heart starts to race.

If you don’t do something, your wife of 28 years could be gone, and you may never see her alive again.

But, because you’re prepared…

You quickly draw your gun.

Seconds seem like minutes and scenarios rush through your head…
“Should I take the shot? I don’t want to, I’ve never shot anyone before... But he has my wife!”
You plead.
“Hey buddy, I beg you… let her go! I’ll give you everything you want. Just drop the gun!”
The tension heightens.

Now he’s more agitated and has the cold stare of death in his eyes.

You realize he doesn’t care about your money and you can sense he’s about to kill your wife. 

You say to yourself… 
“Oh my gosh, oh my gosh...”
Boom! Boom! Boom!
Your wife screams and the
man drops to the ground.
This was your finest hour…. The reason you own a gun.

Still, I think you’ll agree this is the last option you’d want to take if you were in this situation. 

Yet, sometimes, there’s zero room for negotiation.

Using deadly force is something I hope I never have to do, but I’m realistic of the world we live in. 

Hi, I’m former CIA Officer Jason Hanson.

For the last 14 plus years, I’ve served our country both as a CIA officer and private security consultant.

I’ve been in dangerous situations more than I’d care to admit and I’m here to tell you: If you think our country is becoming more dangerous…

You’re 100% correct.

The news media peppers your eyes and ears with traumatic stories day-in and day-out.

Safety just isn’t what it used to be.
Street thugs and criminals seek out innocent individuals as they’re going about their normal routine…
And mass shooters are becoming all too common across the nation.

They’re targeting everyday people walking around the park with their family…

Shopping at Walmart for household supplies…

Or hanging out with friends at the local bar.

They want nothing more than to bring terror to our lives.

The good news is, you and I are going to be the wolves (not the sheep) who stop them.

That’s why I just released a brand-new DVD that I want to rush you for free today, called…
1911 CQB: How To Use America’s Pistol to Protect and Defend Your Family in Close Quarters
This DVD is chock-full of time-tested, proven Close Quarter Battle (CQB) secrets you won’t find anywhere else.

Secrets such as…
  • The “4 Heater Commandments” you must know in order to stay safe and secure at all times. (Not understanding these could get you into a ton of trouble. But don’t worry, thou shalt not mess with you once you do!)
  • ​The crucial “brain lapse” some people make when shooting the 1911. (You don’t want to get caught doing this… especially when an attacker is ready to pounce on his prey.)
  • Why you should never, ever take advice from any gun toting Israeli when it comes to chambering a round.
  • ​Why only band-aids and gauze - and not the trigger - will be near your finger after buying a certain type of these! (Make sure they have a good return policy… you’ll desperately want your money back.)
  • The “2-second glance” you always want to take the time to do! (If you don’t, you’ll lose precious time… and possibly your life… if… you ever get caught in a gunfight.)
  • Why single is always better than double… despite what the gurus might tell you... when it comes to this “feeding system” for concealed carry.
  • The cheap way to an early funeral.
  • ​The core secret to Clandestine Officers’ success when it comes to 1911 modifications. (Pine tar and binoculars don’t hold a candle to these… and now… after using them… you too will have an unfair advantage!)
  • The one thing all bad shots have in common and how you can eliminate them once and for all. (Once I discovered this body position… every single shot was on point... and deadly accurate.)
  • ​The 3 things you absolutely must do… and 2 things you must not… when it comes to having optimal control over your gun.
  • Why this sucker “punch” will cause your gun to jump up and down like a 6-year old on a pogo-stick. 
  • ​The million-dollar secret to never shooting low and to the left again! (Just make sure you do this, or you’ll lose muscle memory fast.)
  • The key sequence - that when you master - will make Dirty Harry look like a kindergarten teacher. (If you’re in a life or death situation... “threat-crap-boom-takeout” will become second nature!)
  • ​The 10-second countdown to your best gun habit. (This may sound crazy… but it’s one of the main secrets to being a deadly accurate gunslinger.
  • What causes more wasted time and effort when confronting an attacker with your gun… and how to avoid this “obstruction of firearm justice” pitfall. (Even savvy veterans often fall victim to this mistake!)
  • ​The rock-solid “ATM Shock-n-Awe” tactic that instantly stops a vicious attacker.
Pretty solid, wouldn’t you agree?

As I mentioned earlier, my is Jason Hanson. 

I’m a former CIA Officer and author of several books, including the New York Times bestseller, Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life.
And, here’s one of my challenge coins from the Agency… 
Because of my background and experience as an intelligence officer…

I’ve learned and used everything I know about weapons, clandestine tactics and how to engage successfully in Close Quarters Battle.

Now I use what I’ve learned to teach Americans, just like you, how to protect themselves, their families and their homes. 

In fact, I’ve been lucky enough to share these strategies with millions of people all over the world via appearances on Fox News, the NBC Today Show, Shark Tank and Good Morning America, just to name a few.
But Enough About me…
This Is About YOU!
So, let me share with you more of the secrets you’ll uncover in 1911 CQB: How to Use America’s Pistol to Protect and Defend Your Family in Close Quarters.
  • Why this “Triple-Trifecta” rule of engagement should be pinned to your refrigerator… bathroom mirror… and even your computer screen (Law enforcement takes this very serious… and so should you.)
  • ​Why this 4-step plan of action will allow you to dominate any threat in CQB. (This is common sense, yet almost no one does it… and… it eliminates any chance you’ll be the one rolling around in misery on the ground.)
  • The worst CQB “thinking sin” of all time - that you’d probably commit if you’re ever in the moment - and how to use a critical gun drill to make sure you don’t.
  • ​How to instantly destroy any tire iron wielding, baseball bat carrying thug.
  • How to use a simple sports move to put yourself in a prime position to combat any criminal’s cowardly element of surprise.
  • Bilstein truck shocks have nothing on these for keeping your pistol from bouncing all over the place when shooting and moving. 
  • The “2 Question Hostage Law” you must ask yourself if a bad guy ever takes someone at gunpoint.
  • How carrying a cup of coffee… a child… or a bag can turn you into an amazing shot. (69% of your encounters could come down to being great at this.)
  • How one simple concept can help you become a master at aiming small. (Leave this out and you could fail miserably in short range situations.)
  • ​The secret “FTS Drill” to take down any criminal wearing body armor.
  • The single most important area for turning the lights out on a threat.
  • ​The little-known method you need to know if you’re caught completely off-guard and there’s a gun pointed at your chest. (Doesn’t matter how strong the perp is… once you do this, his wrist will either break… or… his hand will easily slip from the gun!)
  • And much, much more.
So much more, in fact, I don’t have the space to tell you everything here...

You need to get your FREE copy of 1911 CQB: How to Use America’s Pistol to Protect and 
Defend Your Family in Close Quarters to find out for yourself!
But why am I sending this DVD to you and why am I sending it to you for FREE?
Well, as I mentioned earlier, street thugs and criminals seek out individuals as prey as they’re doing their normal routine…

So, there’s never been a better time to make sure you can protect yourself.

Not when someone is down the road or 50 yards away…

But when they’re just a few feet from where you stand – in extreme close quarters. 

That’s why I want to rush this DVD to your front door immediately.

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These will help you prepare and be ready in case – heaven forbid – you’re standing face to face with a vicious attacker or home intruder. 

All targets are available as PDF documents and will easily print from your home computer.
So, Here’s The Deal…
I’ve reserved a copy of 1911 CQB: How To Use America’s Pistol to Protect and Defend Your Family in Close Quarters in your name for FREE…
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